Dan on Grace Meeting


ďAll were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians.†Go and learn what this meansĒ.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.

The Grace Meeting Gobbledygook
refuted by Dan Cooper

Stewart Traill's controversial confession is in Black, and is from the best transcript we could obtain.
My responses are in the color Green.
Individual brothers' and sisters' comments are in Orange.
Parentheses are used for (the brothers' and sisters' responses collectively)
Scripture cited by me is in Blue, and is mostly from the ESV.

Stewart Tanner Traill: By Grace you are saved, never by faith

This sounds a lot like Ephesians 2:8, but it is not what the verse is saying; in fact it is the opposite.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, " (Eph.2:8)

For grace is not opposed to faith, but works along with it. They are both gifts. They are both opposed to works (works according to the flesh).
But notice that Mr.Traill doesn't even mention works.
Is there not ample Scripture to show the power of faith to save? This is a poor way to start a meeting, especially one of so great importance.
Well, now it seems that he missed Faith. Would that he would have missed Works instead.
But he trusted in his works, and thereby taught us to trust in works.
So that he could boast of his works; and get us to boast of ours (or rather to endlessly pursue the goal of attaining some work we could be proud of), and thereby miss grace; so as not to be a threat to his false teaching.

Stewart Traill: Youíve heard it how often? (A bunch of times)

Heard what, grace? Not from you.
Never by faith? Nope. You often said that it was all about our faith. But alas, we never had enough faith for you; we never met your standard of faith-fullness.
You did not

"build yourself up in your most holy faith",

yet you tore down our faith.

Stewart: You were in fact, as Gayle pointed out, kept in restraint. You were kept under tutors until this day.

This is referring to Galatians 3 & 4, where Paul explains that the law kept the Jews under restraint, until Christ should come and usher in the new covenant, which is by faith.
We were kept in restraint alright, but not out of necessity, for Christ had already come to us, at least to those who had honestly called upon him for salvation.
He is the end of the law, and we were made his children and freed from the law.
Therefore this here is an admission that you, my former mentor, kept us in restraint, under the law, as slaves.
You arranged for us to be born into your slave system, and denied us our proper heritage as children, which is by faith and according to the promise, and not by works, nor by compulsion.
And what is slavery, but work? Work, work, and more work! And tomorrow, a new work. And no day of rest, if the slavemaster is particularly harsh or driven by the love of money.
Works--to earn our salvation. Always a new scheme, some convoluted teaching to get us to waste our time going round and round, getting nowhere.
Yet never earning our freedom, but always falling back into fear.

ST: There is also...
in no way to excuse my...error.

Before he says error, if you were there, what would you expect him to say after the pause? Sin? Negligence? Stubbornness? Disobedience?
Yes, all these and more. For one does not lead God's people for years, and one day discover that he's missed, as if by chance, a critical theme of his profession. As if it were a poor choice, or he studied the wrong books and prayed the wrong prayers.
It may begin with error and failing, but to continue to do so, and yet act like you're the greatest teacher on God's earth, so proud and boastful--this cannot be chalked up to Error.
This is willful disobedience, if you yourself, Mr.Traill, ever had the faith to be a son. It is carefully-contrived manipulation, of the Word of God and of his children.
This whole meeting was about excusing your error. But really it is your sin. Your SIN!
For an error is easily excused. It doesn't lead to fifteen years of misery and unfruitful works! It doesn't enslave, and abuse, and torture, and sit back smugly as if it doesn't know what the problem is!

ST: There is also an amazing working of God in all this. It's not to excuse at all...not to excuse me at all.

No, there's nothing here that's amazing, except how audacious a man can be; and to what lengths he'll go to excuse all error, and every disobedience.
Not to excuse you at all? Right, you are not excused at all. For you have not sought exoneration.
Where's the explanation? The honesty. The openness and godly sorrow? It seems that all we get from you is excuse after excuse; ruse after distraction; and obfuscation and confusion.

'For see what earnestness this godly grief has produced in you, but also what eagerness to clear yourselves...'

ST: Thatís one we'll have to get into....

In other words: That's enough of that uncomfortable topic; let's move on.

ST: Job: ď Behold, you have instructed many, and now it has come to you.Ē

Let us explore this chapter he refers to, and any similarity we may find between Stewart T. Traill and this attested man of God.
Job 4:2: "If one ventures a word with you, will you be impatient?"
There have been many who have ventured a word with you, but not much more, since you have shown time and again that you have no patience when it comes to your own correction.
You have mastered the art of evasion and projection, of humiliation and intimidation, of self-preservation of your own plans and agenda.

Job 4:3: "Behold, you have instructed many, and strengthened the weak knees."
No, you have not instructed or strengthened your fellowship, although they hanker after instruction to follow. They look to you for strength, but all they find is strength to do evil, by following the example you have set.
Job 4:5: "But now it has come to you and you are impatient; it touches you and you are dismayed."
Here is where it does apply to you, for Job's friends were assuming that he had sinned and was being chastised by God.
Would that you had received God's chastisement, as a son in whom he could delight. But you would not. You were too good to humble yourself him or to those you had humbled for decades!

ST: Nevertheless, "if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed." (Thank you Jesus)

Well, has anyone been set free? No, because the Son is not welcome in this church, and therefore it is not his church. Mere words do not bring something to pass, but you have trained your disciples to place hope in empty words.
If the slavemaster had repented and set them free, they might have sought the Son for his freedom, and been free indeed.

ST: 'A child, as long as he is a child, is no better than a slave. He is under tutors until the day the father appoints.'
You better be glad you were. And there is this too. (You better be glad you were) The alternative is worse, appalling as this is. If I hadnít grabbed you, what then?

Grabbed us? Is that the nature of his scheme? Is that what we did when we were compelled to go street witnessing? Grab people? By the scruff off the neck?
Is that how God was with you? Did he have to grab you?
I realize that he will use whatever it takes to get his message through to someone, but he doesn't normally grab and shake his church, like that is the normal Christian life. He desires to treat us as children, not slaves! He doesn't take delight in forcing his way upon us, in watching us suffer in supposed rebellion to that treatment.
Nor does he treat the unsaved that way, for he knows all things, and does not worry and wrangle, or browbeat people like there is no tomorrow.
He doesn't delight in such 'appalling' behavior, but should not one who commits such appalling deeds fear? Lest he become appalling to a jealous God?
The text he's using here is Galatians 4: The people of God were held under the law, like slaves, until Christ came to free us and make us sons.
This is our Unjust Judge's own indictment! Why keep us under a law of servitude, a law of sin and death, when the fulfillment of the law and our redemption have come?
Indeed, we were no better than slaves, with a harsh and evil taskmaster abusing us. Spiritually, physically, psychologically... totally given over to him and his lusts.
Here we see him begin to blame the Father, to suggest that everything is okay because it's all God's will.
We better be glad too? because the alternative would have been worse? What alternative he doesn't say, but what could be worse than the fate we have suffered, and what we've had to look forward to since? More error and false doctrine? Prolonged oppression and abuse of usurped authority?
He doesn't say what could be worse, but as is his habit, he seeks to instill fear (and gratitude!) that it could have been worse, and presumably still could be! Well, get ready for the alternative.
And yes, his cult has since gotten much worse! For he has not tended his flock, the church of untended hearts.

Vinnie: ...saved from my own backsliding. I can see in my own life where I was headed. I might be dead. I can honestly say I might be physically dead.
ST: Yet as I said all along... But my spirit didnít mean it. Itís not me doing it. Itís God doing it. And it was!

Even Flip Wilson admitted that the devil was involved!
What did you say all along? Your spirit didn't mean what? What was it you weren't doing because it was really God doing it?
No, it wasn't God doing it!
Can we assume that you were alluding to fifteen (or even twenty-five) years of teaching and directing us--without grace?
You didn't mean it. You didn't MEAN IT?! No, you're not gonna get away with that! You taught what you meant and meant what you taught. That was your full time job, remember?
It was your responsibility to get it right or to admit your inability to do so; not to oppress your flock with a graceless christianity; and then expect us to believe that it was God doing it all along! That doesn't fly, and you know it!

ST: Youíve all been reading Romans a lot lately... (Yes) Youíve all been reading Romans a lot? (Yes) and could not notice this?

Sir Traill, do you have to blame us for EVERYTHING? We should have seen it, and helped you out? The one who could never be taught by his inferiors? Never be corrected by even the greatest of Christians?
Well, if we didn't notice the basic message of Romans, O great teacher of the Scriptures, take a guess why we weren't able to? It has something to do with all that you taught us about the faith. We couldn't notice the plain and simple truth, because we were taught to believe something else! Something contrary to the message of Romans.
So yes, O Mastermind, we didn't notice the clear message of God's grace through his Son, because your teaching was opposed to it. We couldn't believe your teaching AND the gospel message.
Now if this had been your confession, along with an ounce of godly sorrow, we might have begun to turn the world of COBU upside down. But this was obviously not what you wanted nor what you had planned.

ST: Well, it is clear that God has decided that it is time for you to transfer your allegiance, if thatís the word, from my spirit to his Spirit. (Yes; Thank you Jesus)

Yes, that's a good word for what you led us to do: give allegiance and homage to you. To revere your spirit. Instead of the Holy Spirit! To be baptized into you and your doctrines. YOU, instead of GOD!
Many of us, as Americans, used to pledge allegiance to our flag, to our republic, but to no king but God. And many took that pledge seriously enough to die for what they believed in.
Loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, obedience.
Yes, a good word for what we should have given to the Lord God ALMIGHTY! And not to a man!
Have you not felt the burning of his jealous wrath? For you soaked up all his glory. You received all the praise, for what we all thought was holy, what we thought was straight from Heaven.
Yes, it is about time. For what, fifteen years? (at the time of this pathetic performance); and another twenty five since then? Yes, forty years is long enough to be wandering about in the Wilderness of Sin!
But you couldn't give it up, could you? You just couldn't let the allegiance be transferred to its rightful owner. And we could not do it ourselves. We need help to break the bonds that tie us to you. And you must laugh in your evil heart that most of us cannot get free.

ST: There are deeply ingrained ideas and feelings running wild in our fellowship. Many of them, directly or indirectly, can be traced back to my error.

Now here we have some truth. This is your indictment, O great thinker, out of your own mouth. How shall you escape answering for it? And for all the havoc you and your "error" have caused?
Deeply ingrained, yes. How could it be otherwise? This is not a small error that can be easily erased or corrected, as evidenced by the countless silent testimonies of those who have tried in vain to escape; to get out from under your foot, your allegiance, your spirit, your indoctrination, your mind control, your voice of condemnation.
Voices which follow us, withersoever we go, even as the good Spirit does. But He does it to give life, to bring a wandering soul back to his fold. The spirits you have burdened us with seek to keep us in bondage; stealing, killing, destroying...
Yes, running wild. Under your watch. You didn't restrain yourself, and you didn't protect your flock from all its predators. Wild spirits indeed. Mayhem, confusion, and discord.
'For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.' (James 3:16)
'for you are still of the flesh. For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way?' (1 Cor 3:3)
'he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions,' (1Tim.6:4)
This, O wild and wayward wordsmith, has become your trademark.
But just how is it clear that God has decided now to correct your error, and your acceptance of (and gloating in) allegiance due only to him? After years of resisting his Spirit, and 'grabbing' from him and his Son?
He gives his glory to no other. That includes the great Stewart Tanner Traill.
The only thing that should be clear to us now is that nothing has been clear to you of God's will for us; at least nothing that you have disclosed to us.

ST: Everything has to be re-examined. And this is a good time to do it. What has happened is this...this is another set of...some sort of, ah, ah...some sort of tying my error to your problem...and, ah...

Here we have another example of incoherent speech. The gobbledygook of Stewart Tanner Traill.
Yes, it's about time one thing was examined: Everything about the high and lofty one who presides over COBU!
It is long overdue, and indeed we ought to examine you and your deeds under a microscope. The one who took upon himself to be judge, jury, and executioner of all who came into his charge.
Yes, then perhaps we'll clear up some things that have been obscured for years. Then we'll see how his 'error' was our problem.
Notice, it's not his problem. It's never the perfect pontiff's problem, even now that this world-shattering error has been reluctantly conceded.
It's his error and our problem. He can just brush aside his error, but we've got to live with 'our problem' every day; face the same mind-boggling dilemma every time we look in the mirror!
Some sort of tying them together? To take us on such a journey, without grace, without the help needed and promised, and to blame all our problems on us?
No, they are inextricably tied to your actions. To your meddling in every aspect of our lives, day after day, night after night without end, without relief, without comfort, without hope of getting free from the madness you've perpetrated upon your hapless victims.

ST: How do you think I'm doing, Gayle? (Iím not really sure)
In speaking anyways? I have been unable to speak almost, right Gayle? (Yeah)

Oh, don't ask your victims how you're doing: they'd never understand. But your wife might be able to give you support.
And don't ask us how WE'RE doing! It's always about you, what you're doing!
Oh dear, what a pity; you must have been through so much. That might explain why you can hardly speak in coherent sentences. Poor darling. We'll have to give you another pass. More grace for Stewie, even though you never gave us any.
'How am I doing, Gayle?'? This smells of an agreement, a plan known only to these two. Gayle doesn't seem to be too pleased. But what he's really thinking is something like, "Am I really gonna be able to pull this off?"

