The Table of the Lord


ďAll were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians.†Go and learn what this meansĒ.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses, will have a great reward.


In this section we are going to discuss communion. We are told in the Bible to do this as often as we meet. Stewart Traill had a knack for turning something good into something negative. Stewart seemed to tarnish everything, everything that he touched turned to dust, everything that Stewart touched turn to ashes and turned to curses. Stewart Tanner Traill turned the blessings of God into curses. So in this section we will discuss and explore some of the ways he cursed one of the most sacred things the Lord Jesus gave us: Communion.

Stewart Traill foolishly thought in his heart that it was his job to curse communion, which the Lord Jesus Christ left for all of his children to do, to remember what he did for us. Mister Traill forgot that Jesus said, Do this to remember my death until I come. And he did it in his typical fashion. He didnít come out and say donít take communion but he made us feel unworthy of taking it. This was always one of his key tricks and deceptions for robbery and you can tie it to so many of the other files on our site. It was a robbery and assault and anything else you want to call it. Because once again Stevie boy wonderful made something free SEEM not free. Made something accessible seem inaccessible. Many who took it felt worse afterward because they were made to fell unworthy. For some strange reason Mr. Traill took delight in cursing us; Mr. Traill took delight in condemning us. Mr. Traill took delight in making us feel horrible for doing what the Lord Jesus said to do, which was: Do this as often as you get together, to remember my death until I come. Communion is a celebration that we are part of the body and we share in the body of Christ. We also share in the blood of his sacrifice that cleanses us from all iniquity. But by his underhanded tactics he made us feel not part of the body and disconnected from Christ. Good luck enjoying and being blessed in this sacred sacrament while and evil doer is in charge hunting down your very soul. Why did Stuart Traill make this simple command of the Lord so hard and so complicated? It was mischief that Stewart Traill cast upon the brothers and sisters, to make them feel worthless, to make them feel that they were not worthy, that they were not good enough to take communion. "Do this as often as you remember me when you get together." And you could do it by yourself; you can do it with two people.

This worthless one decided to use communion as a curse. Or in other words just business as usual. In Cobu everything tasted the same because it was all tainted by the same virus. Stuart Trail used communion as a weapon to further enslave them, to further humiliate them, to further shackle them. So every time that you took communion you had an oppressive spirit sitting in the room, oppressing you and further taking you away from the Lord Jesus. Therefore there was no blessing, but you received further curses; you received more beatings, you received further mind-humiliation. This was not the Lord whom were serving, whom you were reaching for, whom you were trying to please. In our minds we thought we were trying to access God but we all let ST somehow get in the middle of that relationship. And all he wanted to do was block you. For if you were blessed and had vision you might see him for who he was. You were trying to please an ungrateful cuss, who, no matter what you did or how much you did or how well you did, he was never satisfied. He never had the decency to say, Well done good and faithful servant, good and faithful sheep, good and faithful brother, good and faithful sister. For you were always 'unfaithful', and meanwhile he was faithless. Those who are ungrateful (or never grateful), it's not in their heart, it's not in there DNA, it's not in there makeup, they are never happy about anything. Stewart Traill was never happy with you; he was never satisfied with you. And the reason was he didnít trust you to work as hard if you were satisfied if you were filled. He constantly wanted us striving to be accepted all the while knowing he would never accept us. And those who thought they were accepted in Cobu? It was only a matter of time before his wrath turned on them. 15 minutes of fame and a life of missing those glory days ever since. He perverted justice, he perverted blessing, he despoiled everything in his path and communion was just another victim of his unceasing cruelty and despotism

Stewart Traill twisted up so many brothers and sisters over communion, that many of you did not take it, did not feel that you were worthy to take it. In fact this is what Stewart Traill wanted; he wanted you to feel so guilty, to feel so twisted, that you wouldn't take it.
"What kind of blessing is this? What kind of blessing is this? It is not a blessing; this is oppression; this is a curse from the pit of Hell. This is MISCHIEF from the deepest cockpit and part of Hell. The enemy was using him to abuse my people; the enemy was using him to mock my Father. "

Stewart Tanner Traill took one of the most sacred things of God and of Jesus--and defiled it and put a foul stench upon it and then said. "Now eat this and drink it. Praise God." This is the legacy of Cobu. The great and mighty Bible teacher, who claimed that he had the keys of knowledge, of true interpretation. He didn't understand communion and he missed grace. He never understood the heart of God that God setup communion for weak brethren that they may be strengthened not further abused
"And you will belabor the point that he was not a good teacher. Not only was he not a good bible teacher but he was a poor example for a shepherd, and a worthless pastor. He was a skinflint. Stewart Traill is the example of a sluggard; yes, he is and was a sluggard. A good teacher is a blessing to his flock. A good teacher is a blessing and a good inheritance."

