Fruit bible study


“All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians. Go and learn what this means”.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.


While studying chapters with the word “Fruit”

(Dave and Cynthia and Dan Cooper – 2/13/11)

Isa 14:29 "Rejoice not, O Philistia, all of you, that the rod which smote you is broken, for from the serpent's root will come forth an adder, and its fruit will be a flying serpent.


My son said, 'Out of the righteous, they bring their treasure and from the wicked, they also bring their treasure.' (Mt 12:33-35, Lk 6:45) Here it is talking about evil fruit. (Mt 7:17,18,) You will know them by their fruit, (Mt 7:16, 20) or my son, you have often said, ‘You will know them by what they put forth.’ (Lk 6:45, Jas 3:11) If you, who are evil, how can you be good?

And this theme, my Son (Jesus) spoke of it, John the Baptist spoke of it, and the letter of James, he also spoke of it. It is consistent. A fig cannot bring forth thistles. Thistles can’t bear figs. (Lk 6:44) You are what you are.

The sister foolishly said, ‘Even a clock is right two times per day’ this is dumb logic. Call them what they are. You know them and you see them. No matter what they say, no matter what they write, they are what they are. They are what Stewart Traill has made them and they are like him and they walk in all his ways.

And every time you write this to your brother and sister, you are putting it in their face, twisted children, twisted logic, twisted!

Ave again said the prophesy (1-1-09) was wrong. And if you feel moved my son, to call her on this one, you can, because I said the prophesy stands as it is written. It is wreaking havoc in her thought process. “You wouldn’t need to say these things about your work being stopped.” (Something Ave wrote) and once again she gave herself away because they know that they are doing everything in their power to stop you, everything!

But the word of the Lord is good, (2 Ki 20:19, Is 39:8, Ac 10:36, 1 Pe 1:25), is what you told your brother and he had the good sense to back down, because he cannot wrap his head around it.

For you my son and daughter are the main topic of choice at their table, at their gatherings, on the telephone, for you have foiled and frustrated them at every corner and you will continue to do so. (Neh 4:15,

Isa 27:2, 3 In that day: "A pleasant vineyard, sing of it! I, the LORD, am its keeper; every moment I water it. Lest any one harm it, I guard it night and day;


Indeed, I water Living Water every day! (Cynthia: Thank you! Dan: Yes Lord!) For me and my Son are jealous over it. (Cynthia: Let it grow! Dan: Living Water!) And we delight in it. The gates of hell will not prevail against it! (Mt 16:18) And no one my son, will be able to refute you nor those who are in your charge, that they will confound you. For the Lord’s garden has been planted and the Lord’s garden will flourish. Who can hinder the will of the Lord? (Is 43:13, Job 9:12, Job 11:10) And who can thwart his plan?

(1 Co 1:19) For you are a watered garden (Is 58:11, Gen 13:10, Jer 31:12) and it will continually be watered. For the Lord God protects that which he plants.

Isa 27:2, 3 In that day: "A pleasant vineyard, sing of it! I, the LORD, am its keeper; every moment I water it. Lest any one harm it, I guard it night and day;


Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! The Lord God of hosts! The Lord God of hosts! The Lord God of hosts himself brings peace! Brings comfort! Brings blessing! Brings hope, to those who were shown no hope! Grace, to those who were shown no grace! Blessing, to those who were shown no blessing!

Those who sought the Lord, can find the Lord in him (Jesus). For though they sought the Lord in that place (COBU) that said it was ‘of the Lord’ they did not find the Lord, but they found a broken cistern (Ec 12:6). They found a broken vessel (Is 30:14), they found a place that could hold no water (Jer 2:13).

BUT, I SAY UNTO YOU: Living Water is filled with hope! Filled with peace! Filled with strength! Filled with God’s most precious gift! A place of refuge! A place of rejoicing! A place of comfort! A place of healing! A place where forgiveness is multiplied! A place where welcome is extended! A place where kindness is granted and received!

Is not this a pleasant planting!? Is not this the hope and the joy of the Lord? (Dave & Dan: YES!)

Would that they knew the pleasant planting of the Lord! Would that they knew the comforts! (Dan: They’ll come and hear.)
But I say unto you my children, say unto the Lord, “Lord God extend our boarders!” (Dave and Dan: Lord God extend our borders!)
Enrich those who need enriching! (Dave and Dan: Enrich those who need enriching!)
Comfort those who need comfort! (Dave and Dan: Comfort those who need comfort!)
Bless those who need blessing! (Dave and Dan: Bless those who need blessing!)
Strengthen those who need strength! (Dave and Dan: Strengthen those who need strength!)
Open the eyes of those who need wisdom! (Dave and Dan: Open the eyes of those who need wisdom!)