ST: It is, again, only His grace that I am even physically able to speak right now; that is, coherent.

But this is not coherent. You are not making sense. Who can understand this psychobabble?

ST: I have been a help in many ways, but have torn down in others.

Torn down? Yes, that you were very good at. Unfortunately, that seems to be your only talent! And since you're not willing to be honest about how you tore down, and why you tore down; well, perhaps we can spell it out for you, for the sake of those who have an ounce of free will left.
"a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor, " (Ecc.10:1)
so what does a preponderance of foolishness outweigh?

ST: We have come to depend on faith instead of Jesus. By faith... the stress is subtle, yes. ďItís up to you and your faith.Ē Is that the idea that you have? (Yes)
Somehow I cheerily bounded off with that idea, and the brothers couldnít keep up with me. Faith in his love, but itís up to you somehow. These are absurdities.

Ah, another jewel from the infallible interpreter. This is, indeed, the theater of the absurd! This is tragic-comedy: laughable if it weren't so horrible; insanely comical because it's so painful.
But the main character, who has botched his part and ruined the performance, refuses to step off the stage.
No, faith is a good thing; you didn't 'bound off cheerily in faith'.
You put the stress fully on us being just like you. We had to listen to you and try to get it, try to understand your warped thoughts; to forever try to make you jive with the Lord Jesus, but we ended up thinking HE was like YOU.
We didn't learn faith, but a man's imitation put forth as faith. We imitated you (or tried to), not the Lord God!
You didn't have faith, you didn't like it, you didn't want it. You didn't exercise faith, and so we didn't either. But then you blamed us for not having it.
You didn't embrace it, you didn't exemplify it, you didn't teach it. You missed faith too.
Because when you shoot willy-nilly, you miss the target. When you shoot at nothing you hit it. When you shoot at your own targets, you miss God's.
Faith found no place in your heart and your evil plans.
No, we didn't get a right picture of Jesus or of faith. There was no choice for us but the worthless way you relentlessly force-fed us.
YOU are the problem. Not faith, not grace, not the poor brothers who didn't merrily bound off with you, not the pushy sisters, not the rude brother, not the lazy bums, not the anxious toilers....
You, the one who, sensing the gig was up, seeing the writing on the wall, call a meeting to confess grave error, but cannot bring yourself to relinquish control over subservient subjects.
But to you--you alone--it wasn't absurd. It was and is to this day absurd to most everyone else, if only they had the courage to be honest. But this is the logical outcome of the folly you have sown, of the evil you have pursued. You have your reward.
Truly, we couldn't keep up with you. You alone understood what you were doing. That there was no winning at this game.
The only way to win is to see it for what it is: a big game, a hoax. And to get out of it. And hopefully to expose it, so others might wake up and come to their senses.
Yet you did not cheerily bound off, as you would have us think. You didn't innocently bound off on this path. But you must have willingly chose it and carefully planned your every move.
You thought only of yourself. That is the only explanation for why we could never get on the right track and stay there. You would not allow it, but had sinister reasons for keeping us confused and helpless. I see the dollar signs in your eyes.
So now that you need grace, you have found grace for yourself! Well where's grace for us? For those who have stumbled headlong and have had no one to help them up? For those still suffering under your charge?

ST: Why did God allow this?

Why does God allow catastrophes? mass murder? etc.
The question is, why did you DO it?!

ST: You think it must be because of wrong in me...Ē (Yeah, muttering)

Duh! The self-proclaimed lone ranger, always quick to 'go to war with every wrong thing', has 'missed' one of the most important right things, upon which the new covenant depends. Yeah, I think it's safe to assume that there just might be something wrong with a guy like that.
But the problem is, as we have now seen for decades, a guy like that doesn't easily give up what he has spent his life for. Such a false teacher and wolf in sheep's clothing doesn't change overnight. He doesn't want to change, or he would begin by humbling himself to those whom he has devastated.

ST: "This illness is not unto death, it's for the glory of God.Ē

"You have the name of being alive, and you are dead." (Rev 3:1)
"but [he] who is self-indulgent is dead while [he] lives." (I Tim.5:6)
"Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead!" (Eph.5:14)

Would that you could hear this voice.
I heard it, and so I live again, despite all the deception, all the lies. All your blasphemy and counterfeit Christianity.
I accepted your sentence and condemned myself as programmed, giving up on the Lord, and getting no hope or blessing from you.
This illness IS unto death, for it is from the pit of Hell, and has sucked all the life out of the fellowship. Would that you would have believed, and sought the Lord, who is the Resurrection.

ST: You're saying that kind of thing? Unless...then thereís me. How can this be?
Furthermore... furthermore...Let us, let us erase this whole meeting now. This has never happened.
Even so I would not rightly...now again...forget the wrong.
But I was not rightly strengthening the brothers. You donít think so?
See, you say, ďOh, youíve been so much help.Ē Go ahead, say it. (Yeah; Yes) It yet remains... itís not true. I havenít been. What then?

No, don't say it! (that he has been so much help) How can you continue to listen to this drivel? Snap out of it, and seek the Lord, or it will be unto your death!
What the heck is this? It is as though he is conversing with himself. Like Smeagle and Gollum; with no clear answers; just a dichotomy of twisted and torturous thought, in which he leaves his followers perpetually floundering.
You've been a great help, but you've torn down? Oh yeah, you've torn down. And whatever good you did, what the Lord was trying to do, you tore down with your own hands. For you did not want a godly house, but one filled with your own folly, for your own pleasure.
You were not rightly strengthening? Well, how do you partly strengthen? Is it that you gained our trust and built us up a little, just to tear into us at our vulnerable places, and leave us exposed, ashamed, and wounded?
Like in the parable of the good Samaritan, you were not only like the hypocrites who couldn't be bothered to help the needy, but you were as the robber, who attacked, took what he wanted, and left his victim for dead.
Indeed, why did God allow this? But a better question is: Why did you perpetuate this? Day after day, year after year. Seeing your people suffer, and holding them down; keeping them captive. Why? What did you gain? Was it worth it? Are you happy?
Yes, it was and is because of wrong in you, Stewart Tanner Traill. What else could it be? You controlled everything, by your choices, your calculations, and your manipulations.
We have come to the only conclusion the facts will support: You held all the cards, or trumped anyone with the temerity to play his hand, and so your will was done; you got your way; you succeeded. It is your house of ill-repute. All this evil fruit, yours! COBU is your legacy. And it cries out for justice.
Is it not unto death, this illness? Let's address the real illness, that permeates COBU and its fraudulent founder. This is producing death indeed. For there is no life in it.
It is not for the glory of God, although He will have something to say about it yet. Whatever glory there may have been has long departed. "Ichabod! "

ST: Jesus told the parable: there was a rich man, with a trunk, put all kinds of money in; and the woman put one penny in.
Now whatís the point? (guessing) I could cheerily keep going this way. I could...I could cheerily keep going. But in effect, I was just saying to the brothers, what it comes down to... Whether I thought I was doing... What it comes down to is saying, ĒWell, itís up to you, you gotta be faithfulĒ, and so forth. So where is strengthening the brothers the real way? It isn't.

This is pathetic. He asks what the point of the parable is. Apparently he hasn't even read it in some time, because he got the facts wrong.
He doesn't come close to addressing the 'point' of it. He's just making it up as he goes along. So he says the point is that he could just keep cheerily doing what he's been doing?
What? Earth to Stewart: No, you can't keep going on like you've been. You can't keep getting away with all kinds of "wrong behavior", and "missing" basic responsibilities. There comes a time, as you've endlessly drilled into us, when you have to pay the piper a price for your sins; you have to answer for your actions.

ST: Strengthening the brothers in faith that you are his chosen, first and foremost. And I am not... To my shame, building up on the one hand and tearing down with the other. Bull in a china shop. I hear my friend back there.

More incomplete sentences, interrupted thoughts, and run-on, incomprehensible blathering.
Stewart 'cast shame on everyone else' Tanner Traill, be ashamed? He does not know how to blush.
Is he acting here like someone who has just realized he has been teaching heresy for fifteen years? That he is without grace, to his shame? Is there even an apology to those he's mislead?
He vomits this garbage, and says he might just resume on his merry way. He "confesses" to what amounts to a collosal failure as a teacher, a pastor, a brother, a human being! But there's no reaction, no proper response to address the enormity of the implications of his own words. Its just more words upon words, as if he can think his way out of it, as he always has. He can cloud the issues, and keep us in the dark, keep us at a distance, and threaten any who might demand some answers.
No, O 'chief architect and overseer of God's holy temple', you don't build up with one hand and tear down with the other. You are either a builder or a destroyer.

ST: It really has been... And I want you to know something else. Are you listening? (Yes) You must understand this. How... hard... to believe again... this is nothing.
There is a real way in which I have been as or more a victim than you. Now think of that: you didnít waste twenty-five years. And had he not rescued me as he rescued you a short while ago, I wonder what would have become of you. It was that bad. Getting that bad.

Oh yes, newly enlightened one, it was and is that bad. And a lot worse than you're letting on. It's been bad for twenty-five years you say.
And you didn't just waste your years; you wasted our years, our tears, our money, our strength, our opportunity for marriage and happiness.
You stole it and squandered it. You wasted our time, and now take no responsibility for it.
How are you the victim? And who victimized us if not you? With that kind of reasoning, since God let it happen, he must be ultimately responsible, for all this carnage, all our wasted years, all the evil fruit and devastation your "error" has caused!
So, you failed to give us basic Christian teaching; we were deprived of grace and all its blessings; we floundered, day after day, putting out faith in you and in ourselves; and yet you were the victim?
No, you were the culprit. You were the perpetrator and the predator, who took us for every dollar you could exploit from us! You owe us, and the Lord of all, bigtime!

ST: This has been a stumbling block for all of us, including me. Poison talk. God gives you what you need to get started and then itís up to you.
My my, look, how easily everyone is returning now. How easily! (Yes) Why is it so easy? They are returning so easy. Because Heís doing it (Yes, Yeah).
And all this error, he is overlooking, as it were, and bringing us back... but enough is enough.

Poison talk? Is that what you've fed us all these years? Have we been poisoned? Effectively inoculated against the truth; given just enough of it that we think we understand, yet filled with the leaven of false teaching and hypocrisy?
ST: Putting to death ďI can do this part over here myself.Ē I can see that working in me.

This part over here? No, I can't see that at all. For you always had to have full control. Not just a part, but everything.
And I doubt that you gave up anything to the Lord. You don't give him just a little bit, here and there. Why would he accept that?

ST: That's what the brothers...And I would forever teach about Samson. And I am the most...

The most what? Hypocritical? You had to catch yourself. You only go so far with your confession.
Of course, this is all so novel for you, and for us too, who thought you were practically sinless.
Or... maybe the most like Samson. You, who charged the ever-guilty older brothers with being overcome by the wrong woman, trusting in their own strength, etcetera--you were and are overcome by the wrong woman.
You are not the man, for you did not 'play the man', but you 'acted like the great man, but lacked bread'.
For it seems that every charge you laid upon us could actually be laid upon you; that perhaps all that the Lord was dealing with you about, you passed on to your loyal followers.
No matter that they were not guilty of any of it, and ill-equipped to bear it; you could see to that easily enough: just get us to believe it and wretch about it, and it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy, right? We eventually acted out your morbid fantasies.

ST: And Iím not a hypocrite, Iím not a hypocrite. You understand this? (Yeah) You donít get that? (Yes) How many of you donít? He doesnít. How many donít understand that? Gayle, how 'bout you defend me?

Why get your wife to defend you, O man of impeccable credentials, O tower of strength! Is she the only one you can trust to remain in your corner after such an horrendous admission? however feeble and insincere it was.
And where is the witness for the prosecution? Where the welcome of questions and grievances, the desire to make things right with your brothers and sisters, to fully exonerate yourself, to do all the things you relentlessly required of those under your thumb?
Since when does the one on trial, the confessor of the crime, write his own indictment, full of only the good things he has done, to put the best possible spin on it, obviously in order to get a lighter sentence, or even to get off scot-free?
Doesn't it raise a red flag, for the one in question to be loudly proclaiming his innocence? to himself bring out a key charge against himself, which the evidence overwhelmingly points to? Evidence that he is indeed what he's so strongly denying: the Hypocrite.
It seems to me, therefore, only fitting to consider the charge and the nature of it, as we seek to pass right judgment on one who has himself admitted to what amounts to be a shocker. Well, he often delighted in the shock value of his most egregious charges, so now his deeds have come back upon himself.
'Hypocrisy: a feigning to be what one is not, or to believe what one does not; especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion.'
This definition begins to put the lie to the grand facade of the Grand Poobah: that he was not what he appeared to be; and indeed that everything about him and his works is not what he made it out to be.
Thus his need to crush counsel: to disallow any scrutiny of his deeds and character; to discredit anyone who speaks up (however meekly) to inquire of him, to get to the truth and make some sense out of that fiasco; out of this babbling absurdity, our human wrecking-ball, this outlandish oxymoron.
'Feigning to be what he is not, and to believe what he does not.' I say common sense resoundingly convicts him: Guilty!
Putting up a false front, as overly-virtuous and of superior religiosity, even going so far as to openly ponder (and to urge others to back up such a preposterous notion) that he might be as the greatest among men! The evidence again cries out: Guilty!

