Cobu sayings


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


In this section we will list some of the famous sayings that we once used. Many of these sayings may stay with us the rest of our lives. This list is not complete by any means, but it is a start.

In every isolated society unique expressions, sayings, ways of thinking and speaking or language related to that environment developes. In viewing the language spoken during our time in Cobu, conclusions not previously seen, about the beliefs and standards that we once accepted, can aid us so that freedom from it's grip can be more easily aquired. We will do our best to try to just make a list here of the language that developed in the FF/COBU world that we found ourselves in for a portion of our lives, enjoy!

And if you can think of other expressions, sayings, or words that developed where you lived in the group, that we may not have remembered or even a different way of saying something that we already included, please feel free to forward it to our email address in our "Contact Us" section, thank you! All contributions are welcome.

"You see God with a stick in his hands."

"God is angry with you."

"Doubters will be sorry."

"The brothers could not keep up with me."

"I am too weak for that."


"Dirty Old Man."

"Diving in all the way."

"Holding back on Jesus."

"He or she is withdrawn."

"Doing the zeal pill."

"What is going to make you move?"

"Stop "ghouling".

"It is better to wear out than to rust out."

"The vanity of youth."

"The novelty has worn out."

"The novelty of youth."

"Marriage is not for little boys but for men who know what they are doing."

"You need spare zeal to get married."

"You brothers are too weak to get married."


"I am not your king."

"I refuse to be your king."

"Don't make me your king."

"Children are like little snakes."

"Babies are like protoplasm, for the first year anyway."

"You are either working or wailing."

"The sisters are being run by the spirit of Eve."

"Pulling the plug."

"Are you going to wail or are you going to work?"

"The holdouts."

"Marriage doesn't make you happy."

"Don't hope in children."

"The older brothers don't get married because they are in love with themselves."

"Faith or feelings."

"The brothers are just into looking good."

"If you leave the fellowship you will die."

"The sisters will become pregnant or prostitutes, if they leave."

"Sisters are hoping in marriage and relationships."

"The only person you can trust is Jesus."

"Never trust anyone over 34."

"The brothers' sex browns are equal to the sisters' food browns."

"You can tell how happy a fellowship is by the way the women are."

"If the sister is not proud of the marriage, and the man is not proud, then something is wrong."

"The older brothers are constantly wailing.

"When it comes to marriage, the older brothers want me to say, "God bless you my son", like they do in the Catholic church."

"The older brothers are into patting each other on the back."

"The sisters are afraid to rock the boat."

"Behold, the hideout has become a prison."

"Are you practicing being a son today?"

"Are you practicing being a daughter?"

"Are you trusting in the brothers' fellowship?."

"Are you off doing your own thing?"


"The weakest link."

"Are you going to please Jesus?"

"I know I am going to hell, but Jesus loves me."

"The older brothers are holding the fellowship hostage."

"Is she listening to the wrong spirit?"

"Are you ashamed of Jesus?"

"Are you ashamed of going witnessing?"

"Are you ashamed of making Jesus known?"

"Who is zealous for Jesus?"

"You are only living for this life."

"You are killing the lambs!"

"You don’t care about the children in Haiti."

"The brothers are not zealous enough."

"The sisters are not devoted enough to Jesus."

"Stick two pins in him."

"You are not coming to the light."

"He is a wooden Indian."

"You are lazy."

"You are faithless."

"You are ruining the lambs."

"You are ruining the fellowship."

"I can outlast all of you."

"When are you going to get serious about Jesus?"

"I gave the brothers every opportunity."

"Why are the brothers and sisters so weird?"

"Did you go witnessing today?"

"He who waters will himself be watered."

"I see the sisters holding back."

"I see the brothers holding back."

"Get Smart Get Saved."

"The cost of diminishing returns."

"Who really means it?"

"Here am I: send me."

"I am not the issue."

"I am not part of your fellowship."

"When are the older ones going to fall into the earth and die?"

"You are all alike."

"You are like spaghetti."

"The brothers are dull."

"The sisters are pushy."

"You need to make your behavior right toward Stewart."

"Why are the brothers acting like women?"

