Welcome by John


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.

Welcome by John Branzell

Welcome my friends to what I have come to find as a very safe place. This is a place where you can find a blessing and not a curse. This is a place where you can feel free to feel all of your justified feelings. Be sad, be angry, laugh & cry. Touch your pain, give it away and be healed.

When I was a child I allowed a stranger and a man like myself to write ugly tattoos on my heart. Now I am recognizing my own part in that transaction and learning and getting healed of my youthful days.

Take your time, come and go as you please. Let the contents challenge you and let your reaction be what it is.

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Thanks, John