Gayle: Because um, in teaching about Samson the way that Stewart...
ST: While I just... I did it in ignorance.
Gayle: Yeah, the way he was doing it himself...
ST: A hypocrite knows he was. (Right; Yes; Yeah)
Gayle: Nobody was telling him, ďLook, you're doing it this way." And there was nobody telling him...

Duh. Who could tell Mr. Know-it-all anything, without risking his counter-criticism and scorn?
Yes, the hypocrite knows, but an unrepentant hypocrite will not own up to his sin. And where is the fruit of repentance? But we can see a whole lot of the other kind of fruit, if we are willing to let the chips fall where they may.

Sister: Nobody tried telling Stewart before? I just find it hard to believe...
ST: Letís hear it.

I find it hard to believe too, Diana, and can just hear the derision in his response?
No, Stewart 'I don't want to hear it' Tanner Traill: You don't want to hear it, and you aren't listening; for you never had a listening ear, for the complaints or needs of God's people.

Sister: I donít want to be judgmental...
ST: Yeah, letís hear it.

Notice, his attitude isn't anything like, "Perhaps God really did try to get through to me." No openness and humility; there's no trusting the truth for you, 'Mr. Closed-Ears Tanner Traill'.

Sister: I find it hard to believe, so many brothers talked about it. I was always under the impression that they wrote you letters and tried to tell you. I mean thatís what I always heard, and I donít even know the whole truth.

Of course they did. They didn't all make it up. You know what you heard.
But the one who could only hear what he wanted to hear would not hear them, would not hear us.
And there were plenty of these witnesses sitting right there, watching what treatment you were to get, and weighing their chances of getting a fair hearing.
So much for a fair trial for Jesus; for the truth, for his people who had questions. Because this time they could smell a rat in the room.
Yes, this is the tip of the iceberg, and you are right: if the warning signs are this bad, what might the whole truth reveal?
And the big bluffer, who never showed any fear, was afraid that day. Afraid that the truth would indeed be revealed to his flabbergasted flock.

Sister: But David Wilkerson told brothers and sisters that he tried to talk to you and that you wouldnít listen to him.
I donít want to be judgmental (I know I have a lot of faults too). I just think you had to have some clue. You pushed everybody away and made it so hard for everyone to talk to you.

This is why nobody wanted to talk to him, and why, if they tried, they got nowhere.
Of course they tried.
He wasn't worthy to shine some of their shoes, but that didn't stop Stewart 'those church Christians are so contentious' Tanner Traill.

ST: And youíre glad I did too, arenít you?
Sister 1: Yeah, but I...
ST: Letís start over...

Glad you did? Glad you pushed everybody away?
Let's start over? You put the word in the sister's mouth, cut her off, and end the conversation? That is classic STT mischief and bullying. When it starts getting hot, change the subject. Attack the speaker. Intimidate. Delay.Throw a tantrum. You know all the tricks, O masterful magician; and don't take that as a complement.

ST: You said, ďA lot of brothers and sisters think about this". No they donít. They never, never, never thought that this was bad. No, they never thought...
They thought there was something wrong, of course! Of course! Thereís something they didnít... didn't think anything of this. And neither did I.

Yeah, you didn't think. To your shame, Mr. All-wise and discerning one.
But I no longer give you the benefit of the doubt. There's no longer any doubt about it.
It was very wrong, and it was bad. Very bad.
How can you pretend to know what we thought or didn't think? You were good at mind control, but not that good!
Any rational, free-thinking person could sense something evil lurking and lingering there.
Oh yeah, plenty of us suspected you. But you kept a stranglehold on us, by sicking the dogs on anybody who became a threat to your kingship. That is, you taught us to go after each other like you did, like a pack of wolves ganging up on the freak, showing no mercy until he was consumed.

ST: Now you say, Didnít anyone try to talk to me? Well, friends like him... ďHow you have helped me.Ē
And David Wilkerson... Well, I donít remember. This was twenty-five years ago? (Yeah)
And if my old wine is this bad, what must the new wine have been?

So the old wine is bad, and the new wine must have really been nasty indeed! How did you let that one slip, O master manipulator of word and thought?
"I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."
And it was not twenty-five years ago, but more like fifteen, maybe twenty for some. Are you actually bragging to add more years of not knowing God, from the time you claim to have first been born again and been favored with the choicest of spiritual gifts?
No, I'm not buying the notion that you don't remember.
Brother Wilkerson was one brother who could have helped you, if you had wanted it; and he could have helped us, if we could've freed ourselves from your grip. And let's not forget Reverend Wurmbrand.

ST: I donít know what I was doing with him. I don't remember anyway. I donít know what I was trying to say. It may be as bad as him, I donít know.

What you were DOING with him? Well, what were you usually doing with other Christians, besides making them look bad in our eyes?
And no, we're not glad you pushed everybody away, and made yourself the unapproachable pope.
Of course we suspected you of being wrong. Because you held all the marbles, and as a teacher and leader you were supposed to be able to endure severe scrutiny.
How could that brother be as bad as YOU, when you had zero knowledge of grace, and he may well have been trying to enlighten you about grace? By your own admission, you were at the bottom of the Christian totem pole, although it's doubtful you were Christian at all, for you haven't borne the fruits of Christ.
This reminds me of Paul persecuting the church, acting in ignorance. When convicted, did he say that it was an error? He truly repented, stating his sin and lamenting himself as 'the chief of sinners'.

ST: There is this also: Me and other Christians. You know that scripture "Woe to him who is alone when he falls.Ē (Yes) Well I know that scripture, you donít. I know that now. You donít know what that means.

Here again, you think only of yourself.
You repeatedly made each one of us fall, and then pointed your finger at the lone victim. You took delight in the biting and devouring itself, one brother and sister at a time.
You have zero compassion for those you made stumble.
You, on the other hand, CHOSE to be alone. Yes, woe, woe, and more woe brought upon yourself and your flock.

ST: Why am I alone? Why is it that there is no fellowship between me and other Christians? First of all, I gave up long ago. That was my sincere claim.

Yes, you 'sincerely' gave up on Christian fellowship. Too proud to humble yourself to another, to receive a blessing from that 'contentious scum'.
As you did it to the least of them, so you did it to the Lord. You thumbed your nose at everyone. You stopped your ears from hearing any correction.
You wanted to be alone, and you have fallen according to the proverb:
'Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.' (Pr.16:18)

ST: But why? What was the trouble in the first place? Perhaps it was, while insisting... Perhaps they were trying to land me with grace...

LAND you with grace? Not bless you, not painstakingly show you your great need.
But it was always you against the world. And you wanted no part in a fair fight.
Perhaps it was the Lord himself trying to 'land' you. Well, you wouldn't have known, because you had your wall up, and your ears closed, Mr. Holier-than-thou.

ST: Now I doubt it, now I doubt it. But! It may have been, that may have been the case. Perhaps someone did somewhere... had to have been way back. Perhaps someone did try. Perhaps someone noticed. I have no way of dealing with it. No memory, no...

Deal with it! Because as you were so fond of warning us: Your life depends upon it.
You say they may have been trying to land you with grace. You're not sure. That may begin to explain why you missed grace.
The reigning champion could never be landed, could not humble yourself for more than this pitiful performance, to this day.

ST: I repeat what I said: I think if you showed this, (referring to the 12 ways workbook) they would murmur nice things instead of throw up. What do you think? (Yes, yeah) Well try it! Try, whoever can... you want to...

Interesting word picture here. If we saw it for what it truly is, I'd say we should vomit, and not say nice things about it, as you suggest.

Brother: I did show somebody, and they thought it was wonderful.

ST: I am afraid thatís what would happen; I am afraid thatís what would happen. But you know, but you know it isnít right to do really. Because then it is to their shame. You're just sticking pins in 'em.
And even if you then try to argue and correct them, as I might have done twenty, twenty-five years ago, tried to do, for an argument, to learn, some such thing...
Letís hear some more what you find hard to believe, 'cause I do too.
Sister: I find it hard to believe, how I often, and we all so often say ďBy the grace of God". And hearing you speak to us, I now see how those words were empty.

And if he would have only freely spoken the truth, such as how empty he really was, so that it became clear to you how empty his words were, and how he made you empty, full of empty words... This shows how we could have been set free, if he had desired it, if he had spoken the truth for real.

Sister: I wasnít conscious of what I was really saying, just what I was taught.

Exactly. We would repeat his empty words, and feel empty, and be empty. There was no substance, no blessing, no nourishment.
But if we spoke of the grace of God, it had to be on our own, because he didn't teach upon it, right? We'd read the Bible, and believe it, and speak it even, but it wouldn't jive with him and his words, and with community opinion. So we'd end up not believing it, and it too would be 'eaten up by the birds'.
This is how any and every blessing from the Bible would be stolen from us, for it couldn't meet with approval from our friends for long, if it wasn't in accord with the Insufferable Iconoclast.
ST: And who is the emptiest of all? Me. I was devoid, I was unconscious of grace. I really wonder if some of you were more aware of grace than I. I really think so, because itís zero with me.

Zero. Empty. And yet full of counterfeit, religious words! And more teaching. More emptiness! Back to business as usual!
Zero! It is only the grace of God that some found grace, and believed it, and left your presence in order to try to keep it.
Emptiest! Thou expositor of emptiness. You who claimed to have the fullness, were full of hot air!
And you want pity! Like you're the one who has suffered the most.

"He feels only the pain of his own body, and he mourns only for himself." (Job 14:22)

Sister: I remember too...
ST: There might as well not been the word in the Bible. You never heard me say two words.

Well, there's a little marvel of which to be proud, as you rudely interrupt the sister again.

ST: Did you ever discuss grace, anyone of you? (Yes)
Wait a minute, wait a minute, sheís first anyway. Wait a minute, listen: Listen, did any of you (just raise your hand), did any of you discuss grace a year ago and more with anybody?
Well then, you're way ahead of me! Way ahead right there. Because to you the word existed, and thatís way ahead of me.

More gleeful wonder at how he could commit such a travesty? Or was it glee that we were playing along with his sick game?
Of course we discussed grace! We would say "by the grace of God", which you would have frowned upon. Like you frowned on "Hallelujah!", quenching the Spirit for the sake of your own tradition.
Did any of us disregard your teaching and read the Bible? And discuss a great theme of the new testament, the great work of Jesus Christ? What kind of a question is this?
Like you never heard it. People left the fellowship, saying they had found grace which was not in COBU, and you didn't hear two words?!
Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, but you never got it?
You refused, you rejected it, and you rejected Jesus and the Father. Over and over and over... And you're still rejecting them.

Sister: I remember about ten years ago, um, the sisters and brothers in New York found some Brother Monbleau, Wayne Monbleau. And his whole teaching was based on grace, the grace of God. And they would all talk about the grace of God.
And everybody there, everybody in New York, would like mock them and put them down. And, I really donít know, that's what I remember.

And why would we mock them? For rejoicing in a beautiful blessing of God? Yes, because we did not have it, we were not taught it, and we thought we had it all. Pitiful, poor, blind, and naked as we were.

Bobby Whipple: I just heard him on the radio.
ST: Eh-huh?
Bobby: I just heard him on the radio on the way here. I don't know, some of the things he says...
ST: And...?
Bobby: He does speak of the grace of God.
ST: You know something else even more appalling?

What is this? Outdoing yourself in appalling heresy?
And 'No Bobby, we don't really want to hear about that brother and his grace.'

ST: All these subjects, many of the subjects dealing with Godís grace, are in fact fairly accurately dealt with here; everything around grace, but grace doesnít exist.
Thatís, thatís more amazing; Godís love is in here all over; and relying on him.

Appalling? or amazing? I guess they are synonyms to you, O truth-twister.
No, God's love is not in there at all, except in word. No Spirit, no power, no reality of God's love, no blessing. Because you rejected it all. Why? For your own splendor! Your own selfish gain.
Zero. And twenty-five years later, it is still zero.
Didn't you allude to having found out about this a year ago? But you waited a long time to confide in your brothers, didn't you? So much for all your wise brotherly counsel.

ST: You see, God was eh, heh. I guess ah. I guess they are all running out now. Itís getting too boring. (No-oooo) Apparently. (No)
Listen: God was revealing to me over some time, when I said... Ya know back Jan. 1, when I said he was restoring me too. I didnít know the tenth of it, I didnít know the tenth of it.
Nevertheless, um, Gayle has been reading the bible studies recently, all the bible studies, and see how it's working towards grace and the subjects around it.
Hard to even say. I donít know what the sessions are.I knew I didnít know what they were. God was bringing us to the real basis.
Victor Trapani: I have a question: When I was younger in Jesus, I would meet a lot of other Christians, and I would hear them talk about this exact thing, about the grace of God. And even though they would tell me about it, I would say I understood it. It never really clicked until two months ago. So I think it was Jesus Himself revealing it to me personally, at the time when He chose to.
ST: All right, whenever you say that, [that] you also have to come back to the other side.
Itís also my spirit pushing it out of you and saying ďDonít listen to thatĒ. (Yeah; Yes) How much of that was it too? (Yeah; Yes) You know there are ways, different ways to look at it.