"Sin feels good, when you are doing it."

"You have more grace than I do."

"Why are you letting each other go?"

"Who is sticking up for Jesus?"

"Am I speaking loud enough?"

"There is zero grace with me."

"They are kinder than we are."

"When are the brothers going to get their act together?"

"The Fellowship is the safe land."

"You don't stand a ghost of a chance to get married in this fellowship."

"You will always have bad actors in the Fellowship."

"You refuse to come out from among her."

"The older brothers are stifling the fellowship."

"The older brothers refuse to make peace with Stewart."

"Stubborn refusal."

"There was no one to take her by the hand."

"It is hard to motivate you."

"I am into wrong attention."

"Don't maneuver for attention; ask for it."

"When are you going to come out from among her?"

"I am the Ayatollah."

"I did not listen to the voice of my teachers; how I groan."

"Every time you embrace Eve, you get weaker and weaker."

"Why do the brothers feel that they are better than everyone else?"

"The sisters are just into wrong attention."

"Brother, can I have your attention?"

"What type of attention would you like?"

"You are just into maneuvering."

"The brother said, "I see my manhood slipping away in this church."

"I don't want to be a cheerleader in this place anymore."

"We are the only church that has true interpretation of the Bible."

"We are the only church that rightly knows how to interpret the Bible."

"Women are like water, which takes the shape of its container."

"Our fellowship will give the world true interpretation in the end times."

"Cobu is the only church that has the Figure System of the Bible."

"One day the brothers will judge my work."

"Stewart is the only one that has not sold out on Jesus."

"If something would happen to me, there would be no one to finish the work that I have started."
(Stewart said about true interpretation and the figure system of the Bible.)

"You're glad I missed grace, aren't you?"

"You better be glad I misseed grace: the alternative is worse."

"It's by grace we are saved-- never faith."

"There's an amazing work of God in all this."

"Are you loving your brothers and sisters right now?"

"Marriage has nothing to do with Christian life. It affects it, but it has nothing to do with it."

"The sisters want to be married to a piece of paper."

"Marriage does not make anyone happy."

"The brothers are unable to take away a sister's shame."

"The brothers do not cry to me from their hearts, but they wail upon their beds."

"Why do the brothers make it so hard?"

"It would better if your children were in an orphanage than to be raised by you."

"Are you hoping in Jesus, Brother?"

"Are you hoping in the resurrection?"

"Is your conscious clear toward the sisters?"

"Are you acting properly toward the sister?"

"Are you going to be saved yourself?"

"Are you going to sit there quietly?"

"Are you going to be downright rude?"

"Are you trying to push your own thing?"

"The Cobu clutch."

"The Dirty Dozen."

"D.O.W.(dirty old woman)"

"The flesh is always trying to get over on Jesus."

"The flesh is trying to get over on the new nature."

"Who is going to be all in for Jesus?"

"The brothers wail and the sisters weep."

"The brothers wail and the sisters moan."

"Spill the beans."

Stewart said, "This outfit is in the state of diminishing return."

"Are you going to listen to the fellowship of the brothers?"

"Are you going to make a commitment or not?"

"Is anybody watching him?"

"The brothers are asleep at the switch."

"I know that I am in trouble."

"We are programmed for success".

"Who is walking in the light?"

"When are you going to get real?"

"You were fed the finest of wheat."

"You are in a cult."

"He is a cult leader."

"The brothers have made wrong agreements."

"The sisters are lonely."

"Those who break fellowship must pay."

"The brothers can't fellowship with Stewart."

"The brothers look like death warmed over."

"What would have happened to you if I hadn't grabbed you?"

"It would be sin for me to go out witnessing." Stewart said.

"Many of you have a ho-hum attitude."

"If you make Jesus look good, he will make you look good."

"We are all called to be leaders."

"Your apartment must be treated like a crash pad."

"Jesus doesn't need you."

"You need a deeper commitment toward Jesus."

"The trips need to be with the trips."

"When are you going to get sick of just plugging along?"

"You need to be trained."

"A man of your intelligence could afford to be much nicer."

"You are getting a lot of airtime."


"The New York Training Center"

"The Six Steps of Love."

