Loose morals of cobu


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


The Bible tells us that bad company ruins good morals. The Church of Bible Understanding, for all its "witnessing", for all its "we are going to save the world and we are going to show the world a better way", Cobu was not half the things that it was supposed to be. Cobu was a house of ill repute, a house where every evil practice and disorder took place, due to jealousy, due to envy, due to strife. Cobu was a house of ill repute. Cobu always took such great pride in it’s “eye” being clear. But when your eye isn’t light but is filled with darkness you began to accept all kinds of things that the Lord Jesus talked about, that the Lord God does not approve, and that the Spirit expressly says we are not to do. It was a subtle forgery as Stewart himself admitted in the grace meeting transcript. We twisted bad behavior and called it Christian behavior. And we approved and learned a system that we should not have learned.

This is the section where we are going to discuss some of the loose morals, wrong behavior, and shameful behavior that Stewart Tanner Traill perpetrated and encouraged, and that the other members did to each other and did to the world. How many of you are saying, This is redundant. Yes it is redundant, and this is redundancy not by coincidence but done through the preaching and teaching of what the Lord Jesus Christ commissioned me to do. We take full responsibility for the things that we have posted here and we want you to consider what we have said and what we have written. It says that by your chaste behavior they would be convicted.

Proverbs 27.12 A wise man see’s danger and flees from it but the naive continue on and suffer the consequences.