Here is another horrendous admission. You pushed it out of us. You pushed and pulled and harangued grace and truth out of us, which the Spirit was putting in us. You taught another gospel, not the one Paul preached!
"But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed." (Gal. 1:9)
How shall you escape having to answer this charge?

ST: I was selling 'righteousness comes from faith'. Therefore it's "through" faith, not "from" or "by".

Oh yes, you were selling something, but not righteousness, and not faith. Maybe the 'scum rags' of your own righteousness?

Brother: I remember I used to read a lot of Charles Spurgeon, and heíd talk about grace. And I would just think: Well, itís a hundred years later; Jesus has showed us more now.

ST: Ugh!

Ugh is right! But don't act so surprised. You knew what you were doing: opposing grace.
And so we'd come up with crazy ideas like this to appease a curious mind, a questioning spirit. But we could never openly question your great knowledge.
This brother did more than you did, for you suppressed the true teaching, and ignored our great need.

Brother: 'I think he must be in error, ya know'--thatís what I would, that's what I would think. Somehow... I would really wonder about what you would say about what he said there.

ST: How much is it I could [go on] and I could gallop and skip along in my merry way; and the brothers couldnít keep up with me. (A lot; A whole lot) It was my merry way. That is, in what I was doing wrong.

Merrily merrily merrily merrily, Christian life is but a dream.
Yes, you could do as you pleased, because we were not allowed to disagree with your words or your actions.

ST: Donít forget also: Jesus used me a lot (Yes; Sure), in spite, but it was in spite. And if that isnít his grace, according to the Bible, what is?

No, that's not how it works. Jesus could not use you, for you refused to be used for his good purpose.
Where's the Bible verse that says you can do as you please, on your merry way, acting stupid and ignorant, but Jesus will still use you?
You did us no good, but it was all meant to keep us enslaved in your cult. So it wasn't Jesus using you, but something quite different motivating you. Perhaps 'the wrong spirit'?

ST: His kindness, ya know. His grace was extended to us while we were enemies.

Wrong! We were supposed to be his friends!
Are you admitting here to having made us his enemies?
'whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.' (James 4:4) But did you have to make us his enemies too?

ST: Now, we must really get into grace. (Yeah; Yes) I mean, really!
Try this, there is something to this: Now grace, faith and spirit (small s), these three abide, but the greatest of these is grace. Small s, small s, eh? We'll have to get into that.

Oh boy, I can feel another headache coming on. Another harebrained beauty of the scholastic schemer.
The one who rewrote the Bible to his own liking now adds to it.

ST: Wine is treacherous. Now hereís what happens. Letís take those three: grace, faith, and spirit. Thereís a lot of--are you paying attention? (Yes)
Thereís [all of] churches overboard on spirit matters. You now know of a church overboard on faith.

We know nothing of the sort. But we know that you must be up to another of your dirty tricks, to oppress us and keep us in bondage to you and your insatiable insanity.
Listening? It is mind-boggling just trying to follow this. It is psychological torture just having to sit here and endure it. No wonder they are trying to leave.
This would be a good time to leave indeed. The 'great teaching had driven us too mad. But to whom shall we go? We thought that you had the words of eternal life. What's left of our hearts and souls cries out for freedom, for this twisting of scripture is what has continually fastened our bonds and left us helpless to think for ourselves.

Simon Peter answered him, ďLord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life..." (John 6:68)
And we think we are going to the Lord, but it is only in word, because we do not know his voice but we flee from it; but we listen to the voice of the stranger, for that is how we were trained and that's what we think is the Lord!
His words are not of life, but of condemnation.

ST: There are in fact, apparently... Recently I have been inquiring... that there are some overboard on grace, to the extent that they, to the extent that they claim to do away with baptism. You know you can be lopsided anyway? (Yeah)
Nevertheless those three exist: grace, faith, and spirit.
All of them are important. And they have to be in the right balance. And they certainly havenít been, here.
And therefore I have no idea, I have no idea, in the light of the truth, I have no idea about other churches. You know I have to say that I have no idea, because anyway I would have looked at them, would have been in error. Follow? (Yes)

Uh-uh. Who can follow this bewildering balderdash? We've wasted our lives following you and your rabid reasoning.
But you are correct in that you have no idea, and no light of truth, about other churches. Although for one who has for so long been ignorant of grace, you were pretty quick to label others as overboard on it. You just cannot help yourself, can you, O trusty truth-tester?

ST: Spirit had better not be the basis, because itís just anything goes.

You're forgetting the Holy Spirit, but you have forgotten Him 'days without end'.
You have no idea what the basis is. You care nothing for a basis anyway. This is just more Stewart Traill twaddle.

ST: Faith canít be the basis, because then itís hard work. Grace is the basis. Itís not on the basis of works but of grace. Grace must be the basis.
Ephesians 2:8: 'For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God.'
Anyways, Romans 10: ď...a zeal for God, but it is not enlightened.Ē (speaking of the Jews)
I have heard it said, ďAm I some sort of Old Testament character? Maybe thereís something to that.

You're the one who said this. It sounds like your own doing, your delusions of grandeur, so that some would take to it and start the rumors.
Just another way to steal glory and honor, that you never had, nor did you desire the work of investing in righteousness to reap such a reward.
The elders of old had an enlightened zeal. You yourself say yours was unenlightened. A fiendish fervor; feet that ran to do evil; delighting in tripping up your betters, and showing up those who really had some faith.
Your zeal was directly opposed to that of the Lord Jesus, who drove ones like you from the Temple.
He said to them, "It is written, "My house shall be called a house of prayer," but you make it a den of robbers." (Mt 21.13)

"being ignorant of the righteousness that comes from God and seeking to establish their own, they did not submit to God's righteousness." (Rom.10.3)

ST: Now, that had to be true of me, to some extent. Partly the problem... ignorance... non-enlightened Samaritan... doing both at once.

You are feigning ignorance, when you know that you have oppressed and robbed those who believe in God, who trusted you as a fellow believer, and honored you as worthy of high regard and admiration.
Rather you are like Pharaoh, who obstinately refused to let God's people go free, because of the wealth they brought him, and whatever sick pleasures he found it so hard to give up.

ST: I began speaking about relying on Jesus. The big thing is that you have to remove the phony 'relying on faith' before you could actually rely on Jesus. How much are you relying on Faith? (weak muttering)

Weak muttering would be the reaction of hearing yet another heresy, a contradictory teaching to what you had already ingrained into us.
In their hearts they know this is twisted; that relying on faith is a good thing. Relying on man is not, especially one whose conscience is seared from rejecting faith; from spurning the Spirit, and defiling the covenant of Christ.
We have to remove the phony 'relying on Stewart', in order to begin relying on the true Christ.

ST: You see, in other words, hereís another: In some sense or other I have a framework somehow, that I can keep going. Does that make any sense? That you donít have.

Yes, in other words, you knew the plan and we didn't. So you were always a step or two ahead of us.
A framework of delusion, someone has said.
But such a framework is bound to fall. The deceiver ends up deceived himself.

ST: I wasnít seeing grace. Nevertheless I could include enough of it in some sort of pseudo-framework to ah..keep going; enough to ah, seem right... Got it? (Yes)

I think so. You were blind, but insisted on leading us astray.
You knew just what you were doing, what you wanted, and how to go about getting it.
You are guilty. You have been caught in your sin, and are trying to finagle your way out. Yeah, I think I got it.

ST: How can you rely on Jesus with some sort of ďItís up to meĒ feeling? (Canít) Contradictory.
Now, a double problem: yanking grace out of Scripture, especially out of those three: grace, faith and spirit.
Yank grace out, youíve done two things, two problems: First, youíve changed... by removing grace. Whatís left is changed, but itís also damaged. You canít yank something out of something without damaging whatís left. It's, it's... There are two things: thereís a vacuum, and thereís damage. Do you follow? (Yes) You can see that having happened. Do you understand how I did this? (Yes) You can see how I did this?

Hogwash! You're just leading them on, and they'll say anything you put into their minds.
But you did yank. You did a lot of yanking. O, yanker of 'useless' Scripture. You grabbed and you yanked whatever you didn't like, if it was in your way.
You yanked your 'wayward' sheep if they stepped out of line, if they bleated too loudly, if they drew attention to your poor excuse of shepherding the people of God.

ST: That is, violence has been done to faith, and spirit too!

The violent man does violence. And this one will not stop until the Lord stops him. When will the boasting of the wrongdoer be squelched?

ST: And then, the actual wrong came in, which is relying on faith...

Wrong! Violence is wrong, isn't it? Especially violence to the sacred Word of God?
You did violence to faith and spirit, and yanked out grace, and then proceeded to actually do harm? 'Are you getting this?'
We are sighing too, O discombobulator of Scripture, and of common sense.

ST: to the point (sighing)... I was right: You are saved by faith.
By the way, thatís in the summary. Itís both. Twice. We are saved by faith, donít you people ever check your Bible? (Yes)

But you contradict the Bible! You interpret it as you please, and since you're the only one who knows what it really means, you get away with saying bogus stuff like:
You are never saved by faith; and then: We are saved by faith. This is schizophrenia, one of the many maladies our schizophrenic scientist plagued us with.

ST: I wonder if you have more appreciation of the working of Godís grace among us now? (Yes) Grace enough to overcome this sin. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Shall we therefore sin?
God knows that I did it in ignorance. I didnít plan this. I assume that you all know that. (Yes)

You assume a lot, but you have trained us well, to take just about anything you dish out.
Yes, you have made an ass out of yourself and me.
What sin abounded? You have admitted no sin, apologized for no sin. For if you really loved any of us--Wow! THAT is something to think about.--
If you had been trying to follow Jesus, and just erred, in ignorance, you would have truly been appalled at the consequences of leading your flock astray, even ignorantly. There would be no pride nor boasting of it, no crushing the meek sister who was begging you to be honest and to stop abusing her and her loved ones.
But I've just hit upon your sin, which has abounded for years; and perhaps it will hit your faithful few like a ton of bricks, because it's what really hurts.
You didn't LOVE us.
That stopped me quick, for I realized what, even now, I reluctantly explore my own heart for.
After refuting your 'big beating' in all its wickedness (that is, what I can see or sense myself), I still feel uncomfortable seeing, and saying, that you didn't love me. You didn't and you don't love us, whom your whole lying facade proclaims that you do love.
Because you didn't love God. You didn't practice your steps of love. That was one study, by the way, I never could understand, although I often tried. Well, now it is even clearer why. And so simple:
You, the great pretender, didn't practice. You didn't care, you didn't sacrifice. You didn't do what you said. You didn't learn what you taught. You didn't love Jesus. You didn't love the Father. You didn't trust their love; you didn't know them or their love. So you didn't love your brothers and sisters.
You were the beast you charged us with being. You were the illegitimate son scorning the true heirs, for no reason but your own greed and folly, which have morphed into the monster we see and hear of today.
And you are counting on your slaves being too afraid to look at that simple truth: You do not love them. And since you are as God to them, you despising them, indeed hating them, means that God despises and hates them.
O great god, Stewart Tanner Traill. You have created atheists of them all. You have stolen their hearts and thoroughly corrupted them. And they are frozen in anger and fear, which they will take out on those who do love them, who will not hurt them more, as you threaten to do even more wickedness to them, if they should try to escape.
And you know they are free to escape if they do get up the courage. For all they need do is call out to the Lord from their hearts; Reach out to the true Savior; Come out from the diseased house of horrors; And turn from the stranglehold of the false idol;
To be accepted, received, blessed, comforted, cleansed, anointed with healing oil, embraced and enveloped in the authentic love of God and his beloved Son....

'for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him. For "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." ' (Rom.10.12-13)

ST: What about another explanation? As he said, Without such a foundation... means that there is no framework, there is no sight of the framework.
Everything is sort of disconnected in a strange feeling kinda way.
And every week it is a new direction and, and it isnít connected to the foundation, the basis which is grace, which is the way it must be.
Minus grace, all the good things are floating. And how do you ever tie them together? Well, you couldnít but I (quote) could. In some sort of a running on automatic pilot. Do you start to get a picture? (Yes)

No, that would be like trying to piece together a sinister puzzle that doesn't make a real picture, the pieces of which cannot even be connected.
We must stop listening to the perplexing puzzler, and throw ourselves at the mercy of him who can clear our minds of this jibberish and Jabberwocky.

ST: Thereís no confidence therefore. Confidence is a big word. Big.
Or as it is written, ĒHow come they never marry?Ē

Huh? I didn't know that was Scripture? Oh, yeah. That's Stewart's Bible!

ST: For that one alone I repent. For that one alone.

For that one alone you will answer. But where is the fruit that befits repentance. By mere words a hypocritical servant does not discipline himself.

ST: Because you have to be like Stewart first. (Yeah)

And it was impossible to be like Stewart; or rather to be accepted by him, no matter how much like him you became!
But you could only approach the outward appearance; the real Stewart we didn't see or know. I shudder to think of the depths to which he has slunk. Stink, stank, stunk! To become as he is inside, you'd have to be as self-deceived and self-condemned as he is.

