Haiti rescue mission


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


In this portion of our website we will discuss the mission in the country of Haiti. COBU has had a presence in Haitii for over 20 years. We are not going to praise this work because there are several things that we at Living Water have found that are wrong with Stewart Traill's missions and his true motives. We will do our best to take a closer look at COBU's work and function in Haiti.

Looking at the way the fundamentals of Christianity over all in COBU had not only been missing, but instead had been replaced by an oppressive society, it only seems right that Stewart Traill, the acting leader and chief oppressor of this society, and anything that he invested in, should be examined more closely.

How can a group under the banner of Christianity, that over and over reflects behaviors that have been shown to be worse than unbelievers, have anything good come forth from it?

When we examine the scripture: Jas 3:11 Does a spring pour forth from the same opening fresh water and brackish? It points to the obvious, that when something is fresh, wholesome and good to begin with, then it will produce good, but if it is lacking the fundamental principals of goodness and righteousness it has no choice but to produce that which is at its core.

Looking at the rest of the fruits of COBU, it seems that everything Stewart Traill touched not only did not thrive, but were so undesirable that most who had been involved in COBU and later left, found it almost impossible to rid themselves of its negative effects and residual traumatic stress. Stewart Traill, unlike the golden teacher persona he likes to profess, seems to be a physical, spiritual and emotional wrecking ball wherever he goes. It is in light of this that it only seems fitting that a closer look into the so-called 'Best Work of COBU' may also need further examination.

He (or she) who has an ear to hear, let them hear.

What was Haiti all about? Why did Stewart Traill start a mission in a foreign country that he or the members in his church knew nothing about? In hindsight, Haiti was another one of Mr. Traill's harebrained schemes to make money and to look good. How can anyone criticize helping and feeding the poor of this world?

Haiti was Stew's idea from the start and when he floated the thought, there was no going back on the idea. At a big meeting we spent a whole day discussing the need for going to Haiti and looking up verses in the Bible about why it was necessary to feed the poor and take thought for them. Stewart said, "Jesus is going to hold us accountable for not investing his money wisely if we just use this money for ourselves", we were told. At that time the church had a lot of surplus cash in its possession ~ What! Wait a minute! Hold on there! There were several things wrong with that thought process, of going to a poor, foreign country. First of all, many of us who lived in COBU , lived in poor housing and in bad neighborhoods and most of us only brought the clothes we had from High School when we left our homes. Many of us dressed in shabby clothing, and we were receiving a weekly allowance of only 5 or 10 dollars. How could we fix their problems when we had our own unresolved issues, that no one had the freedom to discuss?

This tactic reminds us of how the US government works: Let’s go around the world and fix someone else’s problems when we have tons of our own worries and issues, but non-the-less, this was the direction Stewart Traill wanted to go in and therefore plans were made to go to Haiti.

There was a COBU meeting at the Diplomat Hotel and we were discussing how things were going in Haiti. Several brothers and sisters had already been flown in. It was the beginning of the church's presence there. Stewart Traill was boasting about all of the great things that we as a church were going to accomplish there. Many Haitian Christians were in attendance at this meeting as well. The floor had been opened up for questions. One of the Haitian brothers stood up and raised the following questions: "What are you going to do in this country other than hand out food? These people need more than handouts. What is your endgame for this country? Why don't you support another mission that is already there? What are you going to teach so that they can help themselves?"

The brother continued to question in this sort of vein when suddenly Stewart Traill, or as I sometimes refer to him as: Steve, the Not-so-Wonderful, got upset, and said: "Hey!, someone get him. Stop him. Hey Dave on Fire, stop him! Answer him and tell him that we are more than just a handout in this country." Once again in hindsight, we see that Stewart called on someone else to do his dirty work. He is the pastor, and he should have been the one to answer the brother's questions. We don't remember that he ever answered any of that brother's questions. The artful dodger never liked to answer any questions that questioned his motives, goals, or true intentions.

