Living Water Sayings


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


When the lying stops, peace reigns.
"Stress me if you can, for the Lord God and his Christ cannot be stressed."
What do fault-finders do? Fault-finders: find fault.
He who accuses aligns himself with the accuser.
Oppression is a quick robber of peace.
They could do so much, but they choose to do so little.
Oppression comes in all shapes and sizes and colors.
Freedom from oppression is nearer to you now, than when you were first decieved.
You can take people out of cobu, but you can't take the cobu out of people.
A little honesty goes a long way.
Go in peace and do not be afraid.
A little peace goes a long way. Lift up your voice, that you may be heard.
Not guilty!
Not guilty in word.
Not guilty in deed.
Not guilty in truth.
Not guilty by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Let peace be upon your heart.
Let peace be upon your soul.
Let peace be upon your mind.
Let peace be upon your body.
Let peace be upon your home.
Let peace be upon your loved one.
He or she who is oppressed, oppresses.
Let the prophets speak and let the prophets prophesy.
Oppression is a trick and no treat.
Oppression is the gift that keeps on taking.
Seek the Lord, for those who seek him have no want.
Fear the Lord, you his saints, those who fear him have not want.
If you let pain in the car, guess who's driving?
It'ss vital to know what happened in the past, in order to build a better tomorrow.
Gone is the glory, the glory.
Oppression is a quick thief of peace
Fear is the gas that drives the engine of oppression.
Blessed is he or she who gets free from the grip of Stewart Trail.
Blessed is he or she who gets free from the grip of Cobu.
Blessed is he or she who has the eyes of their heart opened to the steadfast love of the Lord our God!
Blessed is he or she who receives the blessing of the oil, an annointing to grant you freedom from the seemingly, never ending pains and hurts of your heart, that were received in the church of our youth.
Blessed is he or she who takes no offense at a blessing.
Blessed is he or she who finally gets introduced to the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Blessed is he or she who is able to able to get free from the oppressions of their former ignorance, namely the church that Stewart Traill built.
Blessed is he or she who realizes that Stewart Traill does not have your best interests at heart.
Blessed is he or she who realizes that Stewart Traill never really cared about you anyway.
Blessed is he or she who realizes that God does not expect you to sit under the likes of Stewart Traill for the rest of your life, even if you're only doing it in your heart and mind.
Cobu was nothing more than a flesh grab bag.
Traill stole the hearts of God's people.
We've got work to do. We've got work work work.
The blood of Christ covers all sin, all pain, and all guilt.
Blessed are those who give their pain to the Lord.
A little dishonesty can take over a whole house and bring it to ruin.
A little dishonesty can ruin a city.
The Lord Jesus Christ does not sit down and eat with demons.
Fill the Lord's ear.
Fill my ear, my children.
There can be no fellowship with a scoffer.
There can be no peace with a scoffer.
Do not stress your fellow with your burdens, but stress the Lord God and his Christ if you can.
If oppression is in your heart, it will be on your tongue, and it will come out of your mouth.
Hold on, we've got more prizes! and these are the ones that you don't want.
Oppression is worse than cancer .
From the abundance of the mouth the heart is revealed.
If you let pain in the car, it is going to drive. And take you for a ride you're not going to like.
"Lord God, take the voice, that I have come to know, out of my head and out of my heart, and help me to hear your true voice of peace."
If the foundation built by Stewart Traill is rotten, it needs to be torn out.
If Stewart Traill was a lousy teacher, then what does it make his students?
The Lord your God wishes to heal all of your waste places.
What is it that you would have the Lord do for you?
A Cobot is someone who thinks they are sincere but really they are a robot programmed by Stewart Traill in Cobu.
Woe to the writers who write oppression.
Cursed are the speakers of oppression because they leave misery and ruin in their wake. The way of peace they know not
Those who curse a blessing extended by God to grant grace to the hearts of his people, are naysayers.
A Cobot has all the answers and refuses to be taught anything new. Yet all his training comes from a cult of destroyed lives and ruined faiths.
Those who have "all the answers" don't turn to God and seek his wisdom.
Those who don't ask for God's wisdom are filled with their own thoughts, their own pains, their own doubts, and they aren't going to let anyone take them away from them.
If you have questions, We have answers.
Those who seek, find.
Do you have nerve?
Mash a Cobot with mortar and pestle and yet what Stewart Traill has taught him will not depart from him.
Give God your pain and he will give you his peace.
Cobu is an equal opportunity oppressor.
No we will NOT go witnessing with you.
Witnessing is the charachter that you present to everyone around you, every single day.
A cobot only knows how to tear down; they don't know how to build up.
You can only give out what fills you
The anger of the world is better than the friendship of Cobots.
Cobots don't know how to be friendly.
How many Cobots does it take to screw in a light bulb? Depends if ST told them it is ok or not. If he hasn't, it takes 10 at least to go round and round about whether it needs to be changed or not and eventually it takes one to change it and the other 9 to tell him how to do it properly.
The way of freedom they know not.
Ruin and destruction are in their paths they
They use their tongue to wound, not heal.