ST: And the amazing marriage that He has given me, which is near per--not me, Iím far from perfect.

How humbly honest of you, O idolized ideal of COBU. Will the real Stewart Tanner Traill please stand up, and them fall on his face and grovel in sackcloth and ashes.

ST: In fact, Gayle is close to perfect. Did you ever hear... I heard some of you people say, "Sheís not, sheís like, not human.Ē (Yes, laughing)

Not! This is sickening. You have made her as much a child of hell as yourself. In that way, unfortunately, she isn't human.

"Bad company ruins good morals",1Cor 15:33
and she has been corrupted like no other, for you made her partake of your sin, becoming one with you.
But at least of her it really could be said that much of her sin was done in ignorance. For she loved and trusted you, but you did not love, nor did you trust, anyone.

ST: That marriage itself is nothing but the grace of God. Nothing but.

Is this the same knucklehead who gave such priceless counsel as: 'Marriage has nothing to do with Christian life'?

ST: In fact, she looked up and found ďHe who finds a wifeĒ... Itís very close, by the way.
Grace, what is grace? Weíll have to get into that.

Don't you just love how he says 'We'? When he is the only one who is going to 'get into' anything, if the spirit ever moves him? Another pathetic put-off.

ST: Undeserved. Undeserved mercy. Hold it, hold it, hold it. That is the stupidest thing there is, I say, with my fervent spirit.

How else did you ever mock something, but with wholehearted delight? Would that you were fervent for what is right. That you could address the log that is in your own eye instead of the speck in others'.

ST: Undeserved mercy. That is stupid to talk like that, because mercy is never mercy if it is deserved. So youíre saying mercy is mercy when youíre saying mercy is undeserved mercy.
Fix your brain. In order for [it] to be mercy... otherwise grace would no longer be grace. In order to be mercy it canít be deserved. Or it isnít mercy.
What is this stupid undeserved mercy. And that is what people say! (Yeah, Yeah)
Listen, listen. It doesnít even make sense, just in words. Oh maybe you do deserve some other kind of mercy. Do you? (No-oo)

Yes, perhaps some do deserve mercy, at least with respect to what they are owed by someone like you.
Go and learn what this means, ĎI desire mercy, and not sacrifice.í For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners. (Mt.9:13)
If the Lord desires it, we deserve it, at least as far as it concerns us who are to give it. We do not deserve what YOU gave us! NOBODY deserves that, except perhaps you yourself.
If you had learned mercy, and not trusted in the filthy rags of your own righteousness, you would not speak so haughtily.

ST: Well, what is this? Now think about it. You know I havenít lost my confidence. My confidence is in Jesus. Now where it should have been all along, but it wasnít.

You are still confident--in yourself! In your sick plans. All this time, it wasn't in Jesus, but we're just supposed to take your word for it now, that it is now in Jesus, and all is going go be fine?
'Behold, if the river is turbulent he is not frightened; he is confident though Jordan rushes against his mouth.' (Job 40:23)

ST: And therefore I confidently will say that: what is this undeserved mercy? Get your head screwed on! No?! (Yes) Now think about it:

Think about this: Your head is not 'screwed on', yet you continue to ridicule your betters! going on and on, picking and making a mountain out of a molehill. It seems you have nothing to give, yourself.

ST: 'Mercy is mercy' is all you're saying.You donít get it? (Yes, Yes, No)
If eh, rather eh, grace is mercy, you're saying grace is mercy, you're saying grace equals mercy, and it doesnít. They are two different things. Grace is something, and it is certainly undeserved, as all mercy is, or it wouldnít be mercy.
Now anyway, anyway, um, anyway... What was I saying before about that? Oh yeah, 'He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor'.
Now grace is close to favor. Close. Itís not... but that's approach... Thatís one of the words that are around grace. That youíve found favor. That He has extended his grace. Although the grace of God and the grace of Jesus Christ, too, by the way, two different things. We gotta get into this.
, See, somehow I got saved.And I still think I got saved. I still think I got saved. Did I get saved two weeks ago? Well, I think I have to say, I got saved twenty-five years ago. I think. But thatís another matter.

He has also lost track of time.
Whether he even got saved doesn't even really matter? He'll figure that out later, right?
Who is this madman, whose feet we have sat under, and obediently served?
He is either deliberately deceiving, or he is who he says he is. Or perhaps his great learning has driven him mad.

ST: I got saved, or whatever, and right away, right away... ah, again.

Get Smart Get Saved from this poppycock.

ST: You know, thereís another thing: I bought a bill of goods in a way,

but more importantly, you sold us a bill of goods.

ST: because what does everybody do? You get saved, and then you go to church. And thatís about it. Anyway, ahh, something like that. I got saved, and I lost interest in...

Lost interest in what: becoming a part of Christ's Church? And then you got the bright idea to make your own church, by your own means, for your own ends.

ST: That's... I donít remember doing it. Iím saying, I must have something, like, lost interest in salvation. It was no longer interesting.

'that no one be immoral or irreligious like Esau, who sold his birthright for a single meal.' (Heb.12.16)

ST: Now, well itís over. I mean ah... And I must have been acting something like that. Perhaps having bought that, picked that up, who knows. Anyway, that's something, in that area.

'Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.' (Pr.28:13)

ST: Think o' that. There is no receiving his grace with thanksgiving.... which is almost the basis of Christian life....Christian Life..thatís right...

That's right, but you are not getting the profound enormity of it.
Without grace, we couldn't be thankful, we couldn't enjoy the basic blessings of Christian life.
But we better be glad for this? for being subjected to a lifetime without it?

ST: Whereís Orange now? No grace. Does the word grace appear anywhere? Just the word, let alone... Iíll bet it doesnít. Things we looked at, it doesnít.

No, it wasn't in your vocabulary. It was just a word, and didn't find a purpose in your scheme of things. The servants might begin to take advantage, you know.

We got a long way to go, People. Are you getting restless? (No-ooo) Notice there is a lot of running out. (Yes)

Yeah, maybe they have to go puke. Or maybe they're running out--for good! Perhaps they've taken all the insults, all the slaps in the face they can take. And this one was a doozy.

ST: Maybe take a ten minute break. Itís 5:00 now. We can either keep going or take a break or break for supper. Break for supper. Ten minutes. Go for a while. Why don't we take a vote? Go till supper? Well, well... we could take a vote.
Remembering that 'for freedom... (Christ has set us free', Thank you Jesus)
Whatís the rest though? ('Stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.')
To a Yoke of...? (Slavery)
To a yoke of salvation by faith, quote "works".
Are the brothers starting to realize how Jesus is starting to set all of us! free? (Yeee-s) How many are only starting to? (a few?) How many think they half-understand it pretty much?

How many are buying this bull dung? This grossest of insults to the Lord of grace, and to his lost people whom he mourns over.

ST: Well, that's, thatís getting there. Now letís vote, on the break or keep going.keep going such as...
I mean I donít want to dwell on me. But ahh, up to a point, itís important. The way I have operated.

Never come clean. Only play this game up to a point, and then: "Stand back! " He was a smooth operator.
"His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold.No need to ask. He's a smooth operator..."
But he doesn't want to dwell on himself, he who thought only of HIMSELF! ALL THESE WASTED YEARS!

ST: My spirit. What God is doing with me. How heís been leading me. And then finally, the right view and balance-- thatís a big one. What is the right... What is right then?
Well, starting that... And about grace, and other smaller things. Or should we take a break? (Take a break) or should we take supper? (Supper) Now what is Godís will? (Supper; I think it's God's will to keep going) (Why donít we take a vote?)
You see, when you sing Amazing Grace, doesnít really hit you, huh? (Yes it does. No. No.)
Take a vote on it then (Yes) How many say we break for supper now? How many say we take a ten minute break? How many say No break and no supper? (laughter) Well itís pretty obvious that most want a break... (Yes) Right? (Yes) So everybody vote on a ten minute break or a supper break (Yeah) Is supper ready?
Vinnie: Yeah. If we're gonna have a break, I think it should be for supper,because if we go on to 7:00 it's ahh, it makes things hard. The food will be getting messed up. (laughter)

ST: Okay, you ready? How is that pure Vinnie and our fellowship?

And pure Stewart, our creative critic. Creating fear of saying the wrong thing, and then jokingly mocking you for something silly. And we laugh along with it; while burdened by the fallout of the bomb which he has just dropped on everyone.
The laughter is to ease the tension. Even in laughter the heart is sick.
But we can't laugh with the bumbling buffoon.

ST: Well, life and actions are to be interpreted in terms of the nearest circumstance only, and we must act on the basis of the closest circumstance. Never raise up our eyes into the context of greater things. Ah, now supper is pretty great, thatís true, but... but (laughter) there maybe even greater things.
Pitiful little ďItís gonna get messed up.Ē (laughter) Take courage Vinnie! Take courage. (laughter)
See, Iím strengthening the brothers! (laughter) Take courage.

No, your failure to, your refusal to strengthen the brothers is no laughing matter.
You could've strengthened Vinnie a mite, by giving him credit for helping with the 'great supper', food which you, by the way, were often too good to eat. Too high and mighty you were to sit with the lowly and enjoy common fare. But then again, it often wasn't that common or enjoyable, because we had to pinch pennies there also, so that you could have it all the more luxurious.
Instead of wasting time voting on such a matter, you could have used his input to make a decision, and let your people eat! And rest from the shockwaves. And ponder the implications of this horrible scenario. But no, you had not an ounce of compassion, but, as was your custom, you delighted in inflicting maximum pain and suffering on your vulnerable patients.

ST: And how many say a ten minute break? Well, they lost. (laughing) Well, since itís everybody and I donít know a reason why to do otherwise, maybe a supper break. We can agree on that then. (Yes) What do you think? (Yes) What do you think about this meeting?) (Praise God; Thank you Jesus.)
Never would have thought of it. (No-oo)

Denny Dennison: I always thought that we consciously, as a fellowship, never got into grace because of the potential to take advantage, which I always saw in the other churches.

Funny, that you always saw such a thing, without having to go to those churches. We all saw many strange things indeed, through this unsound eye of the body.

ST: Hey, thereís a huge potential to take advantage. But tough luck, that is the route we must go, (Yes) 'cause thatís the Bible route. That is, yes, there is a huge potential. Weíll have to get into that. You never would have thought this. Itís a big surprise. (Yes)

That's one reason why the slavemaster cannot allow much mercy; the workers will 'take advantage' and production will decrease. And if you ever see fit to 'get into it', (or any of your numerous other promises) you might deal out a smidgeon of 'mercy' and say, "There you go; isn't grace great; now don't take advantage!"
But you are looking at it wrongly, as you always have, because of your evil desires and your wrongful claim as owner of God's people.
Grace is one of God's gifts, which he lavishes upon his beloved. Take advantage! Eat, drink, and be merry! Delight yourselves in fatness. It's no sin to be fat!?
You could have had it all, and shared it all, and still there is abundance!
But you rob from God, and oppress his children.

Brother: Yeah, we went to see a brother last night in Brighton Beach....

ST: Canít hear a word you're mumbling.

How quickly the ill-tempered ingrate gets back up on his high horse.

Brother: Okay. We went to see some brothers in Brighton Beach last night, and I remember saying ďYo, Jesus is... Brother Stewart, Jesus has been saving him too.
ST: Already did, at least two weeks ago. (Thank you Jesus)
His grace is greater than my shame or my error. (Thank you Jesus. Yeah, God)
The next time youíre afraid to make a mistake, because youíre afraid to, in sincerity, do what really looks, praise do what really looks right, really checked, eh, really looks right. His grace, if, if you are wrong, His grace is greater anyway. (Thank you Jesus) Twenty-five years of error? you try to beat that. (laughter) Twenty-five years of colossal error.

Well, now you have beat it! You are the undisputed king of colossal error. Of laughing at absurdities you have perpetrated upon your flock. Laughing all the way to the bank.
But if we're wrong, we get beaten for it. Even if we're right, but challenge you when you are dead wrong, watch out! The fury of the oppressor will check you. Yes, Fear me, he says. For who can stand against the beast? God's grace wasn't sufficient for him, nor for us if we crossed him.
No, we cannot even fathom the depths to which you have sunk, in order to pull off this scandal, and sit their smugly like all is now well.
Afraid to make a mistake? You were not afraid to mock the living God, to lead his little ones astray, to promise them eternal blessing while subjecting them to a hell on earth, enslaving them and robbing them of every good thing they possessed, and destroying their hope and their future.

'and especially those who indulge in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority. Bold and willful, they do not tremble as they blaspheme the glorious ones, (2Pet.2:10)

Brother: I read about...
ST: This is no little point. (Yeah) Sonya says I should expound on grace more. Remember? Thatís the ansah, Taloola. Youíre the one. Expound on grace more. Hee haw. Thatís the answer, huh? My-yyyy. Itís an awful lot more than that. This mortal sin. I thought that was a big deal. I made a mistake. I did. Ha. I thought that I was... I bought a bill of goods. That was awful. But that wasnít even the tip of the iceberg. Remember that? (Yes) Once in a lifetime Bible study, I called it. Remember? (Yes) Oh my goodness. It is very, very hard. A month from now, you try to picture somebody actually being oblivious to grace.