For I say to you my children as often as you pray, these things that I have given you to pray, they will come to fruit. Your prayers are not empty. Your prayers are heard. Your prayers for each person on that list are heard, every time you lift them up.

Every time you pray the prayer my children, you are bringing peace to yourself! You are granting comfort to yourself, peace to yourself, and the more peace, and comfort and strength that is multiplied within you; you are filling your hand fuller and fuller, that those who come into your midst are able to recognize it.

(Cynthia: I transcribed this prophesy on Tuesday 2/15/11 that was spoken on Sunday evening 2/13/11 and realized that this was fulfilled during a phone conversation on Monday 2/14/11 when a brother, of himself, kept saying to Dave and I while we were speaking with him on the phone, that he felt very strong the love of Jesus and a powerful sense of the Holy Spirit coming from us, and then, he said that another brother he talks to is in a bad way and needs our prayers,and we said that we lift up that brother and many others by name in prayer every day. It was exciting to see that God gave us the confirmation of this prophesy so quickly, because it’s not every day that someone comments that they see the Spirit of God reflected in you.

It is like cold water on a hot day. It is like a warm fire on a cold night. It is like a warm embrace from he who has been alone for a long time. [loudly:] AND WHO COULD SPEAK AGAINST THIS? WHO COULD SPEAK AGAINST A BLESSING? Only those with sour grapes! (Jer 31:30) (Dave: Yep)

And he who chews on sour grapes long enough, continues to make himself odious (2 Sa 16:21) and herself odious. For you trusted in the Lord, to expose the truth, would that some had the eyes to see it.

Isa 27:5 Or let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them make peace with me." Isa 27:6 In days to come Jacob shall take root, Israel shall blossom and put forth shoots, and fill the whole world with fruit. Isa 27:7 Has he smitten them as he smote those who smote them? Or have they been slain as their slayers were slain? Isa 27:8 Measure by measure, by exile thou didst contend with them; he removed them with his fierce blast in the day of the east wind. Isa 27:9 Therefore by this the guilt of Jacob will be expiated, and this will be the full fruit of the removal of his sin: when he makes all the stones of the altars like chalkstones crushed to pieces, no Asherim or incense altars will remain standing.


And I will say to you my children, ‘Do not fear ‘this or that’ or ‘this or that’ for I say, he who walks in faith is safe. For how many, my children did wrong and were not punished for it? Perhaps it did not come immediately, perhaps it took three years, perhaps it took longer, but I say to you, ‘He who walks in faithfulness has nothing to fear.

And every time you say, ‘Not Guilty’, you are saying to them, ‘I have nothing to be afraid of’ ‘All of your threats are like a noisy gong and a clanging symbol, it does not touch me, for I am not touched by it. For I walk in peace, as the Lord my God has counseled me. I walk in peace to him. It is before him that I stand or fall (Rom 14:4), not before you and the wagging of your mouth.’

Not Guilty is saying to them: ‘It does not affect me, your words have not any affect upon me. Wag away, oh proud one, as he calls you! Wag away!'

And yet, your conscience is clear, for instead of wagging at him, you lift his name up in prayer day by day! (Dave: Yep)

Peace, peace to the far and to the near says the Lord, would that they would make peace. Would that they would receive their own inheritance, instead of trying to steal yours, (Dave: Yep), or cast doubt upon your name, or cast disfavor upon your mind, or heart, or ministry!

Isa 32:9 Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.


[with strength:] And this is the crux of the matter! Who hears my voice?!

Who is listening for the voice of the Lord?!

Who is seeking the Lord?!

Who desires to hear the Lord?!

For this my children, is the key to all the righteous! HEAR! LISTEN! SIT!

He who is filled with his own thoughts does not get very far.

He who is quick to listen to his own opinion, is quick to stumble by it, as they all stumble.

They are not interested in opening their ear to anything other than their own thoughts and conclusions: ‘How dare you desire to put a different thought into my fat head’, a sisters attitude said, or 'How dare you presume to change my opinion!' (Cynthia: Wow! 'Hear my voice, give ear to my speech', in other words… Dave: That’s the key, Cynthia: …that’s rising up! Rising up is hearing, because if you’re hearing his voice, then you’re acting on his will and not your own. Dave: Yep. Dave & Cynthia at home on 2/14/11.)

