All were baptized into Stewart Traill. In every sense of the word: his teaching, his concepts, his view on life, his skepticism of other Christians.Go and learn what this means.

Blessed is he and blessed is she who is able to get free from the grip of Stewart Traill and the Church of Bible Understanding, and those who are able to overcome his lies and curses will have a great reward.

Blessed are you if you read this website.
There is a great reward beyond measure when you do.

Blessed be he, and blessed be she, who take no offense at this website.

Eph 5:11-14 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is a shame even to speak of the things that they do in secret; but when anything is exposed by the light it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it is said, "Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light."

Luk 12:2-3 Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

Isa 27:5 Or let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them make peace with me."


Stewart Traill is a pedophile and a pervert. And anyone who gives him any loyalty or faithfulness is
someone giving loyalty and faithfulness to a pedophile and a pervert. What do you call a 78 year old
man who runs around with 15 year old girls; In the real world? A pedophile and a pervert.


Breaking Down The COBU Wall of Silence

The Cobu Code of Omerta (or silence)
We don't speak evil of Cobu.
We don't see evil of Cobu.
We don't hear evil of Cobu.

I will speak no evil of cobu and Stewart Traill.
I will hear no evil of cobu and Stewart Traill.
I will see no evil of cobu and Stewart Traill.
I will think no evil of cobu and Stewart Traill.
I will accept no evil of cobu and Stewart Traill.

This Website breaks down the wall of silence, as taught in Cobu, and speaks the unvarnished truth.

Some think that exposing a tyrant is bitterness, yet we have found it to be freedom.

The scripture has countless examples of the Lord pointing out the wrongdoers, the vile, the thief, those who corrupt
~ was the Lord bitter for pointing out those who abuse and crush the people of God?

Should we not follow the example of the Lord our God?

How can we be freed from the grip of Stewart Traill and Cobu,
if we have no willingness to expose, publish, and view their darkness?

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This site is written for anyone who had
anything to do directly and indirectly
with The Church of Bible Understanding
and Stewart Tanner Traill, past and present
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Dear Reader,

We have learned that the first step to any kind of healing, of any heartfelt wound, is that it's necessary to actually "look into" or "look at" what has occurred and thereby connecting to it, in order to lift it up in prayer and have it be removed.

Even in physical illness, a correct diagnosis is necessary for a treatment plan to begin. You may have been at one place at one time, but the only place to really start is where you are now.

If you have deep wounds that rob you of peace, rob you of sleep, rob you of being able to function as you would like to function, than the Lord God of Hosts and His Christ have a therapy that you may find blesses you more than you could have even asked or considered.

The type of mass abuse and negative conditioning, that those of us who were in The Church of Bible Understanding experienced and witnessed over a considerable period of time, needs to be looked at, it's a first step.

Even the ones who weren't personally spoken disrespectfully to, if you witnessed someone else being treated wrongly and offensively, then you also were a victim of mistreatment and learned to conduct yourself in such a way as not to be treated harshly, as you saw someone else treated. This is the way that conditioning is done. It is meant to make everyone fall in line.

The Lord our God and His Christ asked us to do all that was in our power to expose the awful things that devour, so that hearts can be freed from the grip of pain, frustration, confusion, and oppression, so that the fruits of the Holy Spirit can be restored and replenished in the hearts, and souls, and minds, of those who only sought to do what they were taught was God's will for them.

If a child is born into an abusive home, he has no immediate refuge and can suffer the damage of his environment. Cobu was and is an abusive environment, as proven over and over again by the language that developed. Those who were and are still under it's intense and inflexible influence, may not realize that freedom from this oppression is nearer to you now, than when you were first deceived.

Faith is something that brings each of us out of our particular comfort zones. It takes faith to look at the things that are painful. You may have memorized many scriptures, attended many bible studies, and still feel as though it is a foreign language, yet the harsh voices of Cobu may still ring strongly in your ears.

Once a brother came to pray with us and suddenly burst into tears. He was overwhelmed with the gravity of what he experienced and felt safe enough to allow himself to release some of the pain that he held bottled up. The sister who came with him, seemed to look down on him for his outburst, a Cobu taught reaction: "no feelings allowed," but from our experience and perspective he actually had a healthy response and was closer to getting relief from the pain that was torturing his soul.

I was reading a book recently about paramedics and firefighters who were being debriefed after a violent explosion, where they were the first responders, taking care of the many who were wounded. The psychologists that were assisting the ones who were reliving the worst of their experiences from the incident, began with the ones who were "in charge." The doctor said to one who was crying, "I know it hurts, but you don't need me. The healing is in the feeling and you're doing great. I need to root out the ones who "aren't feeling anything" those are the ones who need my help the most right now."

In Cobu we were taught to ignore our feelings. One of "The Lamb Lessons" was even called: "Faith OR Feelings" and we were told that if "we were into our feelings" we weren't "exercising faith!"

We are saying, "It takes faith to examine your feelings and bring them to the one who is able to comfort them."

Mt 18:3 "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

What healthy child did you ever see who didn't cry when they were hurting, or stressed, or just tired?

Allowing yourself "to feel" is the healthiest reaction you can have. It's when you are able to connect with what you've been through and lift up your hurt in prayer or just talk about it to get it out, that you actually get some relief. The ones who "don't heal" are the ones who block what hurts, keeping it bottled up inside, and present a stoic front.

While reading our website you may have various reactions: anger, irritation, hurt over the years you felt that you lost while you were "in" Cobu, or even the years you may have felt that "you've lost" while being numb "out" of Cobu. Please know that our purpose in exposing the many things we've heard over the years we've been in ministry, praying with brothers and sisters from Cobu, that it is our hope and prayer that you get to a place of peace and that the Lord our God and the Lord Jesus Christ comfort all of your hurts and remove the anger and disillusionment that we too felt when we touched the very same hurts and pains that you may be touching today.

We would also challenge you, while you are reading the various pages of our website, to consider if you saw, heard, or witnessed the things that we testify to. Not everyone viewed everything that someone else viewed, but much of what we share on these pages we believe was viewed and possibly dismissed, by we who were trained "not to see the evil in Stewart Traill" "not to speak of the evil done by Stewart Traill" and "not to admit to the evil taught by Stewart Traill" in his conduct, in his words, and in his deeds. Yet, just because there were "agreements" not to "see, speak, nor admit to" anything questionable done by "our fearless leader" doesn't mean that he "didn't do questionable things" ~ so, if you recognize that you observed the things you read here, we feel that it is helpful to ask God to cleanse anything unjust that you saw, from your heart, your mind and your soul in prayer.

If you feel a need to reach out to us for prayer or just to talk and be heard, we are here and look forward to hearing from you, whoever you are. If you're still in Cobu, or left 20 years ago and still know that your hurts are bottled up and have a need to be released, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

If you just want to be added to our prayer list, send us an email and we will pray for you.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever ~ he alone has the power to restore you to peace with God and to Himself. This is the Will of God for all who are called by His name.

The comfort and peace of the Holy Spirit are available to you.

Thank you for reading our website.

It is our hope and prayer that all who are and were oppressed in the house of our youth, may find the strength to draw near to the throne of grace and find grace to help in time of need. (Heb 4:16)

We've been praying for you every single day for a very long time.

If you want a blessing, if you need prayer, let us know.

Rm 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Eph 6:23 Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Eph 6:24 Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love undying.

We hope that our website is able to conquer any residual thought that Cobu was a godly place,

so that the God of Truth and His Christ may once again fill you with the true blessings that only come from above,

The Living Water Fellowship of Believers

Free from the Grip is a Living Water Ministry