"He was beasting it out."

"Working in the world."

"Not being led by non-Christians, being led by Christians."

"Some brothers are hanging back."

"The U principal."

"I missed grace."

"No one was telling him."

"He is always calculating."

"Our fellowship must be a We instead of an I."

"What is the best thing?"

"We're God's best!"

"Sin was fun, but now it’s not fun anymore."

"Brothers are dumb Adam."

"Sisters are deceitful Eve."

"I know what my problem is: I have to go to Jesus."

"I don't need the brothers' fellowship."

"I tried to make the brothers jealous."

"What is it going to take to make you faithful?"

"My marriage to Gayle is an experiment."

"When a thousand people come to the Big Meeting, I will tell my testimony."

"I will give the brothers a day off when we make one hundred thousand dollars."

"The older brothers are dying a slow death."

"You hate Jesus."

"Fat people have many problems."

"No one understands the Bible like I do."

"I'm not going to read any bible commentaries."

"It’s wrong to ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit."

"It is wrong to say Hallelujahs."

""It would be backsliding for me to go witnessing."

"Gnawing the desolate ground."

"These meetings are so weird, I don't like bringing Gayle to them."

"We are going to go around the world, and all those who doubted will be sorry."

"Always have an open Bible when you talk to the brothers."

"Don't witness to someone over 25."

"If you are truly born again, you don't sin."

"If you don't have a goal, you are an animal."

"Now, we have to get into that."

"When are you going to get sick of your life?"

"Anything said, followed by waving your hand up and down."

"Praise God, Brothers and Sisters."

"Brother Stewart is not the issue."

"You got your fellowship and I got mine."

"I am pleasing Jesus today by working in the business."

"Anyone for a pop-up?"

"Pleasing Jesus one rug at a time."

"The World."

"Working for Pharaoh."

"We are all leaders in our fellowship."

"What is he doing, Brothers?"

"What are you really up to?"

"Fully there?"

"Fully, fully there!"

"Goodbye! Nice to see you!"

"The shameful thing that devours."

"Go to war against every wrong thing."

"He's dark" "She's dark."

"Thrust them through!"

"I'm committed to faith in Jesus and loving my brothers and sisters."

"The shepherd makes the door high so it's harder for the sheep to leave."

"You're copping out"

"That's a cop out!"

"Go to the work."

"You are an inch away from ________ " (fill in the blank)

"I volunteer for the lake of fire."

"Stewart said."

"I know that brothers spirit!"

Stewart said: he was there to discipline the sheep.

"You're a game player"

"You're doing numbers"

"You know what you're doing"

"Brothers and sisters does he know what he's doing?"

"Brothers and sisters, you know what he's up to, don't you?"

"Brothers and sisters, you know what she's up to, don't you?"

"You're robbing the lambs"

"You're killing the lambs"

"You're selling the lambs down the river"

"I need to be a good example for the lambs"

"You're either working or wailing"

"Are you serving the flesh?"

"Are you serving your flesh?"

"The BROWNS!!!!"

"Jesus showed us at the meeting that..." = "Stewart told us at the meeting that..."

"Jesus showed us at the meeting that: we were into hiding."

"Jesus showed us at the meeting that: we were holding back."

"Jesus showed us at the meeting that: we weren't going by faith." etc, etc, etc.

"I see how I've been: holding back and choosing laziness and the flesh and I recommit myself to loving my brothers and sisters, fully there, no holding back, putting my flesh to death, and you can count on me to get on all my brothers and sisters, to expose our hiding and games, every second! How many trust my sincerity!?"

"Stop gouling me"

"Get out of your trip"

"Get out of your head"

"You're spacing out"

"You've got a weird spirit"

"Right or Wrong?"

"Go wallow in the mire"



You're spacy

You're a real space cadet

Manhattan Training Center (the MTC)

"DULL brother."

"Are you into your feelings brother?"

"Faith or Feelings"

"The hideout has become a prison."

"Of all the children she raised, she has none to take her by the hand."

"special woman attention"

"Jesus never had it this good."

"You're into house and home."

"Let's go sweeping."

"C. C.'s"

"The kiddies."