Haiti was nothing more than one of Stewart Traill's grab bag schemes. It was similar to his harebrained scheme to fly to Red Square in Moscow, Russia and drop or parachute several brothers in the middle of the square, with thousands of tracts to hand out to the people in the square. He actually spent over three hours talking about actually doing this. This is another example of how little he thought of those who he was willing to throw under the bus. He said, "The worce thing that will happen is you could get put in their jail and then be returned to the U.S." He failed to mention that this country had every right to fire on an invader. Thank God that nothing came of this. In hind sight, it begs the question, did Stewart Traill, who suddenly had an interest in obtaining an aircraft, just start throwing out ideas that might have a need to obtain one? If he was really serious about bringing the gospel to Russia, couldn't brothers and sisters take a comercial flight over as visitors ~ but no, he actually wanted to be the red baron!

Stewart researched this country from reading an encyclopedia. When our president was planning to fight a recent war, he could not even pronounce the names of the tribes of the people of that country. The truth is that Stewart knew nothing about this country. He did not know their customs or the things that made them tick. We did not understand the people of this country and they did not understand us as well. We had no experience at all with this sort of thing. The truth is that we should have never been in that country. We had no business there in the first place. The same spirit that was running rampant in COBU in the U.S. manifested itself in Haiti. Many of the children, who unfortunately grew up through our system there, were touched by the same depressions and oppressions that the brothers and sisters here in the U.S. were afflicted with.

One of the most popular and one of the saddest tragedies about the use of having an orphanage inHaiti was this, let's say that a sister or brother was thinking about leaving COBU, and they were hit with this guilt work over: "What about the starving children in Haiti? Don't you care what happens to them? Do you think that Jesus is pleased with this wrong attitude that you have about the work that he has assigned our church to do?" The mission in Haiti became a weapon that brothers and sisters used to beat each other over the head with and to one-up each other. Stewart Traill initiated these tactics that became standard operating procedures in our cult. It ended up being just one more battering ram used to keep the machine oiled, or to keep the income makers in check so that the Stewarts interests continued to be provided for.

There was an incident where the U.S. brothers and sisters working in the Haiti orphanages were getting sick. It was determined that they contracted Hepatitis B, from the drinking water, and also from drinking fountain soda, namely the Coke that was produced in Haiti. This was due to poor planning from the big boy himself. When this matter was being discussed, a brother said that he would drink the Coke that was sold in the country. Stewart Traill boasted and said, "I don't drink the soda from that country; I bring my own soda from the states" and then continued to reveal the baseness of his lack of concern by further insulting those who were serving the poor by saying: "the brothers and sisters don't think like I do." When the brothers and sisters had no opportunity to obtain, load or bring anything from the states on the aircraft that Stewart flew at our expense. Stewart liked to boast of how insightful he was, which only proved to show his arrogance and selfishness. It's unfortunate that rather than take thought for the ones that were expending their strength in the service of the poor, and were doing it in the weakness of a serious illness like Hepatitis B at that, he further proved his lack of godliness by being insulting towards those he looked on as expendable.

Every precaution should have been taken to keep the brothers and sisters healthy while in a foreign land and Stewart should have sought counsel from others who had been in that country, before he just went off and did something that we were not adequately prepared for. For one thing, every one should have been vaccinated before they went into Haiti. This was something that only happened after those working there started to become seriously ill.

Another weapon that Haiti was used for was when it came to dealing with those who wanted to have or start a relationship. Marriage was forbidden in this warped society we found ourselves in and one of the ways to forbid it was to stop any possible relations before they even became established. If a brother had an interest in a sister and started discussing with others his intentions, one of Stewart's favorite tricks was to send the brother or sister to Haiti in order to thwart any possibilities of having that relationship bloom and grow. That was the way it was dealt with in our semi-cloistered nut-house and this separating of possible couples sadly became the norm, initially just sending someone to another state in the U.S., then turned into sending someone to the foreign Country of Haiti.

What was Haiti all about? It was another part of mischief for Stewart Tanner Traill to go to Haiti. From the surface, it seems like a grand idea. Why? Because you are caring for the poor. You are thinking about the poor. You are being concerned about the needs of others. In the bible, it speaks about the poor in the Old and New Testaments. It is something that’s very important to the Lord Jesus and to the Lord God. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” There are all types of poor: There's poor in spirit. There's poor in money. Poor in health. Poor in education. Poor in military commitment. Poor in police departments. Some people don't have food. Some are poor in common sense. Some are poor in honesty. Some people are poor in integrity. Some people are cash poor. Some people have poor electricity. Some people have poor water supply. You get the point. So we will always have some type of poor with us. Some countries are more poor than others.