2/15/11 – (Cynthia shared with Tod, who was on the phone, about the prophesy from Sunday, when the Lord said,…”the more peace, and comfort and strength that is multiplied within you, that those who come into your midst are able to recognize it.” And how the brother called the next night and confirmed this when we were talking on the phone with him and then right away spoke of his experience when speaking with another brother, saying that he is in a bad way and needs prayer, expressing a contrast,


And you will see this testimony often: light and darkness, good and evil, blessing and curse.

For you have said my son that the stakes will be raised, and is it not what you are saying? Is this not what you are saying? It will be harder to hide. It will be easier to tell the difference.

And that is what they fear, my children, [the XCOBU brothers / 3 were named], they fear that every one will see them for who they are.

For it is written that, “the love of God controls us” (2 Co 5:14), but what if it is not apparent that this is the case?

It is hard to have a position in a Christian group without the love of Christ, and so they fear it, and so they curse, and they spit, and they vomit, and they twit, for the word finds no home in them and they are repelled by your goodness.

Blessings be on the head of the righteous. (Pro 10:6 Blessings are on the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.)

May blessings of peace be upon the head of the righteous and may the wicked trip and stumble and let those who have not decided, let them see, let them walk, let them chose wisely, for the effect of Stewart Traill was to make it so that everything was dark. And you will shine a light into their darkness.

You will offer them hope!

You will offer them peace!

You will offer them comfort!

You will offer them mercy!

As you have done, so you will do all the more!

May the blessings of the Lord God be manifest in you immediately!

May you be blessed!

May your heart be blessed!

May your strength be mighty!
(Dave and Cynthia: Yes! Yes! Thank you Lord.)

And indeed my son Tod, it is better that you go. (with regard to our plans to bring: The Blessing of the Oil to a brother.) It is better that you go. For the Lord your God goes with you. The Lord your God is in your midst. The Lord your God strengthen you. The Lord your God comfort you! The Lord your God deliver you! For there is much to be gained by going, for I will provide you time with your family. (Tod: I got the sense about our unity, about our working together…)


And I say to you, and I say to you my son, my son, this is an answer to prayer! This is an answer to the prayer of your sister and brother. For how long have they longed for you to have that heart? To have the heart of longing and loving to be with your family? This is a blessing (Tod: Yup) and it is an answer to prayer, that you even have this feeling, this heart, this desire, for this is as it should be, and isn’t it wonderful that you have it? (Tod: Yes) Indeed! (Cynthia: Wow)


You will not fear my son, to go, for I will do things in your midst, things that will make you better, things that will make you stronger, things that will bless you.

For every time that you go out my son, with them, your armor gets coated, your feet get shod, and so, my son, my son, what is it to want ones family to be part of your ministry? For we finally see things going our way my son. (Cynthia and Dave: Yes! Yes!) For she will be oiled my children… (Cynthia: Yes!) ... for she needs it, she wants it, she’s ready for it! (Cynthia: Yes!)
And you will be diligent in it my children, whether it is before or during, or after, but you will not set foot back in your own home if you can help it, without her blessing.


Let them feel it. (Cynthia: Really?)
Let them know it. (Cynthia: Rain?)
Let them know that you see it, for you will copy it, and you will post it, and you will write to him, when I will show you to do it and you will say, ‘Not Guilty!’

For this is filthy talk and there is no truth in it!

NOT GUILTY!! Not Guilty Michael James Montoya!

And you will copy the Ron one as well, if you feel moved!

Jer 6:10 To whom shall I speak and give warning, that they may hear? Behold, their ears are closed, they cannot listen; behold, the word of the LORD is to them an object of scorn, they take no pleasure in it.


And this I say unto you my children, this is the opposite of those who are ready to listen.

Those who have their ears closed are those who refuse to let in anything other than their own thoughts and their own counsels.

They despise the counsel of The Almighty, for they have embraced the counsel of their own heart and mind and soul.
And I say, he who has his ears closed is not: He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.

For I say to you, should not the ear taste and test words as the pallet tastes and tests food? (Job 12:11, Job 34:3) (Dave: Yes)

But they would not. They have closed off their ear gate and said, and they have said, ‘I will let nothing enter, I have heard enough, I will only listen to the counsel of my own heart and my own mind, I will not let another voice enter'. This is what the list said…

(Referring to the online xcobu and xcobu survivors message board that kicked off Dave, Tod, Jan, and Dan.