Well, it's been twenty-four years now, and I'd say you and yours are as oblivious to grace as when you made that preposterous claim.
What picture of grace did you ever give? Nothing but false hopes, since you were not willing to come clean and throw yourself on the mercy and grace of God.
So you never experienced grace for yourself. When one's theology is all in his head, what good is that teaching?

ST: And as fervent in Jesus as I have been...


ST: And put that together, a month from now. You try and figure that out. Impossible. Which leads you to wonder. God purposely made me blind to it. "So I am not responsible". (he says in a mocking tone)

Rigmarole! Denial! Lies!

ST: [Eh, pa...] Purposely made me blind to it, etc. But, ah... Needs to understand, when I said Iím glad itís that bad, because itís proof. Itís my written evidence, what I already know in my spirit.That I didnít do it. I did it in ignorance. Thereís the proof. Itís not there. If it was half there, messed up, that might make me wonder. So Iím glad itís that bad. Itís zero. You donít get it, huh? (yeahs) A lot more to it. What do you think about this? (Thank you Jesus)

Horse Manure is what I think of it. It's not God's fault. So think before you cast shame on his name. But perhaps you don't think he really exists?
'Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means!' Rom.6.1-2
By ALL means, is what your actions are saying.

ST: Later, we will have to discuss your forgiveness of me, or the lack of it. Thatís a subject.

...that you would like to avoid at any cost.
But there's another subject or two that will have to be discussed first: Your repentance, or the lack thereof. Or how about your your confession, by which I mean an open and honest one, for starters; our the lack thereof.

ST: Now, are we all ready to pray together? (Yes)

No! This prayer will not be heard on high. It too is a mockery of God's grace.
ďTherefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.(Mat 5:23-24 ESV)

It's against the 'scripture' of Stewart Traill. His school of hard works.
Grace is the antithesis of all he is and has taught, so now he has a new challenge: how to desecrate the grace of God afresh.
Indeed, this prayer shall have been counted as sin. (Ps.109:7)


ST: Thank you Jesus. (Thank you Jesus)
So how's your shock value, people? (mixed voices..."It's getting less")

This is an interesting term: Shock Value. He really means, "How's the shock value of the emotional charge I just laid down. Did I do a good job? Are you still reeling? Have I rendered you sufficiently ineffective to realize the implications of this bit of truth I've at last let you in on? Is my mother of a snow job working as planned? We want you paralyzed, and anesthetized so you can't wake up from your slumber."

ST: On the other hand, some of you were well on your way.

How do you like these cryptic statements? On our way where? To a graceless eternity?

ST: Twenty-five years of no grace. No appreciation of grace.
You know it's been ten days now that I've realized that. Ten days and I am shocked as ever. Still total shock.

LIAR! You are so smug, while you have a hospital full of critical patients. It's a wonder they're even physically able to do your bidding. ....

(Bob: Right. We had... We would all get together at 137, and Jesus would show us things, and we'd be all... Jesus would be showing brother Stewart things...)

See how you corrected yourself, Bob? Even back at its best, the FF was wowed by Stewart. Jesus sure showed him, didn't he?

ST: Harold? Where's Harold? Is he here?
(Harold: Yeah.)
ST: See, Harold was. (Yep)
We used to have Bible studies, and that one little house was all we had. (Yep) And...
(Bob: We were all involved; it wasn't always Brother Stewart. We were all giving our opinions, what we thought it meant and everything, and ya know, Jesus was using all of us together.)

And so...? What happened? Why did it change? It seemed to be going so well, right?
The old man took over. He became the house bully. The official reprover, of everything and everybody. And he learned how to pit brother against brother, so only in him could we be 'united'. How's that for starters?
Well, what was wrong with what you had at 137? And why can't you do it again? Let everybody's opinion count? Have a whole body, instead of just an eye? Especially now that you see what the maniacal monarch has produced.

ST: I was starting from scratch at that time, and that's what I'm doing now. How do you like that? (Wow, Thank you Jesus)

I don't like it. A repeat of the last fifteen to twenty-five years? To try again? To see if you can do better?
Would that WE could start from scratch, because that's what we must do: Throw it all out. Erase this whole unending nightmare. Start by scratching everything you, Stewart Tanner Traill, have gotten your dirty fingers on.
Yes, how about we start from scratch, with the true God and our true Lord Jesus Christ?
But first we must bind the strongman.
We must renounce our complicity and guilt in going along with his worthless pursuits.
We must denounce the implacable imposter, the mischievous madman, this impious pervert.
No! You have done enough damage. You have wreaked too much havoc. We are sated with your evil devices, and must be purged of them. We must be utterly cleansed of all your filth.
But that is exactly what the Savior is in the business of doing. That is what he died for: to save, to cleanse, to forgive, to renew, and to give new life, new hope, a new start.
That is what the new birth was for, and that is what the healing Oil is for now.
A simple offer to come as you are, a hopeless sinner without grace, to simply ask, to exchange your rags for his righteousness, your depravity and curses for his blessings. All you have become for all He is, and what you may receive and become in Him.

'But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, who were born not of... the will of man, but of God' (Jn 1:12)

ST: What was I saying? Just humanly, just humanly alone; try that; and you're 53 and you say, "Well yes, the last twenty-five years, come to think of it, I was all wrong. Okay, I'll start all over again.

And just forget all the devastation you've left behind? All the wasted lives. The untold misery. The forbidden marriages, and the damaged marriages. The countless curses hi trying to please an insatiable ingrate? That's easy for you to say. You've done your will, but you've stolen and sacrificed ours, at the altar of your lust. And you expect your mind-numbed robots to consent to the next stage of the mad scientist's inhumane experiment? "Let's just try again. Who's still with me?"?

ST: Just try that. At 53, just in anything human. However, that's the state.
And it's not human; infinite, way, way eternal.

Yeah, that's the sorry state of your affairs.
It's not human; it's devilish. The eternal nether gloom.

ST: And yet that's what's needed. I, and everyone, must start over. And in fact, a bunch a backsliders, all the more. (Yeah)

Not! There is only one Backstabbing Backslider here; but there are a few wannabes, whom you've managed to mold into your despicable image.
Perhaps it's beginning to dawn on us that what we are, you have been; and what we are becoming is what you now are.

'everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.' (Lk.6:40)
Why should we go along with another blasphemous boondoggle? You, with your colossal error, are the one responsible for this travesty of the claim and promise of a super-spiritual work of God.
We do need to start over, but how? You have your plan, as always; your evil scheme, with it's devious devices.
We need a new plan, and a new planner. First things first: get rid of the old. How can you embrace the new, without dealing properly with the problem that got you in such a mess in the first place?
'No one sews a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. If he does, the patch tears away from it, the new from the old, and a worse tear is made. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skinsóand the wine is destroyed, and so are the skins. But new wine is for fresh wineskins." (Mark 2:21-22)
The vinedresser always has new wineskins available.

ST: Therefore, therefore... And another thing: Maybe it wouldn't have mattered. [Actually we're running out of...]
God's grace has been working for us, but eh, our lives and, and uh, fellowship has not been based on grace at all.

Wow, God's grace isn't very powerful, is it?

ST: Everybody asks, "How's your relationship with Jesus?" You ask that all the time, right, to each other? (Yeah)
And you immediately follow it with, "Is it based on his grace?" Right? (No, No, then pledges to change that)
Is relationship with God based on His grace? (hesitating, Yes)

If you say so, King Stewart.

ST: How do you know? Heh heh, at this point... Well alright, by faith. However, that's what you gotta ask. And that's what you gotta be looking for; actually more, looking for what it means.
How do you see the grace of God? How do you know if someone is based on the grace of God, or whatever?
Brother: Because the kindness of your life; how he shows you and gives you things and does things in your life, and it's nothing that you do, it's that He does it for you.
ST: Okay, but eh, our fellowship must be in grace.
By the way, uh, why not instead of calling these 'backsliders meetings', why not call them 'grace meetings'. (Yeah, Thank you Jesus)
Do you realize that we're saved by grace? (yep) and kept by grace? (Yeah)
What does it mean, 'My grace is sufficient for you'? That means you get all you need. (Yeah, Yep) He gives more grace to the humble.

To the humble! Not the proud! Not the unrepentant! Not the sneak-thief! (etc., ad nauseum.)
"Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven..."

ST: Remember that: Therefore he gives more grace. (Yeah, Yes) We are saved and kept. That's going to be very obvious.
Yes, you don't want to accept that I too make mistakes--and really serious ones.
Because if you don't have to face that, then you don't have to trust Jesus.
Because I'm perfect, you just trust me, see? (Yeah)

Well, if you were perfect, and just made a mistake or two every twenty-five years, there would be no problem trusting you.
What anyone would have a hard time trusting (anyone besides your loyal robots) is that all this corruption was produced by a few mistakes. That you call it a colossal mistake is an oxymoron. But you yourself are a foxy oxymoron.

ST: Same old thing: you don't want to accept (see) what's going on; after that last session? That's part of what's going on. You don't want to accept what?

Same old thing: you immediately blame us for not accepting whatever gobbledygook you put forth in the last session.
And that's only part of what's going on.

Bobby: I saw myself... In other words, when you, when you ah...
You know when you told, and said the truth about yourself, I was shocked. Because uh, I was more trusting you and uh, trusting all uh, but, uh...
Rather than relying on Jesus to show me things. More trusting that you would show me things. I think that's the reason I acted that way. Ya know, shocked. Shocked, ya know.

This, you 'wascally' weasal, is your doing. Your fruit. This pathetic attempt at honesty is what you've driven the best of your bedraggled brethren to become.
He trusted you. He's still looking to you, your faithful lapdog, worn out as he is, and the best you can do is throw him an old bone with no meat.
He is in shock, spiritual shock. But you've seen it before, and hardened your heart to it.
You go on with your file cards, business as usual, turning a blind eye. No compassion, no comfort, no assessment of the needs of your flock. Just, 'what's the next painful drudgery I can lead them to, and get them out of my hair.'

ST: It started out as Jesus showing you things through me. (Right) But then what did it turn into? (You...)
"Stewart told us", "Stewart said", "Brother Stewart" rather than Jesus.

And you loved it, you ate it up, you didn't correct it, you encouraged it. And then you CASTIGATED US FOR IT!

Brother: It did start out with Jesus, through you, and um, just taking for granted and uh, getting into uh, just trusting that you'll tell us what to do.

They're only doing what you've conditioned them to do! But you cannot bring yourself to tell them what they really ought to do.
And there is no opposition to speak of. ALL were baptized into Stewart Tanner Traill!

ST: So, scriptures aren't the authority, Stewart is. (Right)

Stewart's scriptures. You threw out the Bible, remember?! It's all about you! Only, you get to have it both ways! Anyway you please at the moment:
It's not about you, when it gets uncomfortable. It's all about you when it makes you look good. That's called speaking from both sides of the mouth, or with a forked tongue. I think the forked tongue is a more accurate picture of who you are: a snidely snake, or a lecherous lizard.

ST: On the other hand, these lessons, all the loose pieces... That's what this is: all the loose pieces floating around with no grace to, to uh, unify uh...
If the loose pieces floating around are that good, what would it be with the real basis? (murmur of enthusiasm)

But I thought they were straight from hell. Pure poison. What was the term you used?
And if they are that bad? So bad that they cannot be eaten? by any normal person, that is, who has the normal function of regurgitation.

ST: Where, where uh, ya don't have to stop every minute and say "Well, how does this connect to that, and how does this connect to that." And you gotta hold all these things in your head at once to make any sense out of it? Ya know what I mean? (Yes) You need grace. Living accordingly, that's another thing; according to God's grace as our basis. Whole new ball game, what did I say it'd be after this meeting? (Whole new ball game)
It started out as Jesus showing you things through me.

But it turns out that it wasn't Jesus at all.

ST: Now, somebody mentioned back there that grace is a chance to take advantage. Remember, earlier? (Yes)
It sounds scary because it's a chance eh? It certainly is, and there's no question about it, and that is the danger.
And wine is treacherous, and salvation by works is a drag. (That's true, That's right , laughter)

Oh, that got a rise. They know that one real well. But let's drag on...for another twenty-five years. Let's not really let grace free us from Stewart's gleeful grip.

ST: Therefore grace, faith and spirit. The problem with grace is [taking] advantage. And the classical with grace, the classical with the grace problem is "once saved always saved", and "anything goes". That's the classic case and problem.
Spirit, well, you name it: wine is treacherous and the spirit is mad,

I thought it was 'the spirit is willing', but in your case, I have to agree this time.
You confuse even yourself. You tell enough lies, and you start believing them, and end up as deceived as your victims.

ST: and well that could be anything. Total ah... There's a lot of wild spirit talk. You know what can happen, and with ah, faith again... own too much faith. Works...
Now the truth is: all three are rightly put together by Jesus. All three are there. And there are problems with going overboard on every one of them.
Now it is true that with grace, the ah, the potential to take advantage is there. That's why earlier, I was saying that if you have to err, better to err the way I did. You don't get it? (Yes) You don't get it, huh? (Yes)
Of the three: Take advantage (That's horrible) just take advantage of wha...
I just say I'm sorry and move on. Ah, that's our basis, which is uh, obviously that's horrible.

