Cobu games


ďAll were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians.†Go and learn what this meansĒ.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


Stewart Traill loved playing games and pranks on his subjects. He at one point said that we were like guinea pigs and he was the scientist. Many of the things that he said we thought was in jest, but we were greatly mistaken. It turns out that he was serious and we thought that it was just an innocent game of fun, but he was playing for keeps.
The leader played games with us and we played games with each other and it was wickedness and evil in the name of the Lord. Here we will list some of the most common and blatant games that Stewart Trail pulled on us and some of the more fine games we played on one another. ST admitted as much at the ďgraceĒ meeting in 1989 when he said there are deeply ingrained ideas and feelings..running wild in our fellowship. This twisting of reality and creating a new pseudo Christian reality is at the heart of the damage we seek to expose in this website. Some games were fun at first, but later it was no longer funny. Some of the ones that we will list come from the bible and some come from brainstorming and some through real life experience.

1.Hide the oppression bunny.
2.Lets not talk about cobu.
4.Letís forget that cobu happened.
5.Cobu was not all bad.
6.Cobu had some good things.
7.If you talk about cobu, you are living in the past.
8.A game that cobu people play is this, when they meet with you alone, they appear welcoming, but when they see you in a public place with their friend, they treat you as if they don't know you.
9.Cobu people try to take all sides of an argument so that they cannot be wrong. This came about from frantically trying to not be ďcorrectedĒ. It is an ingrained thing that is hard to get out of and it has become second nature as are many of the things on this list and most Cobu people do not even realize they are doing it
10.Stewart Traill would treat you kindly in private, but in public he would treat you harshly in a completely different manner.
11.The game of wearing many hats.
12.The game of hypocrisy.
13.The game of false hope.
14.We love hiding behind our cloaks.
15.The game of catch me if you can.
16.Blind manís bluff.
17.We love shooting our knowledge cannons. Cobu people were taught to be preachers and we will preach about anything at any time with great passion because it is our default setting
18.We love telling others what to do.
19.We love the calculating game.
20.We love twisting the arms of the unsaved.
21.The game of pointing out another's wrongs
22.We like the game of straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel.
23.If you are controversial cobu people are not comfortable being seen with you.
24.Cobu people are completely uncomfortable in their own skin.
25.Cobu people are masters at being control freaks.
26.If they cannot control it, they don't want it.
27.They love playing the lying game.
28.They love looking for trouble.
29.They enjoy pulling mischief on one another.
30.The hold secret counsels in how to make another stumble.
31.They think that the world revolves around them and their perverted religion.
32.It is ok to fake it as long as you mean it.
33.When they are up, they want to tell everyone what to do, and when they are down they don't want to be bothered with anyone, they want to hide and wail on their beds.
34.They love the roller coaster life.
35.If they are way up they are arrogant and rude..
36.If they are way down, they are sulking and cannot get out of bed.
37.Cobu people are either so high they are going to go around the world and are going to have every success in the world, or they are going to hell and they are the worst peace of garbage that ever inherited the earth, and nothing in between.
38.They are really up and are judgmental.
39.They are really up and are condescending.
40.They are on their backs and can't get out of bed.
41.Love telling you what is right for you, but fail to do what is right for them.
42.Cobu people have a false sense of self entitlement.
43.I know what the will of the Lord is for you ,but I donít know what the will of the Lord is for myself. Or even though my life is a disaster I know what is best for you
44.The game of someone must do for me what I should do for myself.
45.Jesus loves everyone but me game.
46.I know I am going to hell, but Jesus loves me.
47.This place has no hope, but itís better than the world.
48.Cobu people go to churches, but not to learn.
49.Many go to churches in order to find fault with the pastor.
50.Many of them go because they feel that they have to.
51.Many cobu people go to churches in order to debate with the pastor and get thrown out and feel that they are suffering for Jesus.
52.If you don't go street preaching, you are avoiding suffering for Jesus.
53.Stewart Tanner Trail really loves me and has my best interests at heart game.
54.The game of going to a church and trying to teach young people when in truth they are unstable as water, and the pastor looks at the as though they have three heads.