Mike Montoya said that those on the message board had questions about our group, so Dave posted a statement of faith about our group. Then Jan posted a very loving personal testimony of how God used Living Water and The Blessing of the Oil to bless and comfort her and her family and Dan said that he also wanted to post his testimony as soon as he could write it up and his sons also wanted to share their testimonies and immediately they were refused access to the message board without so much as a word.

Dan was able to post his testimony on the xcobu survivors site, only to be booted off that also.

Mike compared Jan and Dan’s testimony about Living Water to those who are still in COBU who say that it is wonderful and that Stewart Traill is wonderful.

We thought the xcobu and xcobu survivors lists were supposed to be a help to those who left cobu and were stressed, yet when we of Living Water, who also left COBU offered just the smallest bit about what has blessed us and what the Lord has done to relieve us, these lists rejected us. They seem to only be about politics and current interests and not for overcoming the pain of leaving or having been in COBU at all.


…we will not even read your words, we will not even allow ourselves, we will not even test or taste, we have no desire to hear about your Living Water, and I say unto you, “They have chosen their portion”.

Let their own counsel deliver them, who have given way before it.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear. Let him hear, hear and listen.

Those who hear, have an opportunity to act.

Those who refuse to hear, put their hands up towards anything other than what they have already grown to accept.
(Cynthia: Jer 6:10 … Behold, their ears are closed, I hadn’t even read the rest of the verse, then I read the whole verse, Dave: Man Cynthia: They had no pleasure in our testimonies, they had no pleasure in us saying, ‘The Lord blesses us” Dave: Yep Cynthia: Or, this is how the Lord blessed us, they’re not interested Dave: It’s a reproach, so the word to them was a reproach.

Cynthia: Today is Tuesday, 2/15/11 9 pm Dave, Cynthia and Dan Cooper on the phone)

Jer 6:19 Hear, O earth; behold, I am bringing evil upon this people, the fruit of their devices, because they have not given heed to my words; and as for my law, they have rejected it.


How could they give heed to words they would not listen to? How could they give heed to what they already rejected? (Dave: They couldn’t)

Jer 7:19 Is it I whom they provoke? says the LORD. Is it not themselves, to their own confusion? Jer 7:20 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, my anger and my wrath will be poured out on this place …..

[strongly:] What is the point? Why must they say they are mine, when their heart is not with me? This is the whole point!
(Dave: Yep)
They are saying, “We are God’s people” and yet they act like the godless! (Mk 7:6)

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.(Jas 5:12,Mt 5:37)

[loud and strong] I DO NOT WANT A HARLOT FOR A WIFE!
(Dave: wow)

If you are mine, CLING TO ME, if you are not, GET THEE FROM ME, YOU WORTHLESS THING!(Jer 13:11)

Devotion, my children, trust, commitment, the Spirit of God must rest securely in His people.

Do say you are my people, if you are not ‘my people’.
Do not say you are mine, if you ARE NOT mine!

BE MINE or BE GONE! BE MINE, why should I cleave to something foul? (Dave: Yep)
Why should I cleave to a lie?

Why should I embrace that which has its ears plugged to me?

Which gives its back to me?

Which provokes me?

Why should I embrace that which is prickly?

That which does not want me?

That which does not cleave to me?

Cleave to me in love…

Be truthful my children, be truthful, what does this mean?

It means to be true!

There is no joy my children, in falsehood.

They want to say, they want to hold up a banner that says, “I am of the Lord” “I am of God” while at the same time they act contemptibly. (Dave: Yep)

Their house is in an uproar, so says the Lord, my son. Their house is in an uproar because you have said to them, that they are false, as they are, for they do not look at themselves as they are.

He does not count the word that he says, as sin.

He did not want to hear that he is going to be accountable for every careless word, because why?

Because all of his words are careless, so, their house is in a turmoil again, until they cast off restraint, but I say to you, ‘Lift them up that they may have some conviction’. (Dan: Lord, convict them. Dave: Yes Lord God, convict them, Lord God)

Let them make peace with me! Let them make peace with me! Let them make peace with me, for they do not want peace.

(Cynthia: They’re trying to say that the banner over me is Jesus, when the banner over them is really themselves. Dave: They’re holding up a banner to say, “I’m Godly” when their hearts are far from him.)