"When Stewart Traill had you reading about people getting sick from communion, and thinking about all the bad things that were going to happen to you, and examining yourself this was another one of the tricks he used for the purpose we have already described--it was inappropriate, it was not the right time, it was the wrong application, it was sin all around for him to do what he did. You were not at the place that he was talking about, in the Bible; it didn't fit you. Now it is true, that you should not take the Lord's Supper in an unworthy manner. We will talk about this. But that particular Church in Corinthians, it applied to them because they were drinking it and eating it in an unworthy manner. Not taking it seriously is a good example of it. One should examine themselves properly, and so on; but to the extent that Stewart Traill was talking about and what the Bible was talking about, it didn't mesh, because it was not the church of Bible understanding." We were young, impressionable, foolish, and easily molded into what Stewart Traill wanted. We desperately wanted a blessing and would have done anything to be considered ready for it. Weak brethren need comfort sometimes to be able to take it. But this false pastor who had not a heart for the sheep only laughed in his heart and took full advantage of our weakness

We were having a really good communion session with the brothers and sisters. This was at a big meeting at the Hamburg Field House back in the late 70's. The Spirit of the Lord Jesus was moving mightily at this meeting. There was no disputing that the Spirit of God was there. The brothers and sisters were enjoying each other as they were fellow-shipping in Jesus when, out of nowhere, Stewart Traill decided to dump guilt and shame on this spirit-filled love feast. We had not experienced anything like that in a long time. In fact it was one of the last times that we saw that, or anybody from our group can remember where there was so much joy and power of the working of God. Stewart Traill decided to study the passage where they sat down to eat and drink and a rose up to dance. Curses and more curses anything to get us away from a blessing that was obviously going forth. It reminds me of the Grace Meeting, where he quoted the scripture out of turn, that made no sense. This passage didn't apply to us, and it also didn't make any sense. This is also an example of how we were robbed and an example of how we were baptized into Stewart Traill. For if we had any Christian sense we would have stood up as one and said what are you doing? How dare you quench the Spirit of the Living God who is obviously at work among us and instead why are you feeding us shame and false guilt. But we never had the strength to stand up to him. Many knew in their hearts that day that wrong had been done. That the lesson did not fit the situation. But because we were separated from each other by him and couldnít unite out of fear of him he once again he walked away scott free and we got guilt and not a blessing. We were like Charlie Brown on Halloween. No matter which door we knocked on ST made sure we only got a rock. Once again the mighty bible teacher who was nothing but a flunky decided to ruin our communion. During our mighty love feast of power from the Spirit, Mr. Traill, out of nowhere said, "Hey, what are you people doing right now? What are you doing? Are you pleasing Jesus right now? Suddenly it got quiet in the whole place. This is one of the most famous ST tactics to throw you and trip you. Why did we all get quiet? Training that is why.The Spirit of the Lord was instantly vanquished. The Spirit of the Lord was silenced from there immediately, by Mister Stewart Tanner Traill. The brothers and sisters were sitting there with their jaws dropping to the floor, for they did not know why Mr. Traill decided to do this. This is an example of some of the dirty mischief Mr. Traill did in the name of the Lord, and it turns out that it was not the Lord and that it had nothing to do with the Lord. This was Stewart Traill being an evil and willful mischief-maker, a troublemaker, and a mocker. We are told in the Bible, Do not quench the Spirit; and, Do not grieve the Spirit of God. How many meetings over the years was this playbook run over and over. A great time in God till ST got there and then suddenly we all were faithless? If we were faithless why was the spirit so strong before? It makes no sense. And the fact that we bent reality to his will again is an example of how we were baptized into ST H

Communion is supposed to be a time of restoration. Communion was given to us by the Lord Jesus to be a very special and sacred time, to remember the great and holy sacrifice that the Lord gladly made, so that we could have life and peace with God the Father. Jesus said, Do this as often as you remember me. Communion is a replenishing time. Communion is an up building time. Communion is never meant to tear down a Christian. It is meant to up build Christians as they draw near to the Lord Jesus. Communion was another way where Stewart Traill came in there and turned joy into garbage. He did not want to take it, so he didn't want us to take it either. He was intent on making everybody feel bad, making everybody feel like they were unworthy to have communion. Stewart Traill took the things of God, that were special to God, and desecrated them. He made it impossible for anybody else to be blessed. When we did take communion, we were taking it in an unworthy manner.

How can one take the cup of blessing and the cup of wrath at the same time? It is impossible to do such a thing. That is why so many people to this day from Stewart's church have a lot of trouble with the Lord's table. They feel like they are not worthy to take it. They are not comfortable taking it. Anything that we found pleasure in, Stewart Traill fouled. That was the intent of the evil, false pastor. He did not want us to have anything, while he had everything. He foolishly thought it was his duty to curse us, and abuse the sheep that were placed in his charge. And worse he convinced us that this was our lot in life. He was doing the devil's bidding, and he was doubling down and tripling down on evil, with delight. Stewart Traill was like some sick evil harlequin, who took pleasure in soiling the righteous in the name of wickedness and iniquity, and damaging other people in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In our fellowship we often take of the bread and the wine. It is a blessing to our hearts. It is a time of cleansing and we say NOT GUILTY to the false ways of the past. May the Lord God bless and heal all those whom ST tainted with his false view of communion.