55.Cobu people feel obligated to witness on the streets when other christians felt that they in their messes up state tried to comfort the people from cobu and saw they needed help and their pain was unmistakable.
56.Cobu people used witnessing as a get out of jail free card.They also use it as an excuse to ignore wisdom from those who do not live up to their ďstandardsĒ
57.They also used witnessing to disqualify all of their horrible offenses.
58.The game of pour yourselves into the lambs and your problems will all go away.
59.No matter how healthy someone's spirit is in cobu world: You are still a schlub if you don't go street witnessing, you are not pleasing Jesus.
60.Cobu people enjoy playing the false humility game.
61.They say the Lord Lord when their hearts are far from the Lord.
62.The praise God game: They say God God God when he is not on their hearts.They use the name of God to push you a way
63.The witnessing game of feeling as though it is your responsibility to nail every one that passes you buy and talk to them about Jesus.
64.Putting down every proud argument game.
65.They enjoyed fishing for souls for the slave driver Stewart Traill.
66.We are not worthy, but Stewart Traill is worthy game.
67.They enjoyed the name calling game.
68.They loved insulting one another.
69.The loved insulting you when you disagreed with them.
70.Making your behavior right with brother Stewart, when one disagreed with the creep.
71.The game of I am really angry at Stewart Traill, but don't tell anyone about it.
72.When Stewart Traill was wrong and he knew he was wrong and if someone would dare challenge him, he would not speak to you anymore but handed the phone to one of his secretaries..
73.We loved telling each other empty promises such as we are going to go around the world.
74.We like to play the false game of coming off as though we are fair open and honest and reasonable, when in actuality they are far from being open and honest and reasonable.
75.If any one did something that was not approved by the group, they were branded a trip or contentious.
76.We loved humiliating each other.
77.Stewart Traill was a bad predictor.
78.Stewart Traill was not a good student.
79.Stewart Traill flaunted his arrogance.
80.He was a lover of money and things.
81.He choose riches and honor instead of Jesus.
82.The game of I did the best I could but it was not good enough.
83.The game of we are God's best.
84.Stewart Traill said that I was no good and believe him.
85.We love our garbage can it is all I have.
86.We loved being abused by our pastor.
87.Always looking to be disagreeable than agreeable.
88.Not trusting the truth.
89.Never taking no for an answer.
90.Burning off the unsaved and not giving them an escape route..
91.They were good at playing word games of semantics.
92.If I can't tears something down it must not be from God game.
93.Stewart Traill professed to be wise, and actuality he is a fool.
94.They love playing the one-upmanship game.
95.They love playing the partiality game.
96.They love the game of bribery.
97.We love hiding behind the cobu logo that says that they have bible understanding.
98.After thirty years and cobu has not gone anywhere, but they still hang around waiting for Godoy.
99.Their men seek harlots game.
100.Their maidens have no marriage song game.
101.The love the game of tragedy.
102.Many saw where this den of iniquity was headed, but still choose to stay game.
103.Cobu people love eating rotten fruit, and they think it is the kings best food.
104.The dangling carrot on the string game where you are about to grab it and it is taken from you, and you try over and over and you can never catch it because you are not supposed to catch it.
105.Stewart Traill loves playing the blame game, itís everybody's fault but mine game.
106.The blame game of its the older ones fault.
107.The game of Its God's fault for hiding grace from me.
108.You must not be bitter game.
109.The partiality game.
110.The game of pulling things out of your backside and calling it the blessing of God.
111.The game of cooking up hair brain schemes..
112.The game of refusing to take interest from the banks when that was money the church was entitled to collect. This was just simply a dumb thing to do. this jerk gave away thousands of dollars to banks. Even the bank heads did not understand this folly.
113.The game of finger pointing.
114.It would not be right biblically for the church to take interest from the banks that held it money..
115.Stewart Traill sought after worthless pursuits.
116.The pastor who acted like a girl instead of a man when things did not go his way.
117.He acted like a spoiled brat countless times..
118.Disagreeing with Stewart Traill was disagreeing with God and Jesus.
119.Cobu people love saying things that they are not, such as we are open and honest and reasonable when they are everything but that..
