What's my name?


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


We thought that it would be good to tell of some of the hard-knock stories of the so- called good old days. For many, life in cobu was not so wonderful and good. There are so many horror stories that we hold in our hearts, that have not been told, and yet they need to be aired. If you have something that you want published, feel free to send them to us.

Joe confronts Stewart Traill July 4th,1987

We decided to attend the July 4th big meeting 1987. The next day Joe and I were trying to set off firecrackers in the Hoboken neighborhood, but the neighbors did not like us setting off firecrackers in their neighborhood, so we went to the Big Meeting.
We started talking to various brothers, and one of the brothers was talking about taking his life. So we tried to comfort him as much as we were able. While we were sitting outside waiting for Stewart Traill to come, he finally drove up and bounded out of the van he was driving. He walked over to us and in a disappointed tone of voice, "Brothers, why are you not inside with the other brothers and sisters? Are you better than they that you are out here and not inside? Come on in, I am going. Praise God."

Joe jumped up and tried to go inside, and I said, No I am not ready to go in there yet. I was bothered by Traill's antics. So we did not go in until later. When we came inside Traill was talking about the older ones making their lives better, and Joe Caralli stood up and said to Stewart, "This is much more realistic than the zeal pill nonsense that you were talking about last night. We are no longer seventeen anymore, the zeal pill is great if you are young. How do you help the older ones?

It is Sunday in the afternoon and this is day two of the big meeting and ST is doing his usual speech and rally talk about trying to get the brothers and sisters to have a better life. He asked the question of what can you do to make your life better in the fellowship? Various brothers and sisters stood up and said various things that they thought would make their lives better.

A sister stood and said, "I know that when I am looking to Jesus and when I am fully into feeding the lambs, I have joy and I am happy. So I call on the older ones to get into feeding Jesus's lambs. I think that that is the answer. A brother said, "I have to stop being lazy and commit myself to the fellowship, and then my relationship with Jesus will be right, and then that would make me have a better life."

Suddenly out of no where Joe Carilli stood up and said, "This is more realistic than what you were saying yesterday. We are not teenagers anymore, we are much older now; this may work for those who are teens but this is no good now. 'Do a zeal pill', what is that? You claim that you did all you could for Rem Lederer; the truth of the matter is that you did not really go after him when he left." At this point ST seemed to be taken aback, when Joe started saying the things that he did. Joe: "I have been in this fellowship a long time and I asked you not to call me 'Candle man', but you insist on calling me Candle man anyway."
"A man of your intelligence could afford to be far more kinder. You don't know my name."
"What is my name? The sisters know my name, like Barb, and Dawn. The children know my name , such as Dave McCray and Kenyan and Nikki.
"But you don't know my name."
"What is my name?"
At that moment Stew leaned over toward Gail and asked her, "What is his name?", and ST said "Joe Carilli", and on doing that Joe jumped up and said, "Touche!", and hit the back of the backboard of the basketball court. Joe said, "Finally, after all these years you finally said my name right!"
ST said, "You are getting a lot of air time."
ST said "Do you go witnessing?" Do you make Jesus known?"
Joe said, "No"
ST: "Well you should make him known. Part of your problem is that you don't. God showed me that I was going to reach the youth in America."
ST said to Joe "Do you want counseling?"
Joe replied, "I don't trust you as far as I could throw you!"
"When brothers and sisters write you and ask you for advice, you give them the answer on a file card and everybody knows their business."
ST: "What do you mean that you don't trust me?
ST seemed quite uneasy and leaned forward in his chair and seemed startled by Joe's charge.
"You need counseling. Call up my secretary and make an appointment and you will get counseling."
Joe "A man of your intelligence could be far more sensitive."
ST in a mocking tone, "I promise to be more sensitive."
At this point Joe moved up front near where ST and Gayle were sitting. Joe agreed to go for counseling, and his airtime was over. St seemed relieved when Joe had finished his gripe session.
When the meeting was over many of the members seemed relieved that Joe had raised the things that he did, and I heard some of the following comments that were said:
"Did you hear how Joe was weird toward brother Stewart?" "Joe spoke for many of us."
"Joe said it right."
"Joe is bitter."
"Joe spoke one for the Gipper."
"What he said seemed so right and on the mark."
"Why did Joe say all of those things?"