Haitislams charity run by Olde Good Things


"I say my son, that going into Haiti was mischief. It was another part of Stewart Tanner Traill's scheme to get cash.

Now it is true my son, that in New York City you were living in squalor. You had shabby locks. Shabby windows. Shabby doors. The apartments were filthy. They were roach infested. They were mouse infested. Many of you did not have proper clothing. Meanwhile, the carpet business was making tons of money, but this worthless one told you that Jesus would hold you accountable for not taking care of the poor, because at that time, you did have a lot of cash.

You were working the carpet cleaning business almost 16 hours per day. Many of the brothers were not getting enough sleep. And you were still pressed to go out witnessing. You never had any days off for yourselves. This is why I gave a day off: A day of rest. For you were being worked and slaved almost 24/7. He was stealing your youth, the strength of your youth! The best part of your life is a young man's strength.

Stewart Tanner Traill took delight in making you work. He took delight in seeing you scrub rugs, while he lay down and was doing his own thing. I told you, while you were witnessing, he was out learning to fly a plane. He pursued his personal hobbies, but you were not allowed to pursue yours.

So going into Haiti was a hare-brained scheme, but it really was not hare-brained after all. It was a calculation on his part. You were right, he grabbed an encyclopedia and began to do research on what country he could go to the best, and he picked Haiti.

The truth of the matter is the Haitian people would have been served best if they were left alone. Indeed, I say, they would have been better if they were left alone! Because, there are a lot more ways and better prepared missions that would have helped them. The truth of the matter is, they were not being helped. Haiti was part of his selling point. Haiti, became part of his complex scheme to get donations. Any surplus donations would be sold, and the money kept for himself. You were never told this. This was never talked about.

The truth of the matter is that Stewart did not care about the children of Haiti. He did not care for the black children of Haiti. He had no desire for them. They were a means to an end. Again, on the surface, it is hard to see this. It is hard to see past what the mischief-maker does. For in many cases it is hard to detect their true purpose.

For the mischief maker says “Who sees me? Who knows me? Who can catch me?” For, the mischief maker says, “I bet you can't catch me.” The mischief-maker always boasts. He used to constantly boast and say, “I can outlast all of you.” And, what was the point in saying that, you braggart? Why are you bragging?

So, Stewart Traill took your money and spent it in a foreign country that he knew nothing about. He did not understand the people there, and the people did not understand him. They would have been better served left alone. And, this is the key statement concerning the Haitian file: They would have been better served left alone! “Leave them alone, you man of mischief!” “Leave them alone!” “Leave them alone!” “Leave them be!” “Let fate fall where it may.”

What would have happened if the Church of Untended Hearts did not intervene or go down to Haiti? They would have been better off left alone. Leave the poor people alone.

The poor always suffer most in the wake of those who are filled with mischief.

So how is it that Stewart Traill, in good conscience, could take the money that you worked your fingers to the bone for, and then decided to give the money to a foreign country by going in and starting a rescue mission that he knew nothing about?

It is right, normal, and proper to first bless the people in your own house, before you try to bless someone else. The mischief-makers say, “You are not going to be blessed, because Jesus is not going to bless you. I am going to bless you.” But in truth, they have a club hidden behind their back, waiting to strike you on your head. This is mischief. It was mischief for COBU and Stewart Traill to go into Haiti and start those missions there.

It was mischief. It was sly and cunning of him to do so. For you did not see him, and he knew that you did not see him. The mischief-maker says, “I know that there are established programs out there, but I can do better than that.” But what they are saying is, “Give me a piece of the pie. I want a piece of the pie. If I can't have a piece of the pie, then I am going to take it.” Mischief is complex. Some of the complex mischief has many working parts. It is like a seven-headed monster.

So, why did Stewart Traill really want to go into the country of Haiti? Why did he push this agenda on his church of untended and uncared for brothers and sisters?

Stewart Traill had an interest in planes.
Stewart Traill persued his interest of flying planes by moving to Teaneck New Jersey and taking courses in flying planes at Teterboro School of Aeronautics.
Stewart Traill used the funds earned by the brothers and sisters of COBU to finance his education.
Stewart Traill used the funds earned by the brothers and sisters of COBU to purchase aircraft.
Stewart Traill used the funds earned by the brothers and sisters of COBU to fuel the aircraft.
Stewart Traill used the funds earned by the brothers and sisters of COBU to hang the aircraft.