120.If cobu people can't get you to bow the knee, they will slander and sully your name and lie about you..
121.Cobu people go.
122.Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, cobu [ie[le think that they are better than other people.
123.Cobu hype of come to the meeting it is going to be really good, but when you came it was another disappointing let down where the faker made you feel bad once more.
124.Cobu people are used to disappointment on top of disappointment, in fact they expect it.
125.By the time the average cobu person left cobu for good they had been discouraged from trying and failing so many times that they never trusted again.
126.Although the bible clearly states that God rewards those who seek him, many people form cobu don't feel that this is true.
127.I love pointing out the sin of others, but not admitting my own sin
128.Cobu people feel that there is no hope.
129.I am a Christian, but there is no hope.
130.Profound games cobu people play.
131.God has no power.
132.There is no healing for me.
133.God is not real.
134.God does not exist.
135.But lets us serve him anyway.
136.Many have gone and studied at healing ministries and seminars and come up with the conclusion listed from 130-135.
137.The game of false religion.
138.False religion has to do with Godlessness.
139.Holding the form of religion but denying the power of it.
140.The game of tearing down one another and not giving one another the way of escape.
141.You must not talk about Stewart Tanner Traill.
142.You must not talk about cobu in a negative manner.
143.Cobu meetings without Stewart Traill in attendance, is nothing more than a pass the brick session. Then keep reminding each other of what burdens they have to carry
144.The how many bricks can you throw game?
145.The game of how many bricks can you carry?
146.When you drop your bricks, they don't help you carry them.
147.Cobu people mock you when you drop your bricks and ask you why you don't pick them up.
148.The fuel that fuels cobu people is the ability to look down on others, and to count themselves better than others.
149.Cobu is the opposite of the gospel, when one is down you are taught to lift another up, to give that person some of your strength and help them get back on their feet. Not so with the church of cold hard hearts.
150. When you fell down in cobu everyone gathered around and kicked you further.
151."You are either working of wailing" said Stewart Tanner Traill.
152.Cobu's favorite jeans are no excuses.
153.Stewart Traill took cobu to Haiti. The same spirit that plagued us in the us was now taken on the road.
154.On the surface, Haiti seemed like a noble thing, but it was about making more money for Stewart Traill.
155.Cobu and Stewart Traill played the I am going to kick that football, but when they tried, Stewart would always pick up the football before they could kick it.
156. Cobu was based on success by who had the most lambs and how many you led to Jesus and how many you brought to the meeting.
157.Who gets to be close to Stewart this week?
158.The game of we have signed foolish contracts.
159.The game of we must not love you for this is what our mentor taught us.
160.The game of looking for a blessing from Stewart Traill where he never had one in his heart.
161.The game of looking for a blessing from Stewart Traill where he never had one in his hand.
162.The game of false doctrine.
163.The game of playing with false balances.
164.The game of using false weights.
165.The dice were loaded against us.
166.The game of I have a question that I want everyone to take shots at but I am not going to give you the answer.
167.The game of dirty tricks.
168.The pastor does not know your name.
169.The game of low blows.
170.We saw through h rose colored glasses.
171.The game of Stewart Traill is the only one saved.
172.We don't know what it means to be born again game.
173.His speech was as smooth as butter.
174.His deceit was as hidden knives.
175.He loved to see the brothers sweat.
176.He loved seeing the sheep hang on his every word.
177.The game of I enjoy throwing mud on the sheep.
178.The older ones play to many games.
179.The older ones are holding the lambs hostage.
180.Why do the older ones play games with Jesus.
181.The game of Stewart Traill's man made divisions.
182.The game of the sheep must bless me, but I am not going to bless them.
183.We do not welcome one another as the bible commands all christians to do.
184.The pastor who is an arrogant jerk who loved to oppress.
185.The game of we reward you for lying and chastise you for being honest.
186.The game of pulling things out of your backside.
187.The game of my pastor is a dirty old man.
188.The game if I am a failure but let me warn the world.
189.The game where Traill holds all of the trump cards.
190.The odds were always stacked against you where you were never going to win.
191.The game where Stewart Traill failed at raising his own children, and now he is going to show the other sheep how to become right fathers and mothers.
