Unfortunate 47th street


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


by Dan Cooper

To the tune of:

"Positively 4th Street" by Bob Dylan

You got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend
When I was down, you just stood there saying I'm sinning
You got a lotta nerve to say you gotta helping hand to lend
You only wanna pick a fight
And act like you're winning

You say I let God down, you it's not like that
There's one who let us all down, and he knows it
You say you still walk by faith, but that's not where it's at
you have no faith to walk by, and you know it

I know the reason that you talk behind my back
I used to be among the crowd you're in with
Do you take me for such a fool to think that I'd forget the fact
That every chance to hurt me, well you did it?

You see me at a meeting and you always act surprised
You say, "How are you? Good to see you," but you don't mean it
When you know as well as me you'd rather see me paralyzed
Why don't you just come out once and scream it?

No, I do not feel that good when I see the heartaches you embrace
I embraced them once myself but I said, Enough of this!
And now I know you're dissatisfied that your teacher said that he missed Grace.
Well call upon the true Teacher and you won't miss it!

I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
But you gotta take that step yourself, and then he'll show you.
He'll flood you with his peace, and you'll know why it's called good news
Then it'll be my pleasure to get to know