Yeah, and it's despicable. And even unforgivable, because you didn't even say "I'm sorry"! But you sure did take advantage. Like grace was only for you. And that's your basis?

ST: And how about wild spirit talk, just whatever. Hard to even define. Chaos, total anything.

Hmm, now that sounds familiar; it gives new meaning to 'familiar spirits'. This is the legacy of COBU and its fountainhead, Stewart Tanner Traill.

It's been bad, but now the idea is to make it right in all three. Now the uh, uh...
Grace gives us the chance to take advantage; there's no way around it.
And you'll hear, you see a lot about that, hear and see a lot and and you realize it already? (Yes)
Grace says our salvation is already finished. We already have it. There's nothing left. There is nothing to work for. He said, "It is finished", and that's it, it's all over.
The problem is: how do you react to it? Now, his chosen, the elect, are so thankful that they have this salvation guaranteed, that they react in thankfulness; while the others react... you name it.
But the real ones appreciate, and wouldn't dream of taking advantage, and are so thankful for the easy basis.

Yes, his yoke is easy, but you would not have it. You couldn't rest in thankfulness. And you had to oppress all your workers with your anxious works, and compel us to imitate YOU! And of course confiscate the fruits of our labor.

ST: Thereby prove who we are. Starting to make sense to you? (Yeah)

No. But I'd like to see you prove, you demonstrate, you come out of hiding, and show your true colors.
Wishful thinking at this point, I know.
Then we could see ourselves in some degree as the Fabulous Faker, and prove a thing or two about ourselves; thus paving the way to a new start!

ST: We oughta get into this whole pack here called, called "The beginning of a right view and balance".
I'll just read through these things, (a lot of notes) and we gotta study 'em. [sitting up]:
On the one hand, "Once saved always saved". On the other hand, going round and round.
"Am I going to earn salvation by my faithfulness?" Now God... grace is the key to the right approach, the right balance.
How do we arrive at the right balance between security in our salvation; and our need and responsibility to walk by faith; and 'led by God's Spirit'?
And it really is God's Spirit, not me having fun.

Oh no, you've had your fun, for fifteen, twenty years. Now you're finally getting serious. Watch out, folks, this might shock your socks off!

ST: Now, how do we arrive at the 'right' balance? (right in quotation marks)
What God calls... which means security in our salvation; uh, need and responsibility to walk by faith; and being led by God's Spirit. All three.

As usual, there are not really any answers, but just a lot of questions, so we'll think he's on to something. And oh, "we'll have to get into that." Later, always later, and more of the prince of procrastination's promises.

ST: And here's another point that uh, may sound strange. Another thing will grow upon you: It isn't how faithful you are, it isn't how well you use your faith; that isn't the eh...
The most important thing is whether you have faith or not.
Everyone, everyone who has faith is justified. Are you aware of that?

Oh brother. Yes, another strange teaching, that will cling to us as all his other diseases have.
It isn't important what you do with faith. Don't worry about that mountain over there, don't worry about walking or living by faith....

ST: While we're on the subject, let me tell you another one. However much I have sold this one, now what a shame: Faith is a seed. [much did, pathetic.]
Faith is not a seed. However, I did, did I sell that one? (Yes, Seed of faith).
Faith is not a seed. The truth is: the Bible says that we were assigned a measure of faith, each of us, long ago. We were assigned a measure of faith, a certain amount.
And, His chosen ones, ("my sheep hear my voice") they react to his call by faith, automatically. We have it, not all men have faith. But... all his chosen do.
You have faith, and when you hear the gospel you respond to it by faith, thereby beginning to prove who you are; while the others: "it did not meet with faith in the hearers", and "it was of no benefit to them".
We're gonna have to get into that. That's one of the, one of the bases of telling who you are.
Do you have faith? Are you of those who still have faith or have you lost it? Now, you gotta decide.

Oh, you don't have to use it, but you can lose it. And we get to decide whether we have it?

ST: We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but have faith, have it. We're justified by believing in Jesus. And we continue to be justified by faith.
Now here's a statement, something like: By the measure of faith that was assigned us long ago, we respond to his call to come to him and receive our measure of grace. Perhaps we already received it. So receive grace, which is always sufficient for us. Then by our faith we begin to realize that we are his chosen and elect. And this faith leads us to follow him then. Not to earn salvation, but as the normal result of salvation that has already been seen to exist and is further seen through faith. Now, something like that. We're gonna find out.
I wonder: the more evangelical a church is, the more imbalance there is. Wonder if that's the rule. The price of fervency and evangelism is error. I wonder if that is eh... That's just one to consider.

Wrong: it's always good to make much of a good thing, and if we had been preaching and teaching a good thing, we would have gotten more of it.
But our brand of evangelizing was not a good thing, was not 'good for what ailed us', and was flawed from the get-go.
It was worse than imbalanced and full of error. It was men of violence thinking to build God's kingdom by violence.
It was obeying a man, and not God, fearing a man and not God, and ultimately building the palace of the king who was doing wickedness in the sight of God. Now consider that.

ST: "Free" is a grace word, one of the words around grace. Free. And being set free by and through grace is one of the fundamentals.
We were set free by grace. Does that ring a bell? (Yeah) Not really (murmuring). Not really, okay not really. But these will grow on you. Being set free by and through grace.
For freedom Christ has set you free, and don't use it to take advantage. Nevertheless, he has set us free, and it's over and done with. And we will prove who we are, if we value what he's done.
The truth: we must be led by his Spirit to walk by faith in his saving grace.
That's the sentence putting them together: The truth is we must be led by his Spirit, to walk by faith, in his saving grace.
Grace is the basis, but faith is how we operate.

Yes, very good, O wise one. How profound.

ST: The gospel is the statement, Romans is the explanation, and the letters are the application.

And let's just skip Acts, because we don't really want to live it.

ST: Yeah, ya come from grace in interpreting the New Testament. Something I never did, try to interpret the New Testament.

Wonder of wonders! How did I forget that jewel? With that bit of info we can see why we missed the new covenant! Our pompous professor never tried to interpret it! So we were forever trying to fulfill the old covenants; but worse still, the cockamamie covenant of Stewart Tanner Traill!

ST: Now that I mention it... Now, I'm being double cautious now, but uh, the olive tree has something to do with grace. Whether it is Jesus ah, grace working through Jesus... We are the branches. There's some connection in some way. We're gonna have to look for that.
All that you do, do out of thankfulness that he has called you, justified you, supplied you with faith, and that you are his chosen, if you see these things are true in you.
That is, "has he called you?" "Has he justified you and given you faith? (murmuring) That right there is, is proof that we are the elect then.
We have to go into various ones of these, and find them all so that we have confidence, real confidence and no false confidence.

Like the false confidence you led us by, for years, and decades; for our entire 'Christian' lives?
By the way, where is your confidence now? Did you ever go after any of your lost and wayward sheep?
The ones who have floundered in untold agony due to the oppressive burden you laid around their necks.
Those who were literally driven mad, by your incessant insistence to meet the letter of a law which, much like this transcript, was impossible to understand and carry out?
How about those who died? God only knows in what eternal condition, looking for a little peace, a little good water and pasture--that you denied us!
Yet you have the nerve to say grace was all around somehow, O high and mighty hireling, who cares nothing for the sheep!

ST: Yeah, faith in his promise, and it doesn't even mention grace. Heh.
By grace: his making a way and his decision. Those are grace, ah, parts of what grace is.
What is grace? That's a hard one. We have some dictionaries here, we could go into.

Might as well, since our incoherent interpreter has forfeited his responsibility and privilege of doing even that in preparation for such a momentous meeting.
But we bear it well enough, as he slaps us again and again.
At least the dictionary wouldn't lie to us. It would be more than what he had done for us at this meeting.

ST: Is it more correct to say "relying on God's grace" than "relying on God?" or vice versa? We have to find out.

Another meaningless exercise to keep the kids busy. But these kids are fifty years old!
You cannot find out, O blind blatherer, for interpretation belongs to God, and you are as far from him as you have ever been, and seemingly have no conviction to seek him for grace, mercy, forgiveness, or any of his gifts you and your comrades so desperately need.

ST: How do you rely on Him except for his gift basis? Now grace is something like a gift basis. Some connection, some way.
While I'm on it: I still can't believe I walked in here, and I actually even spelled it out. I actually pushed it and said, "Is it wrong to rely on faith? Is it wrong to do it?" And you still went for it. Even with the "Is it wrong to...", right? (Yeah, Nobody wagged)

Nobody wagged? Nobody got this one? I get it: we were all supposed to sit there and listen obediently, trying to catch your drift as to what our response should be.
"We piped unto you, and ye did not dance; we wailed, and ye did not mourn." (Mt. 11:17 RV)
We missed our cue, and you had really made obvious what the proper response should be. Nobody wagged. Must be fatigue. We can only take so much, you know.

Is it wrong to rely on faith? Just think about that.
Now uh, [unclear] the heart of the grace issue is the very fact that it's not by grace we're saved, it's through grace.

He's getting fatigued himself. He's not even correcting this obvious mistake.

That one word makes a huge difference. We watch for that. You'll never see saved by faith in the Bible.

And he said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace." (Lk. 7:50)
'And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.' (James 5:15)
Here are two examples of being saved by faith; one by your own faith, and one by another's.
Now, if anyone had said this at the meeting, it would have undoubtedly been met with derision, since the phrase 'saved by faith' may not actually be in the Bible, but it is a cardinal sin to make the king look bad, even if he really has no clothes on. Your front is dispensable, at his will; but his front must never be challenged.

ST: We have them all written out here, all the combinations and words, how many.

'We have it all figured out; it's all on the file cards.'

ST: Saved by faith (huh) in bold letters twice.
Relying on Jesus means relying on his grace a lot. There is no relying on Jesus without his grace. It isn't really relying on him. Maybe good intentions, he's merciful.

So since you ignored grace, you weren't relying on him, and got us to rely on something else also.

ST: But it's wrong, but he supplies more grace. If you were blind you would have no guilt.

Unless you are blind because of your sin. Because you chose not to see. For forty years, now.

ST: Well, we've been blind to his grace. That doesn't stop him from supplying all the more, though. (Thank you Jesus) So learn a lesson. The order, the order: saved by his grace, led by His Spirit, walking by faith. Those are the three that are necessary. They have to be rightly related and operating accordingly in our lives and in our church.

And they never were, not in you nor in your cult of untended hearts.
You admit they must necessarily go together, and that you missed the first and foremost of the three. But you think you understand the other two. That it is our own fault or God's, because it can't be--it never could be--your doing and your fault.
Your error, your fault, your stubbornness, your sin, your sin upon sin upon sin, your abomination.
Your excuses, evading, games, desperation, fits of anger, schizophrenia... And every foul spirit and disease you'd rather embrace than be honest; and seek the healer, and pursue peace and righteousness, and cry out Life, Life, Eternal Life!

ST: Certainly among the older ones. Now the younger ones, well... The next lamb that you find...
And another thing: this expression "leading someone to Jesus". Is there any validity in that expression? Is that total, uh... We have to consider that.

I've already considered it, considered that and a hundred other agonizing questions you gave us bogus answers for.
Because I had these sneaking suspicions that all was not as it seemed among the 'faithful'.
Was I really leading someone to Jesus? How could I be, if I was only going through the motions, if I was not faithful and full of faith myself? Was I not deceiving myself as well as putting up a false front, thus bearing false witness?

I did not like the answers common sense gave me to these nagging queries and doubts, so I sought to evade the whole issue. That was actually a step in the right direction, away from false witnessing, anyway.
Yeah, let's all go false witnessing! Because wrong witnessing is better than no witnessing. Remember that grand one from the Grand Vizier?
Was this true of our whole clan? Was it all just a scam to get people to join our club? Because of the premise upon which it was based, upon the purpose the chief clansman alone knew for his insistence on "leading multitudes to Jesus"?
This was false witness. Therefore we went false witnessing, and the only good we did was when, in the process, we might actually care about someone and their needs or concerns. Otherwise it was leading them into the same oppression and poverty in which we suffered needlessly.
Leading them to a caricature of the true Jesus. Actually, it was leading them straight to the wolf in sheep's clothing!

ST: Another thing eh, Gayle has been watching me... last few days uh... speaking to unsaved about God's grace. And the reaction, amazing reaction that that causes. It's very good. At least uh, what I, what I have seen. That's a slight matter we have to get into. Everyone of these, especially to older people. Again, the younger people uh, with 18 year olds, what did we used to say? (unclear) Doesn't matter. God's grace. Witnessing.Making Jesus known to older people, such as your parents. (Yeah)
Now here's a comment: "Righteousness, Justified, and Faith. In the same verse or next to it, in every case in Romans. Almost every case in Romans. That pattern: Righteousness, Justification, and Faith. Not surprising but uh, we're going to look closely at it.
Grace is given to us (in many verses). It's received by us also (in many verses).
Faith increases, but it's a measure assigned in the first place. That everyone who has faith may be justified. Remember, everyone who has faith; not everyone does.