"What's a kid to do?"


Be fully honest and in the light. = Give us the real dirt on yourself so we can use it on you.

"We're going around the world"


"Ah, good night!"

"There she goes, stomping off."

"Head Trippers"

Stewart actually said, "Put down your Bibles I'M THE LESSON today!"

"Shut that kid up!"

"The Proposition"

"I'm committed to The Proposition!"

"The Recipe", a/k/a "The Escape Recipe" or "The "U" teaching"

"The Retard Program."

"The Ten Evils."

"Lay down your defenses."

"Speak the truth regardless of the other person's feelings."

It's 'not appropriate' to have "Brother's Meetings" at the Princeton house.

"Well the sisters needed right attention and the brothers weren't giving it to them, so it was ok."

And the sister/wives had to wear their high heals when Stewart took them out to dinner

YSH = Young Sheep House

sister/women combinations, later called "combos" .

"Are you growing or withering?"

"Let's call an ace an ace here."

"You just don't want to be responsible"

"Taking the church by the hand"

The use of the word "indulge".

"You're indulging in this" or "You're indulging in that"

"That's Heavy!"

"Praaiise god!" spoken with an awed and glorious inflection.

"LG" or "into looking good" "The brothers are into LG"

"pulling the rug" which became "yanking your chains"

"describe to me a perfect day, such that would make you smile."

"The spirit of Eve is working through her"

"The spirit of Eve is working through him!"

"I want some benefit from you in the Lord"

"Refresh my heart in Christ!"

"Christian, Person, or Young Woman: Which are you putting first?"

"If you were only a little bit more faithful………..You're going to get a big surprise"

"two pins"

"Are you dwelling in heaven?"


"You're hiding in sleep"

"You're hiding in work"

"You're hiding in witnessing"

"Are you hiding in bacon?"

discriptive terms: lamb, young sheep, middle, older, older newly saved, man of God

"The Outfit" or as Stewart often said: "What is this outfit going to be?????"

"You're mortgaging your future!"

"You have "The Eve Spirit!"

"Dumb Adam"



"Going to war against the wrong things in me"

"Unless you're just into attention!"

"You're into attention!"

"Why don't you just ask me for right attention?"

"Not you dummy!"

"Why are you so fat?"

"I was only joking."

"You're into levity"

folly !!!

"It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth"

"Cursed is he who withholds his sword from bloodshed".

"roll of dimes"


"Woe to those who are at ease in Zion!"

"When I was in the world"

"In the world"

"Making bricks for Pharoah"

"They are at ease on their couches!"

"contentious christians"

"3 fold cords"

"Help in the gate."

"You're a sponge"

"You're a leech"

"The sticks go clack."

"You're just clacking against us."

"He's loose, she's loose."

"You're drifting"

"He's a floater"

"He's tight, she's tight."

"Shrink back"

"Where is your wedding garment?"

"You're into your head"

"round and round"

"We've got right teaching"

"Finest of wheat"

"Stewart's not the issue"

"Knock down, drag out argument."


"Heavy witness"

"Heavy Bible study

"Heavy brother" or "Heavy sister"

"That was heavy, man! Really intense!"


"Living in shame"

"If Jesus came back RIGHT THIS SECOND would you be ready?"


"They all just want Stewart's attention!"

"I need a Special Request"


"Money Handlers"

"food browns"

"into" "she's into this" or "he's into that"



"Princeton Sisters"

"Gayle Helpers"

"you can count on me in a pinch,"

"how many trust that they could count on me in a pinch!"


"Why pay half the price and get nothing?" = you're working your butt off, but there is still more you have not done,
so you can't go to heaven and you can't get married either: stop wailing

"Cultspeak dictionary"

"You'd want to take the rug outside the camp first"

"I'll ask my physical family"

"A little leaven leavens the whole lump."


"stand in the breach" "he stood in the breach for me" "I'll stand in the breach for you"

"change your robes, eh brown pants? eh?"

"buy salve"

"Take a bath ya hippie!"

"How I got over." (Stewart said this a lot, about being deceptive)

"getting over on" ie: "That brother is trying to get over on us!"