192.The game of I cannot win for loosing.
193.The game where my pastor makes vague charges to us and never tells us what our wrongs are.
194.The game of where the brothers are not good enough to get married.
195.The game of where the sisters are not devoted to Jesus enough to get married.
196.The game of letís not speak the truth in love to each other.
197.The game of lets point the finger.
198.My pastor loves to hide behind many false fronts.
199.The game of lets twist what you are saying so we don't have to listen.
200.The game of lets go round and round about minutia.
201.Cobu people expect you to trust them, but they come up short time and time again.
202.The game of let me throw you a rope, but when you reached for the rope, it was quickly pulled away.
203.The game of there is no hope for my thirsty soul.
204.The game of are we speaking loud enough.
205."We will not serve". they say with a loud voice.
206 It is aok to be mean and point out private or personal weaknesses if it is in the name of speaking the truth.
207 No matter what you tell a Cobu person that would be edifying they will say they are already doing it.
208 It is ok to mock others game.
209 It is fun to laugh at otherís misfortune game.
210 They hate when Cobu tactics are done to them but heartily do it to others game.
211 Whenever you can finally get them to look in the mirror they quickly go away and forget what they look like.
212 The one upmanship game.
213 The letís climb up over each otherís carcasses to get to sit next to ST in a meeting game.
214 The I am faithful if I am near ST and unfaithful if I am sent back to the normal fellowship house and am not near ST.
215 Twisting what someone says game.
216 Twisting what someone says and then forcibly talking over them game.
217 Not admitting when someone else is right game even when they are.
218 No apologizing for wrongdoing game.
219 The I will not seek the Lord from my heart game.
220 The I will lie to cover the fact that I donít seek the Lord from my heart game.
221 I sat under an evil pastor but I am ok game.
222 You canít teach an old dog new tricks game.
223 The no one sees me no one knows me game.
224 The hide I was in Cobu from the people I meet game because I am embarrassed I was in a cult.
225 I renounce Stewart but not any of his ways game.
226 I renounced Cobu but not all that I learned there game.
227 It is ok to find fault with anything that is not in our comfort zone that we learned in Cobu.
228 If we couldnít find a fault to avoid things in our comfort zones we made them up and acted if they were real game.
229 The getting over Cobu was easy game.
230 The I wasnít that affected by Cobu game.
231 We shouldnít talk about it because it was 25 years ago game.
232 Time heals all wounds game.
233 Privately I know that Cobu kicked my tail but publicly I join in with those who act as if it didnít kick their tail game.
234 The youíre a gameplayer game 235 The you are being weird brother game.
236 The your being weird or a gameplayer game to anyone who said anything out of the norm game.
237 Instead of dealing with what someone is saying find fault or be nasty and talk over them game.
238Stewart was a bad leader but a good teacher game 239 Cobu was really really good in the beginning just watch out for those occasional beatings game.
240 The ends justifies the means game.
241 The you arenít strong enough to get married game 242 The itís ok to standby while Stewart ravages the flock game.
243 Saying you should forgive him(for ST) as a means to tell someone to shut up game.
244 The you are working or wailing game.
245 It is wrong to say anything bad about ST game.
246 Someone could backslide and do all sorts of evil but if they return and sit near ST they are ok game.
247 It is ok to promise to repay a loan and then not do it game.
248 The Iím putting my faith in Jesus card game.
249The we have true interpretation even though our eye is diseased game.
250 The bitter is sweet and the sweet bitter game.
251 The it is ok to distrust and find fault game.
252 The I donít care about the ones who are left or damaged by Cobu but I wonder who is going to get the money game 253 The great show of religiosity game.
254 The even more empty continuous God God God chatter game.
255 The I am going around the world when I canít get around the block game.
256 The nothing to see here when ST did evil game.
257 The itís crucifying the flesh to live in horrible conditions while our leader doesnít game.
258 The our leader is above crucifying the flesh game.
259 The it would be backsliding for ST to witness game.
260 The showing love is weakness game.
261 The if you show love you get mocked game.
262 The why donít you ask your brothers and sisters what you are doing game
263 The ST use human weaknesses and act like a big man game.