The Church of Bible understanding had no morals.
Stewart Traill had no morals.
Cobu had loose morals.
Being ungrateful is a sign of loose morals.
Not being thankful is loose morals.
Christianity is supposed to be one of the highest forms of morality.
Immorality (as well as amorality) is a deep disrespect for God..
Using people for base gain is immorality.
Playing God is a sign of immorality.
Twisting the word of God to suit your needs is a prime example of loose morals.
Having a bikini contest with single woman in the name of they need woman attention was a loose moral imagine if one of us tried that???.
Committing mischief is a sign of amoral behavior.
Wrongdoing is a form of loose morals.
Evildoing is a form of immoral behavior.
Committing murder is the ultimate form of immoral behavior.
Making unreal too hard standards is a loose moral.
Taking pleasure in one suffering is immoral behavior.
Not obeying Christ is a form of loose morals.
Not obeying the Scripture is a form of loose morals.
Using witnessing as an ok to do other wrong things is a loose moral
Mocking someone when you try to defend yourself is a loose moral
Inflicting your views on others over and over again is a loose moral
Making false charges is loose morals
sing someone’s weakness against them is loose morals
Making someone stumble and thinking it is God is a loose moral
Getting someone in a place they can’t escape and inflicting your views over and over is a loose moral
Telling someone they are going to hell if they don’t get saved there and now is a loose moral
Having quota’s on the number saved was a very loose moral
Speaking that you have the only true interpretation of the bible is a loose moral
Believing you have the only true interpretation of the bible is a loose moral
Believing someone when they said they had the only true interpretation of the bible is a loose moral
Following someone down the street and insulting them and being rude because they didn’t say the sinner’s prayer was a loose moral
Making us wait for hours for his appearance then making showy entrances was loose morals
Enjoying our discomfort is a loose moral
Looking to trip up a person as a way to show they are not with God by any means necessary is one of the top loose morals of Cobu and Cobu people both in and out. Before and after
Taking what you are doing and laying it on others and trying to make them wear it is a loose moral
Ganging up on anyone who tries to defend himself is a loose moral
Approving of the gang when they gang up on someone is a loose moral
Having an uncivil tongue is a loose moral
Defending evil and nasty behavior is a loose moral
Counting yourself righteous and others sinners is a loose moral
Bragging about your work in God is a loose moral
Saying you are the best church is a loose moral
Putting down other believers who think differently about how to worship God in most cases is a loose moral
Thinking that making someone back down through harsh tactics to win an argument is loose morals
Not being humble is a loose moral
Saying love was weakness was a loose moral
Bragging you are going around the world and using it to keep people in line is a loose moral
Doing whatever you want in leadership is the ultimate in loose morals
Strangling those who disagree with you is a loose moral
Talking over someone who is trying to refute your evil charges is a loose moral
Laughing at someone and making faces while they are trying to refute your evil charges is a loose moral
Not building up the body in love is a loose moral
Teaching only the law part of the bible without the grace part is a loose moral
Staying out late at night with sisters in a dinner while your first wife and children stay home alone is a loose moral
Encouraging the sisters to dress in tight clothing while allowing no relationships is a loose moral
Living off the labor of others and claiming to be a great financial person is a loose moral
Having free labor is a loose moral
Trusting in your own fat head is a loose moral
Baiting someone is a loose moral
Being a sluggard while all around you work is a loose moral
Insulting those who only look to you for acceptance is a loose moral
Not giving acceptance when it is worked for and earned is a loose moral
Trading the peace of God for works is a loose moral
Listening to a harsh voice and calling it God is a loose moral
Inflicting your views on others over and over again is a loose moral
Trying to force people to see your way is a loose moral
Not providing safe housing is a loose moral
Making your people live in squalor while you live high on the hog is loose morals
Making people beg or basic needs like clothing or food in a counsel is a loose moral
Keeping people up past a normal bed time when they have to work the next day is a loose moral
Standing as an enemy to a man when he has done no wrong is a loose moral
Starting an orphanage so you can get tax free status is a loose moral
Keeping a gaggle of young girls around you at all times in tight clothes is a loose moral
Putting your wife away when she is sick and injured is a loose moral
Trusting in your own insight and mocking anyone who disagrees is a loose moral
Painting with a wide brush is a loose moral
Saying you missed grace after 25 years and then coming up with the next big thing that everyone has to follow is a loose moral
Saying no one but you is born again is a loose moral
Not letting the captives go free is a loose moral
Disregard for the Scripture, knowing that the Scripture is there but doing the opposite, is loose morals.
Having power and refusing to use that power for good is loose morals.
Sitting there while someone else is being abused because you are scared is a loose moral
Having power and using it for evil is loose morals.
Denying the power of religion is loose morals.
Holding the form of religion and denying its power is having loose morals.
Smearing one's character is loose morals.
Defaming one's character is loose morals.
Character assassination is loose morals.
Insulting a brother or sister is loose morals.
Sitting bye while these things happen is a loose moral
Approving of the beating and treating someone as a leper because they were called out in a meeting is a loose moral
Declaring war against your neighbor when he or she has done you no wrong is loose morals. Profiting from others' misfortune is loose morals.
Profiting by usury, especially from your brother or sister, is loose morals.
Stealing is loose morals.
Coveting one's neighbor's wife is a loose morals.
Coveting your neighbor's property is loose morals.
Loving the institution of slavery is loose morals.
Bearing false witness against your neighbor is loose morals.
Bearing false testimony against your neighbor is loose morals.
Stealing from God is loose morals.
Rape is loose morals.
Emotional and mental rape is loose morals.
Committing slander is loose morals.
Inventing evil is loose morals.
Trying to entrap another [life] is loose morals.
Being cruel is loose moral behavior.
Godlessness is loose moral behavior.
Not being chaste is loose morals.
Loose morals will bring a fellowship to ruins.
Loose morals will bring a church to ruins.
Loose morals dampen the Spirit of God.
Morality is one of the things that makes a Christian have character.
Loose morals cause one to be defiled.
When one has loose morals one has no conscience.
He who has loose morals is on the path to ruins .
"Bad company ruins good morals."
There's an old saying: You are known by the company you keep.
Integrity has to do with sound morals.
Integrity has to do with good morals.
The self-indulgent woman helps no one.
Stuart Traill had no morals.
If one does not have discipline he does not have self-control.
Sound morals are the strong fabric of a society.
One who is evil has no morals.
One who has no discretion has no sense.
A false shepherd has loose morals.
A false shepherd lacks discretion.
A false shepherd with loose morals will use any means to get what he wants.
A shepherd with loose morals has poor judgment.
The false shepherd with loose morals has poor insight.
A shepherd with loose morals is a vexation to the righteous.
Lot was vexed in his righteous soul at the lack of morals of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Having good morals is a good thing.
Having good morals produces character.
As a result of Stewart Traill's loose morals, the fellowship became a wild woman who had no discretion.
A wild woman has no morals.
The wild woman can be bought very cheaply.
She will give her treasure to anyone; it means nothing to her.
It means nothing to the ones who go into her.
The loose woman is wayward.
The loose woman is loud.
The loose woman can never stay at home.
The loose woman has many lovers.
The loose woman has no restraint.
The loose woman is committed to no one.
. The loose woman is faithful to no one.
In the Church of untended hearts, anything goes.
In the church off No Morals, we went for substitute or replacements for the real thing.
Where there is jealousy and selfish desire, you will have every vile practice.
The Church of Vile Practices.
One who is principled has sound morals.
If you don't have discipline, you have no morals.
We are told that it is for discipline that you have to endure.
The pastor that wasn't chaste in his behavior.
See a man who is unfaithful, see one who has no morals.
See a man who is caught in sin, see one who is not loyal.
Stewart's not loyal to anyone but himself.
When one disheartens the righteous, he or she has no morals.
A hypocrite has no morals.
Mr. Trail was not a man of principles.
One with loose morals is a finger-pointer.
The finger-pointer with loose morals does not like it when one points the finger back at him or her.
They can dish it but they can't take it.
He who has clean hands will go stronger and stronger--and stronger.
One who has no morals becomes weaker and weaker--and weaker, and has no more moral aptitude.
The person with loose morals lies to himself.
The person with loose morals lies to other people.
Do not become a slave to loose morals.
Stewart Traill had become a slave to loose morals..
One Who has not crucified the flesh has loose morals.
Sometimes people who follow good morals are looked on as prude.
Letting the guilty go free is loose morals.
Quenching the Spirit is loose morals.
Gossip is loose morals.
Talking bad about someone, behind their back, for fear of being honest with them, is loose morality.