"you're not getting over on me"

"Don't let the gate hit you on your way to outside the camp!"

"Strengthen your weak knees."

"Late night meeting."

"I don't work for pharaoh tomorrow."

"blasted" ~ "So and so got really blasted tonight."

"There's nothing left of that brother but smoke and boots!"

"Break yourself down" or "You have to break yourself down to leave."

"He left the safety of the fellowhsip"

"guard duty"

"I was totally into my head"

"a pop up"

"going off on your own"

"trip apartment"

"I'm fully there for Jesus!"

"Fully, fully in the flesh!"

"He's hurting himself, stop him brothers!"

"blow your brains out"

"making a speech"

"Brothers, is he just making a speech???" Everyone: "YESSSS!"

"physical sin"

"worldly grief"

"Where do you want the flowers sent?"

"So Gayle, what do you think?"

"Let's get serious!"

"Who here is SERIOUS about Jesus?!"

"Say brother, how's your faith?"

"Greetings in Jesus!"

"PUSHY!" and "That sister is PUSHY!"

"She's just into control."

"She's just out of control."

"Hoping in marriage."

"to save her"

"Stewart really sees me!"

"He just doesn't get it, right Jim?"

"Coming to the light" or "He (or she) really needs to "come to the light""

"It was a wrong basis"



"He is trying to break down the standards of the fellowship!"

"How are you loving your husband?"


"Every day not hoping in the second coming of Jesus is a day wasted"

"I wasn't reflecting on the second coming of Jesus today."

"one stupid chuckle and I was doomed"

"The Israelites sat down to eat then rose up to play"

"shake yourself supper,"

"shake yourself"

"I'm gonna shake myself!"

"The brothers need to shake themselves!"

"I was beasting it out today!"

"He was a beast."

"personally responsible"

"You need to be personally responsible to Jesus"

I am "individually responsible to Jesus"

"Brothers and sisters, I'm going to be personally responsible to Jesus"

"My name is ________ and I need to make something right with the body"

"I take personal responsibility and I promise never to do it again. Does everyone trust what I'm putting forth?"

"What spirit is running him?"

"There's a wrong spirit working thru you."

"Your belly is your God.

"Does everyone trust what I've said?"

"I got into my head today"

"fantasy life" and "You're hoping in a fantasy life"

"I got into my head today and into my fantasy life."

"I think you are being defensive"

"You're being proud?"

"I said I wanted counseling, but I really wanted wrong attention from Brother Stewart."

"I'm doing my own thing."

"Is he trying to take the whole fellowship round and round?" "YESSS!!!!!!!!!"

"He's going off on his own.

"Basket case."

"I was a slug

"I long to see you on the street corner tonight."

"I long to witness and lead you into the light."

"Why wait in sloth when it's time for more witnessing to begin."

"I gave in to shame."

"I gave in to lust."

"Are you having a pity party?"

"I was fearing."

"Guard your eyes."

"Guard your spirit against ________"

"Guard your eyes from ________"

"I'm going friend gathering."

"I was into my flesh."

"I was sowing to my flesh."

"I was escorting this sister friend gathering."

"she was maneuvering for my attention."

"I told her not to hope in marriage, but to look to Jesus."

"I wasn't going to let her bring me down."

"I was flyering on the corner and looking for a popup."

"I told her she was into wrong attention from the lamb brother."


"What SPACE!"

"How's your faith in Jesus today?"

(This is an observation: In editing all the contributions to this section regarding the language of COBU one thing that seems to be blarring is how most of what was spoken by Stewart Traill is one put down after another. In a place that says they are "Christian," most of what is said to the group from the leader is: a mock, or a put down, or some form of slight, humiliation or harrassment.

This type of negative speaking is also widespread among those within the group. Most of the language has to do with judging one another, confessing of "sins" or "negative thoughts and feelings" that individuals felt they were guilty of and continual expressions of disrespecting each other.

In COBU, everyone thinks that their way is so great, that they can take their beliefs to the streets and tell other people that they should be like those in the group, yet nothing about the language is anywhere near similar to the way that the Christians in the New Testament of the Bible thought and spoke to one other. )