It should be quite obvious, to those who have eyes to see, that there is one boisterous bragger who does not have faith. And so he is neither righteous or justified. He rides in as the Lone Ranger, and rides out as the Lone Stranger; uplifting no one, rescuing no one, and offering only empty hopes and disappointment.
And, oh, I thought witnessing, for you, was backsliding. But we'll make an exception I suppose, when you actually want to do it. And we can marvel that the High and Lofty One deigned to humble himself to speak to the 'unsaved'.

ST: And is it true? Ah, I think it is true that grace meets with faith only in the elect. Grace meets with faith.
That's one of the tests therefore. Is faith at work in your life and is grace at work in your life?
We react with thankfulness. That's our response. The Old Testament version is "Because you did not serve the Lord with joy and gladness, by reason of the abundance of all good things."
It's physical in the Old but spiritual in the New. But we react with thankfulness.

I guess that explains why our abundance was never physical. Of course, it wasn't spiritual either, but we are told here again, by the two-faced tyrant, to be quiet and to be thankful. I guess we'll get the whole reward later. There's nothing for us now but pain and misery and suffering.

ST: Not because he gave us a new (unclear) but uh, out of thankfulness that uh, we indeed are saved, are his.
To him who has will more be given. To him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

You were the only one who 'had' so you took it all; we had nothing, so you continued to take everything we might have had. Is that your idea of Scripture fulfilled?

ST: The uh, other verse, the other thing being "To him who has election will more grace be given, and to him who has not the election, even what he has will be taken away. Now there's some correspondence there. Analogy.
God intends to save the elect. He intends to save the elect, no matter what. "Of those whom thou gavest me not one is lost but the son of perdition."
Remember, the elect react with thankfulness and the others take advantage. We have to get into that a lot.

Yeah, a whole lot. You're the only one taking advantage, of a bunch of suckers, and you'd like for us to be more thankful, for the deprived and depraved condition you've foisted upon us.

ST: However much grace the elect need. It's twenty-five years of not valuing his grace, or whatever. Time of grace, time of need, whatever it is, he supplies it. "My grace is sufficient" is what he said.

This is trampling of the pearls, and he will turn and attack anyone who protests.

ST: Now here's another one. Is this actually the deeper view of salvation, or is this the only right one that we must give the lambs? Or how much of each? That is, the unsaved eighteen-year-old. How much grace? Gotta consider that.
Tell 'em the truth; of course, tell them the truth. (Of course!) How much of it though? How soon? And uh, can only speak one word at a time, present so much at a time. How do know what the balance is there? That's one of the ones we gotta find out.
You know uh, you say 137, we used to have Bible studies, yeah: for three years straight, every night, it was John chapter 3. For three years straight every night, or was it five years straight. At least three years straight. Well, that's good and bad.

Right, the Scripture was good; your intent was bad.
"What then? Only whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice." Php.1:18
But I'm not for rejoicing in the end of this pretense, and the madness that it has brought each of us into.
His preaching, and therefore much of our preaching, was in pretense, not in truth. The truth of the gospel was swallowed up by the lies and deception of the gospel game-players.

ST: Well, for what it's worth, "by faith" is thirty-five times in the Bible, nineteen of which are in Hebrews 11. "Through faith" is twenty-two times. And we have the rest written out here.
How about the basis of genuine confidence? Any ideas about it?
Paul: It is finished.
ST: How 'bout: We know that we are in Christ because we know if we're fully going to him, all that we are, both good and bad... both, as with no kind of holding out, bad attitudes and... We know he won't cast us out because that's his promise. Therefore, that we abide in him. That's the source of confidence. That's the first source right there.

How 'bout you listen to an idea that you asked for, that addresses 'twenty-five years' of missed grace (It is finished.), instead of going overboard on your next faith teaching?
Here we have two conspicuous 'COBU-isms', and a precious concept we have no chance of fulfilling in this cult: 'fully going to him', and 'with no holding back'; and 'abiding in him.'
Unless we get free of the COBUisms, which are purposely nebulous and therefore subject to the approval of their crafty creator, abiding in Christ remains impossible.
The phrases, 'going to him with good and bad', with bad attitudes, and the promise of John 6:37, show some understanding of our great need, of grace, of coming to him just as we are, and being truly blessed.
This is the carrot-on-a-string to renew hope, but who's he fooling? It's the old game of empty words. Because he is not 'fully going to God', and has not confessed AND forsaken his bad attitudes, nor his sins against his disciples. He does not truly come to the Lord, to let his dark deeds become light, but he remains in the darkness.
Neither is he really encouraging us to come to Jesus as we are, but anything that we confess openly can and will be used against us. The false savior brings it back up when he wants to bring us down. The true Savior forgives and forgets whatever we honestly bring to him, and his grace transforms us, renews our minds, and abides (remains) with us to strengthen us through the trials.

ST: Now, joy that we are the elect, how does that sound? (murmuring, Yeah, Good) That we are (realize we are) his chosen, that we have solid reason to say so. That's uh, that's where joy comes from.

There is no joy, and will be no joy. No walking in the Spirit. Just leading us on, as he has always done.

ST: Now when they went out, He sent them out two by two. And they were out, casting out demons and they came back..."Lord, even the demons are subject to us." And Jesus uh, as you know, he said uh, "Don't rejoice at that but rather that your names are written in the Book of Life." (Yeah) What does that show? (voices, Jesus is in control, Doesn't depend upon my will or exertion) One at a time.
Brother: I think it shows that he doesn't want us just to be thankful and rejoicing for the things he does through us and for us, but that he added grace, he has grace toward us, he has, you know, he fills us for having Jesus in us, that's what he really wants us to be thankful for.
ST: First there was a hundred at once, and now there's one only. What's the matter, the ninety-nine are ashamed of what they said, or what?
Brother: I think that it's nothing that we do.
ST: Why do he say that?
Brother: Because Jesus, because God said, He reached man, not man reached to God.
ST: Why'd he say that?

Maybe because he can't think straight? Because he has been twisted like a pretzel?

Brother: I think it's because it's that they're the elect; not what God has given him but that they're the elect; they're going to Heaven.
ST: Next.
Brother: Out of motivation, to being thankful.
Brother: So we wouldn't be motivated by going out just to see that they uh, have more power than these people. That was the wrong attitude. That they would be, that they were glad that they were saved by grace?
Brother: That... Don't get into the wine they get right now, but get more into the hope of going to be in Heaven, get more fully into that.

No, we mustn't get into the wine. No wine, no rejoicing, no marriage, no marriage feast, no marriage song or dance, no rejoicing with the Bridegroom.
And the wine we once had has gone sour. All we can muster is this pitiful, predictably acceptable speech, and 'Praise God, thank you Jesus', in response to this blabbering boob.

Brother: That it's by grace that their names were written in the book of life, rather than that they were casting out demons.
Brother: Take, take encouragement from seeing Jesus do things in our life, but it should just be ah, rejoicing that that's a sign we are his elect.
ST: Listen, He also said that "many will say that 'did we not cast out demons?' " And he will say, 'I never knew you'. (Yeah) What's the point?

One point is: how can you cast out demons when you are filled with demons yourself? Satan does not cast out Satan.
There are some who think they're casting out demons, but are not. As cobots, we welcomed Stewart's demons, and we learned from him to cast out people; to cast out, for instance, our brother or sister who came to us in repentance. This Jesus does not do, and this is but one way WE NEVER KNEW HIM. We knew no intimacy with him, for any intimacy with Christ was despised by the jealous, false christ.
We 'knew' our lord Stewart Tanner Traill, not the Lord Jesus Christ! We lay down with his evil spirits, and got up with his disease.

Brother: That the basis isn't the amount of work that Jesus was doing through them, but that the basis was through grace. The basis is their right relationship with Jesus, [becauae] of grace and not works.
Brother: Well, not that they were something of themselves, but that he chose them. (agreement)
Brother: That's right, that He chose, he chose them, you know, by his grace.
ST: But where's the connection?
Brother: I was thinking that they're not saved through their works but they're saved by his grace, and that they should be doing from that, and that they should take confidence in that they're also saved, and that they're with him and that they don't have to turn.
Brother: You were chosen by God?
Brother: If we're, we're thankful that, and rejoicing that, Jesus did give us salvation, then we'll be motivated from that rather than looking to any works.
Brother: So we hope in Jesus and the... instead of looking to doing it here: the piety act.
ST: Well, it's really: rejoice in the proof of who you are, that you are. Right? They were rejoicing at the results, right? (Yeah, Yeah) Sound familiar? (Yes) Rather than what, what... what it proves about them. And He directed them to what it proves about them.

But your dead works, and COBU's dead works don't prove anything, except maybe that you are dead.
'Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God.' (Rev 3:2)

ST: Told them to rejoice in that. (Thank you Jesus) That faith is at work. (Yeah) And other things.
Our view has to change, and fairly dramatically. It's in the view of grace, that you'll come to see, that everything makes sense. And, a lot of Christian life is wrapped up in, in living by faith that in fact God's grace has specifically been extended to 'me'. It's not blind faith either. All works have to be the result of thankfulness for grace; not trying to earn something. The result of thankfulness, the desire to please him, and the evidence of his promise in me.
Any questions? Let's hear it. How much of you is spent trying to fig... the amount of faith that you have, concerned with the amount, rather than rejoicing over the fact that you have it and what that proves. (a lot)
If you have faith in him, that proves that you've been justified by him. You realize that? However it wouldn't mean anything if you weren't centered in grace. These things would mean nothing.
Yes, here's what he was really saying: "Don't rejoice that you have faith to cast out demons; rather rejoice because the fact that you have faith...(?) means that your names are written in the book of life."
Therefore, don't rejoice if you can do some work by faith, and then feel that you're saved because of these works. Rather rejoice that the works complete the faith that justified you in the first place. That proves who you are.
It's the fact that we have faith that is the good news, because that's the proof that we are his, one of them. And there's no more need to try to convince Jesus to save you.
It's the... trying to convince Jesus to save them rather than noticing that, that he has saved them. (Right). Both in his Word and in your life.
Then again, there's the scorecard issue.
Now how's the scorecard going?

With grace, you don't need a scorecard. But you couldn't help yourself, could you?

ST: Ah, 263 by the way; 37 more, thank you Jesus (Thank you Jesus) Another scorecard. (laughing) 300 now; gotta open the doors now. Look at this, looks huge in there. Look at that. Thank you Jesus. How's the scorecard going? (Not so good, murmuring) Alright. (Better)
Now your scorecard people, let me ask you: ah, how do you tell the difference? What is your means in your scorecard for telling the difference between a big sin and a little sin? What have you decided, since you've obviously decided something? How do you go about it? Hold on, you started it. I mean, You must have some way of doing it, how do you, how do you decide? What is a big sin and what is a little sin? Or uh, little sins don't make it on the scorecard, is that it? (No)

Well, finally this 'big beating' comes to a merciful end. If only it was the end.
And a fitting way, I say, to end a graceless farce, in my view the most infamous of Stewart Tanner Traill's patented nonsense.
A scorecard on sins? Seems he no sooner tasted a little grace, but he went right back to its antithesis: works and nonsense.

Now he's thinking, 'Whew, is it really over? How'd I do Gayle? Was that good enough for you? Now, where were we before that dreadful interruption?
'Oh, and no visitors afterwards, please. No congratulations necessary. And no counseling, no questions please. Can't you see I'm wiped out?'

Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly. Pr.26:11

You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace. (Gal.5:4)
His great opportunity, and what does he do? His opportunity to come clean and spill the beans. To honestly seek grace, to seek the Lord, to beg forgiveness; and perhaps to show, like Saul of Tarsus did, what grace was meant to do, what amazing wonders it can accomplish.
But like his beginning, and the rest of his sordid saga, he continues to epitomize
the Wicked Servant, whose great debt was canceled but who did not have mercy on his fellow servant;
who saw his master as a severe man, and hid his talent in the ground;
who said 'My master is delayed', and got drunk and beat his fellow servants.

ďThen the master called the servant in. ĎYou wicked servant,í he said, ĎI canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. Shouldnít you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?í" (Mt.18:32-33 NRSV)
He said to him, ĎI will condemn you with your own words, you wicked servant! You knew that I was a severe man, taking what I did not deposit and reaping what I did not sow? Why then did you not put my money in the bank, and at my coming I might have collected it with interest?' (Lk.19:22-23)
But if that wicked servant says to himself, ĎMy master is delayed,í and begins to beat his fellow servants, and eats and drinks with drunkards, the master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he does not know, and will cut him in pieces and put him with the hypocrites. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Mt. 24:48-51)

"Though we speak in this way, yet in your case, beloved, we feel sure of better thingsóthings that belong to salvation." (Heb. 6:9)
At least in the cases of some of you. But many of you will only be the angrier for hearing the truth. So be it. For we have lived and suffered long enough blaming ourselves and others wrongly, instead of casting blame squarely on the one who deserves it, and on ourselves for blindly following him to destruction.
You will now, or soon, be faced with a crucial decision. I pray you make the wise one.
"If you are wise, you are wise for yourself; if you scoff, you alone will bear it. (Pr. 9:12)