Stewart Traill used the funds earned by the brothers and sisters of COBU to fly this aircraft TO THE BAHAMAS!!!!

Stewart Traill liked to visit the Bahamas, to act like the big man that he is, who got what he has from the labor of the people of God, the people who he brow beat to do his bidding every day of their youth: This is Stewart Traill.

Yeah, he got his piece of the pie at the expense of the strength and integrity of those who submitted themselves to his interests and his desires and his intentions.

Does anyone know how much an education costs?

Does anyone know how much an aircraft costs?

Does anyone know how much more than one aircraft costs?

Does anyone know how much fuel for an aircraft costs?

Does anyone know how much hanger fees to hang aircraft costs?

Does anyone know how much staying at the Bahamas costs?

Does anyone know how much it costs to own a huge compound in Florida?

Does anyone know why Stewart has the freedom to pursue his interests, while he very frequently condemns and crushes the interests of those who are actually making the funds that he so conveniently uses for his own interests?

Are you still in COBU taking care of daddy?

Here's one of the more shameful things about how Stewart Traill treats those who are working at the orphanage in Haiti. Stewart Traill stood up at a COBU meeting and said that some brothers like going up into the mountains and praying. He sounded extremely disappointed that some of the brothers decided to take some time out of the work and and go up into the mountains and pray. Stewart came off as though, this was the worst possible sin they could commit, as if to say, "How dare you take time from the work I gave you and pray."

What is wrong with seeking the Lord? Nothing! I say nothing is wrong with that!

Yet Stewart was angry that the brother was taking time for himself to seek the Lord.

Traill mocked this and scorned it and said the brother shouldn't be up in the mountains praying.

This is mischief!

What is wrong with seeking the Lord you fault finder?!

What is wrong with seeking the Lord, you slanderer?!

It's too bad that when they came to you, you selfish and scoffing man, that you had no interest in helping them! So you turned them away.

Stewart, you hated those who sought the Lord, the mischief makers always do.

Seeking the Lord was not part of "your agenda."

You didn't like your company seeking the Lord, and unfortunately you didn't encourage them to do so.

Why would a supposed leader of a church, since your group is called a church, and you get the benefit of being a non-profit organization, do you openly condemn, ridicule, and put down, a brother who is taking the time to seek God in prayer?

Could it be because you are making a public statement of what you disapprove of?

Could it be because you make a practice of openly humiliating anyone who does something that you don't want everyone else doing?

Could it be that you make a habit of oppressing all your workers?

Could it be that prayer is something that those in COBU should not participate in?

Could it be that you can do whatever it is that you want at the expense of others, only to condemn those in your charge for seeking the person they actually want to be near, namely God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ?

Haiti was an exercise in mischief.

Haiti was an exercise in slick mischief.

Stewart Traill started out as a petty thief, then he began to do petty crime, and from petty crime he began to do bigger crimes. This is the way it always works with those who love evil.

def: evil: bad, wrong, foul, dishonorable, corrupt, depraved, vile, malicious, vicious, etc

1 Ti 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith...

Isaiah 58:3 "Behold, ... you seek your own pleasure, and oppress all your workers.

Psalms 53:4 Have those who work evil no understanding, who eat up my people as they eat bread, and do not call upon God?

Psalms 64:5 They hold fast to their evil purpose; they talk of laying snares secretly, thinking, "Who can see us?

Psalms 36:4 He plots mischief while on his bed; he sets himself in a way that is not good; he spurns not evil.

Psalms 37:7 ... fret not yourself over him who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices!

Psalms 50:19 "You give your mouth free rein for evil, and your tongue frames deceit.

John 3:19 And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Stewart Traill has added sin to sin. The trip box was another one of his schemes in mischief. They are not satisfied until they have made someone else stumble. Condemning openly someone who actually has the heart to pray and seek God is making them stumble. It is also teaching. What is it teaching? Is it not teaching others to be like you, someone who does not seek God, does not know God, does not care for the things of God, or the people of God. Someone who is only interested in making the appearance of Godliness for the effect of the finances to purchase very expensive toys: like aircrafts, mansions, and the maintenance of same?

The same spirit of COBU's oppression, and heartache, and misery, and agony, and suffering, and much angst of heart, and much lack of godliness, and much lack of sincerity and virtuousness, was taken to the foreign country of Haiti. What you are is what you bring.

The Church of Bible No Understanding became everything in Haiti, that it is and was in the US.

In the Haiti mission, they have the same core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes organized around the common theme of trying to do everything in their power to do the things that Stewart wants, that the people of misfortune in the US COBU cult have.

They say,"God is a hard God, because God has disappointed me here."

It's the same spirit in the COBU Haiti orphanage as in COBU USA: the spirit of rebellion, the spirit of arrogance, and the spirit of misfortune, that Stewart Traill taught to the hearts and minds of the people of COBU, in order to continue to funnel the strength, youth and finances into his interests and endeavors, while at the same time, preventing anyone else from even having a personal interest other than satisfying him.

For how are we going to be able to find a way back to the city (to God)?

Stewart Traill harvested into the people of COBU the thoughts: "I'm disappointed in this God because he has let me down."

But I say it is not God. You were not acquainted with God. What were you acquainted with? You were acquainted with Stewie-anity, it is what Tod calls: Stewart Traill's brand of Christianity.

Stewart Traill's brand of Christianity is: There is no God. This God of Stewart's is filled with mischief, is filled with cunning, and sneak thievery, and lying, and cheating, and adultery, and fornication, and all the evils that Jesus and Paul said you will not partake in. This is Stewart Traill's Christianity, or Stewie-anity is what we will call it.

Stewart Traill operates in a spirit of chaos. On one hand he uses the scripture to provoke the people to "feed the poor" yet, those who are actually in the Haiti orphanage doing this work he tells them not to go into the mountains and pray. The scripture is then only another convenient tool used as a battering ram. This constant back and forth of "doing what the Bible says" but not "seeking God in the midst of it" is a spirit of chaos and not faith.

2Ti 3:5 holding the form of religion but denying the power of it. Avoid such people.

Haiti had nothing to do with Christ, nothing.

For if you are not led by the Spirit, you are being led by the flesh. If you are led by the flesh, you are not in God. Then you are in something else.

Gal 5:1 For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Gal 5:8 This persuasion is not from him who calls you.

Gal 5:12 I wish those who unsettle you would mutilate themselves!

Gal 5:17 For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh...

Gal 5:26 Let us have no self-conceit, no provoking of one another...

The people of Haiti are suffering and they shouldn't have to be suffering. Especially the ones who The Church of Bible Understanding got involved with. COBU took their criminology on the road into a foreign country. Haiti was an exercise in robbery, an exercise in futility, that's what Haiti was. It was bank robbery, but this was slick bank robbery.

And, what was the greatest thing that they robbed the children of Haiti of? It was the person of God. That the people of Haiti didn't realize that they were being robbed. Just like the church in America. The people of COBU did not know that they were being robbed.

“Jesus loves you” they said, but meanwhile he's got a club in his hand, hid behind his back ready to strike you on the head. That's not Jesus's love.

They said, “Let's help the poor,” when we were already poor.

They said, "Let's help others," when we couldn't help ourselves.

They said, "Let's get donations from those in the US to feed those less fortunate," when we had no idea how to take care of ourselves let alone those who are suffering in poverty.

How are we going to help someone else?

The Haiti mission became a tool to work brothers and sister over. I remember when a brother was unhappy with the fellowship and he wanted to leave and go back home to live with his mother and father. Several brothers and sisters surrounded him and started talking to him. They were doing what we always did when someone wanted to leave this nut-house: "Don't you love your brothers and sisters? Don't you care about the unsaved? Don't you care about Jesus' lambs?" When these favorite power play questions did not work, they would pull out the trump card: "What about our work in Haiti? Don't you care about the starving children who are not as fortunate as we who live in America? If you leave this church, you are turning your back on them and Jesus." That was the part that caused the brother to stay in the house of no fulfillment. The Haiti work over was also used to try to get ones who left this mad house to return. It is safe to say that many were whipped by this tactic.

It is a wonderful thing to help the poor of this world. It is a noble thing if the motives are genuine and with no guile. We are saying that Stewart Traills intentions are and were not genuine. On first glance it is hard to find anything wrong with this work, but we hope that you will consider what we have just brought to your attention.